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Life on the inside!

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March 6th 2014 12:48 pm
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I has been with my furmily now fur such a long time. Oh, I would say it feels like forever, but it's been just short of 11 months. 11 whole months! Can you beliebbbes it?!
I get yum yums evfurryday and I even get chin scritches too, and my ears rubbed and my cheeks stroked all soft and lovingly and stuffs. And I even get that special spot right where my back and tail meet scratched awls up and it makes me feels sooooo good that I sticks my booty up high in tha airs and stretch out fur more pettings! I even likes the brushins I gets with the cat brush, even though I likes ta sniffs it sometimes furst.

I hasn't let my mom cut my nails though, but honestly they isn't as sharps as Kitty's get! Oh man! Mommy sees Kitty's nails and Kitty knows what's gonna happen and she runs fast! Like fast like how I run ta hides fast! but Mommy checks my nails when I am cuddling and softs and getting my pettins and they aren't sharp.

I still lubbbbbbs my favfurite toy evfur invented, which is Da Bird Sparkler! I has the feather bits too and lots of other toys but that one, that one is my most special one. no matter what I am doing, I run so fast once I hear it!

I would say things are pretty good! Oh, my other favfurite thing evfur is alllllll the tissue paper Mommy leaves in a pile fur me to run through and tackle! She makes the pile and hides some toys in it, and I like to run into it and then play with all the pieces that flutter around! It's so much fun. Kitty just watches MOL!

Thanks fur always being such good furrriends ta me guys. I know I am still tha new kit in town kinda, but I love my furrriends so much.



Diary Pick!!!

December 2nd 2013 4:20 pm
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Oh wweeeeee!!! I gots a DDP today! Thank mew so much diary lady and to all my furrriends who have helped me celebrates. I will write some more in a bit! But, I went to tha vet doc, and I was a gooooooood boy! Mom said how proud she was of me! Kitty didn't have nice stuffs ta say at all, but she is all better now.



I'm going where?!

November 26th 2013 12:42 pm
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Oh NO! I need halps furrriends! Mom says I gotta go to the vet tomorrow-what does that means!?! I don't wanna go anywhere 'cept underneath the table where my special bed is 'cause it's my safe spot!

Ok...well, I have been sneezing all morning long. and even though I don't have eye goopies, Mom says I still gotta go. Kitty gets the goopies and she had a goopie today, so she is coming too. She said she hides under her blankie when she goes. Ya think I should do a hissy?

I know Mom told them on tha phone that I am specials and nevfur saw the doc doc before, 'cept when I got trapped! That was so long ago though I don't remembers too much.

Purrrrlease-tell my mom I don't needs ta goes!!!! I pawromise ta stops the sneezies! This is what I gets fur giving her the special more!!!



The Insides

October 10th 2013 12:33 pm
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I haven't been able to paw a diary fur a little while, but it's because I am having such a happy time learning more about living on the insides instead of the outsides! Plus, it's getting really cold out now and the sky even got leakies yesterday...I am so glad I missed that! I used ta comes fur the yum yums all wet sometimes, before I was on the insides.

More stuff is happenin too-as I get used ta my life still. It'll be a whole 6 months this month, on the 20th! I gets ta sleeps on the bed now-acshully I always could, but I was too frightened to try it! But now I like ta lays right in the middle of it! Kitty lets me sleep next to her too, inbetween times when she helps me clean my ears and I helps her clean her face n stuffs. (and inbetween the bops on the head fur botherin her too!)

I also like ta meet my moms at the door when she comes home with a little "mewwrrrr" and then I follows her wherever she goes, usually it's to the bed to cuddle Kitty, since Kitty likes to hang out there most of the day.

I know that when I catch my favfurrrrrrite toy ever, da sparklie thing from da bird, I get a yum yum fur my tum tum. Sometimes though, I still wanna plays after my tum tum gets the yum yum, so I sit in front of the toy, or wherever it's resting, to show moms that I wanna keep playing.

Oh! And I get to sleeps on the top of the cat tree if I want, when Kitty isn't there! And on the window seat too, but that's only allowed during the daytime when Kitty decides to sleeps on the bed. She is the boss of the window at nighttimes, and that's ok acshully 'cause I have a hammock bed that I like...and I let Kitty sleeps on that if she doesn't want the bed and if I am on the window perch!

So I thinks life is pretty good. I haven't even tried to go outside at all. I kinda furgets what it's like, even though I get to look out the windows all the time. But moms says she doesn't think I'm missing much!

ooh....and one more thing-when you are on the insides, you get called way more names than just kitty-kitty or that psssstt sound! I know my name is Jack, and now I am not only Jack, I am Jack-Jack, Jack-a-boo, Jack-nugget, little nugget, oh I could go on furever!



