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Rocky the Kitty

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Concerned Kitten

December 22nd 2013 4:00 pm
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Much to my chagrin, I have discovered I am not immortal. Although I strive to live a healthy lifestyle by eating a mostly plant based diet and keeping my weight in a healthy range, I had a bad pain in my gut Saturday morning and had to go to the emergency room at the local hospital. It seems I have developed gallstones. Well, I've likely had them for a while, but my eating habits kinda fell apart a the past week or so and I paid for it. I'm going to try to keep the doctors from using me to make their Porsche payments by managing my problem through proper eating habits and not have surgery if at all possible. It will depend what an ultrasound shows tomorrow, I guess.

Anyway, I was recovering at home yesterday, kinda weak from my ordeal, stretched out on the couch, when Rocky got on the couch with me. Now, Rocky is not a cat that cuddles up with his people, but yesterday he wouldn't leave me! He curled up on my chest, our hearts synchronized, and we both fell asleep for about an hour. He woke me moving to another spot to the side of me, but he didn't leave. I was really touched by his concern. He kept humming at me and giving me soft eyes. Today, I am feeling much better and he is back to his usual self - not bothering to give me the time of day.

It was nice having him all to myself for while anyway.


Little Thief

December 3rd 2013 10:37 am
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Rocky is a glutton. He loves him some food...constantly. I made the mistake of making sure there was always some kibble available for the boys. I didn't catch on that the only one getting the food was Rocky. I begin to notice my youngster getting a little pot belly on him. So I started paying a bit more attention to the amount of wet and dry food the boys were eating. Not only was Rocky gobbling his food, but he was knocking Alex off his bowl and taking his as well! So, I stopped leaving kibble out overnight and made sure I cut back on the amounts I was feeding Rocky boy.

I also want to upgrade the quality of kibble the boys are getting. They love Fancy Feast filet mignon and have rejected some very expensive brands such as Wellness, Blue Buffalo and a couple of other 18 dollar a bag overpriced premium foods. I really dislike paying nearly $20.00 for a bag of food that doesn't get eaten! Why don't these high priced "super premium" manufacturers offer small sample bags for a couple of bucks for us to try out? Anyway, I noticed Royal Canin had a sample box of three of their kibbles to try out for fussy felines for less than 4 bucks at PetSmart so I bought it, opened up the three bags and put out samples of each for the boys to pick from. They agreed their favorite was the so-called Savor pack. So maybe I have found some food that has meat as a first ingredient instead of Brewers Rice. It's still 18 bucks a bag, though *sigh*.

Well, getting back to the story, I left the open three bags up on the kitchen counter last night, just leaning against the back splash. When I got up this morning, I noticed there were only two bags. What the heck?

It took a long time to track down the missing food but it appears my little food demon stole the open bag off the counter, carried it down to the basement (Rocky loves to fetch and carry) and proceeded to bleed kibble out of the small open corner I had cut into the bag! What a little thief!

Yeah... and what a clever boy, also!


Growing Up

November 28th 2013 2:32 am
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Our little kitten is turning into a good sized cat! Long, not so lean - we have to watch Rocky, he's a glutton! - and almost the size of Alex already.

He is also not the wall to wall play machine he used to be. Instead of every waking minute, now the play comes in bursts, succeeded by nap time and grooming time. Alex, 'ol Mr. Stuffy Pants, comes in for the evening and goes directly to bed instead of playing with Rock like he used to do. I find myself lying down my Kindle and retrieving Rocky's 'Da Bird toy on a stick and playing a good game of run and catch with him to tire him out a bit.

Rocky's nature is very sweet, but he is not a lap cat. He'll give you a head butt as he walks by on the back of the couch, but prefers to lie at the far end of the sofa over being in a lap or up against a leg. During the night, he sleeps on the top tier of his cat tower versus on the bed.

He is his own cat: sweet, very gentle, but very independent. As cat owners, we learn to accept what we get and love what we got. Yeah, I'd like a little lap and cuddle time, but he's not that kind of cat. I have to get over it and take the head butts and occasional time I'm given for petting and be happy!

After all, we don't own our cats...they own us!


Unexpected Danger!

October 23rd 2013 11:55 am
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Rocky has now used two of his nine lives, I fear.

The first was his 106+ fever, which he had fully recovered from and now, today, he had another close call.

Danger lurks in the most unexpected places. In this case, Rocky has one of those dangly toys on one of his cat towers. My wife was working on her laptop sitting a short distant from the tower. Rocky was being his usual wild self, running and playing, wrestling with Alex. She heard a low growling kind of noise coming from the cat tower and when she turned to see what was going on, she saw, to her horror, Rocking hanging from his tower with the string holding the toy onto the platform wrapped around his left front leg!

She jumped to his rescue and unwrapped his leg, gave him lots of love and rubbed his leg where he was caught. He gratefully soaked up the attention! It gives us the shivers to think what may have been if we weren't home to rescue him right away!

We ripped that dangly toy off the tower right away!

I can't believe we didn't see that coming but there are so many dangers in a home for a wild and crazy young kitten!! It's hard to catch all the possible traps in a home. We are just so happy this little adventure turned out okay!


Whew! Feelin' Better

October 5th 2013 4:38 pm
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Not 100%, but a whole lot better than yesterday! Still feeling a little out sorts but enough to jump on Alex a couple of times and swipe at a favored toy now and then. He's eating and drinking okay but he's just not our Wild Man. And we sure don't expect him to be for a while. A 106.2 temperature is some serious stuff! The vet said that brain damage could result from fevers that high that aren't treated. We are so glad we got him in to the vet and didn't take a wait and see approach!!

Rocky says a big "Paws Up!" and a thanks to everyone that left well wishes!


One Sick Boy Kitten!

October 4th 2013 1:36 pm
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Rocky got my attention this morning when I fed the cats their morning meal. He poked a nose at his dish and walked away.

Uh Oh...

First of all, a growing, super active boy like Rocky is always ready to eat and then, when he walked out of the kitchen, I knew things weren't good. Rocky is always up in my business, and he won't leave Alex to scarf up all the food. As soon as I got Alex taken care of, I found Rocky in the family room and picked him up. It was like holding a hot pan against my chest!

I called the vet's office as soon as it was open and they gave me a 10:45AM time to bring the boy in.

After an exam, the vet took Rocky's temperature. When the vet said 106.2 I heard my wife sharply inhale and that scared me because she is an ex-vet tech so, I knew by that sound it wasn't a very good thing (I really didn't know the normal temperature of a cat).

So, long story short: fecal sample I took in (a loose affair, not normal cat poop) showed no worms but did have an elevated bacterial count. An X-ray showed no obstruction so the diagnoses was an elevated bacterial count of, most likely, e coli. He got an IV of fluid to cool him down, a couple of antibacterial shots, a shot of something that was termed "cat aspirin" and a 1/2 pill of something for his diarrhea (we have to continue giving him a 1/2 pill once a day for the next 5 days).

He was allowed to come home with us because the vet felt he would be a lot happier at home than at the clinic and would respond better but if he is static or worse we are to bring him back to the clinic in the morning.

I think he is going to be alright, though. His fever is gone, he ate a little and he even chased a bug on the outside of the patio door.

Little cats can sure give a person a big scare! Come on, Rocky, get better. 'Ol Mr. Stuffy Pants, Alex, needs you to play with him when he comes inside in the evenings!


October 1st 2013 8:45 am
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I've had a number of pets in my life. You could say I am getting a little long in the tooth...been around the block a few times...okay, that's enough, you get the picture.

I've had rabbits, squirrels, cats, dogs, and horses for pets. Some of them have been very special, a, not so much.

If you have been around animals as much as I have, you quickly get a feeling about them in just a short time of being in their presence. There is a look in the eyes or something in the body language that just attracts you right away or pushes you back.

Rocky is one of those animals that just has a very special way of going. I've never had a pet so completely nice, so trustworthy, so...I don't individually extraordinary.

Alex is a wonderful boy. But he is a warrior cat that was already a few months old when he found us. He obviously loves us, but he prefers being his own cat, outdoors as much as possible, hunting mice and sleeping in the hay. I love and treasure Alex very much, but...Rocky? Well, Rocky is our kitten. He is with us 24/7 and we are his people. He loves his time with "Uncle" Alex but there is no doubt he adores us completely, and we him!

All of my past cats have been very wonderful, each in their own individual way. One cat, in particular, (a black and white handsome boy we named Fuzz) I call my heart pet. He has been gone from my life two years now and I still think of him pretty much every day.

I never thought I would find a cat as special as my heart cat.

And then, along came Rocky...



September 17th 2013 11:13 am
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Rocky is like any other four month old boy cat: insatiable curiosity.

And endless discovery. And endless enjoyment from certain discoveries.

Thus we come to Rocky and the water bowl.

When we had our golden retrievers (Magic died in July of 2012 and Tabitha in June of this year), the cats and the dogs all shared a couple of large stainless steel water bowls. After we lost Tabitha, I just picked up the larger of the two and left the smaller bowl for the cats...not the best thing in the world for the cats but it was what they were used to drinking from.

Until a couple of days ago.

Rocky has always been one to enjoy getting his paws wet. He likes to play in the bowl, watch the water splash and move (he appears to be super visual), and he likes to lick the water off his paws. Then came the discovery....

Rocky found that if he stood on the rim of the bowl and shifted his weight just right, he could tip the bowl and make the water run all over the floor (note: DO NOT ever put wood down in a kitchen like we did, sounded like a good idea at the, no...bad, bad idea!), sending his human mom into a really cool frenzy of loud human noises, contorted facial features, and lots of action with towels and vowels.

Rocky's people are kinda on the slow took him doing this three times to convince them a new bowl was in order. We are temporarily using a Corning bake dish with a square bottom until we either get to PetSmart or checkout a kitten proof cat waterier on Amazon.

*Sigh* always something with a kitten in the house. Lucky for him that he is just way too cute and lovable to ever get mad with...well, maybe a little...for a minute or two.


Back to Normal

September 14th 2013 7:31 am
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Rocky had his neuter surgery this past Monday and, after a few tender days, is back to his Wild Man self. Back to attacking Alex, running like a banshee through the house (being sure to run through his nylon tunnel as often as possible), climbing his cat-condo tree house...he's just a ball of energy again.

When Rocky was recovering Alex tried to get him to wrestle but Rocky wanted no part of that and hissed and growled at Uncle Alex to lay off. This completely confused and pissed Alex off. When Rocky started feeling better, Alex wouldn't play with him. It wasn't until last night and this morning that Alex finally initiated some play, so relations are getting back to normal between them again. That's nice to see because they really are such good friends.

I have to get some recent photos of the boys up. Rocky has grown and changed so much since I posted his kitten photos. He definitely has some Siamese in his linage. His profile and body type remind us so much of a Siamese cat. His vet is nuts over the way Rocky looks!

Rocky has a new toy he loves to play with. It's a Kong Kickeroo. Man, he wraps his front legs around that thing and kicks the devil out of with his rear legs! Helps get some ya-ya's out when Uncle Alex is outside being an isolationist.


The Rocket!

August 30th 2013 3:01 pm
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Rocky has grown out of the awkward stage and is now an agile and very talented feline. He makes some fantastic moves that are, at times, jaw dropping. He is still all about the play and he loves to wrestle with Alex - and Alex loves to wrestle with him. One thing Rocky is, is very, very fast. Sometimes he runs by you and he just a blur! Should have have named him Rocket and called him Rocky for a nickname.

Rocky is an indulged kitten - when they are this sweet and precious, ya just gotta buy 'em things! - he has a cat tree, a cat crinkle tunnel, Da Bird toys,the round plastic rings with a ball inside the track, and lots of small toys like Skinz stuffless toys (which he loves more than any other kind). The really cool thing about Rocky is he plays with or uses everything we get him. He keeps us laughing and oohing and awwwing all the time.

What a kitten! He is going to be one awesome cat, that's for sure!

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