I lickded her and I sleptded in the bed!

August 2nd 2013 12:08 pm
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That's right furrriends. I lickded my Mom's hand last night when she was petting me-I even rolled around so she could pet me more too on the chin and stuffs. I even slept in the bed fur the furst time with my mom and Kitty on it too! I tried to makes myself look teeny tiny by bundling up nice and cozy in a fur ball and then Kitty came up too, but I slept by mom's feet and Kitty slept right up near Mom.

It felt pretty cool to sleep in a bed! I have the kitty bed and stuff but somethin about the big one is the best! there are soft and cuddly blankies and evfurrything!

I think I officially loves the insides MOL!



I flewed!

July 15th 2013 2:34 pm
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Oh my catness!!! I flewed through the airs! It's 'cause my mom PICKED ME UP!!! She gets me like, right under my from arms and paws, with two hands, and just lifts me up and puts me where she wants me-it's pretty much been on soft stuffs like the blankie on the bed and on the blankie on the couch. And I letted her do it too! And this weekend, oh wow, we played so much!!! There's a toy there and I don't care if she says it's a toy and Kitty doesn't play, that things is a real birdie-'cause I seen them fly on the outside! This one is on a string, so we can control where it flies.

If ya didn't guess it-my ouchie is feeling betters! Thank you fur all the concerns fur my health! and Thanks Gleek fur the ice cream cone-it halped lots!

Oh-and ice creams! I almost licked some'a my moms! Kitty went ta sniffs it and then when she was done I made my Jack chirp and ran forwards ta sniffs it too-it just smelled cold!



I gots an Ouchie!!!

July 10th 2013 4:24 pm
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Oh geeee! I gots myself an ouchie! I was playing a lot and it's a mystery even to myself how I came to get this ouchie, but I got an ouchie on my eye. And I was tired too from the ouchie. And then my mom did something I never thought would ever happen..she held me like a whole lot of my body kinda holding, and she put a drop in my eyeball!!!!

I was shocked and stunned about that drop! I has had drops in my eye before, but they were the kind from the sky and all my self would get wet, not just my eyeball!!!

Everytime I saw her lurkin and watchin, I had to hide-my eyeball could only take so much! One was enuffs!!! I don't knows what happened next though, but Mom looked like she had a couple eyedrops too, but I don't know where they were frum. She said something 'bout the doc fur cats, and how she might need to take me in, but was afraid I would be so scared, but also scared what if she didn't take me and I got more ouchies.

So I did what I thought was best-and I started to play, a lot! And I got lots of treats too! I had to prove that I had my appetite up-'cause an ouchie with no appetite is not good fur any fur...

Today my ouchie feels a little better. I got another drop though-I don't know how she does it, but it's like, now that I like the pettings, my mom keeps trickin me and I keep fallin fur it! She says, "come here Jack Jack!"-and there I go, and she gets me! and then it happens again! You know, I used to be a tuff guy outside, I think insides is making me all mush mush!

Thank you fur every fur who helped me to celebrates my DDP's! I had been off here fur a few days, but I am so thankfur fur all my new furriends!


PS-what's a nugget? 'cause my mom says I looks like a little nugget of cat!


My Furrrrst DDP!

June 29th 2013 2:59 pm
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Thank mew catster, fur making me a DDP today! It's a special day too 'cause it's Kitty's gotcha day!!
Sending lots of love to my furrriends and thanks fur sharing the day with us!


this petting business

June 27th 2013 10:36 am
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you furrrrs were right! You said that once I gots the petting that I would loves it and I do!!!!! I am still a little scared but I have decided that if I am in controls of the petting, then it's not so bad. What I have been doing is Mom goes to give Kitty a head petting and I dip down under Kitty's chin and she backs up and then I walks my head into Mom's hand and walk so she pets me from head to tail MOL! I even have been laying down fur pettings too, but if she moves too fast I gotta run.

It was cute too-Mom got home yesterday and Kitty was gettin some loves and as she was getting her pettings, I snuck over and washed the inside of her ears and she let me too! It was cute-I felt like I belonged =)

I do get playful still too but she lets me know when it's enough. Plus, lately, since I have been getting these little pettings, I have decided that I likes to follow Mom around everywhere and watch what she is doing-like if she is in the kitchen where the yum yums come from, or in the bathroom brushing her toofies-I make sure to talk so she knows I am there, and I lay down. And then when it's time to move rooms, I run away as quick as I can, and then sneak back over to see what she is doing next. Last night I even jumped up on the bed when she was reading! I was only there fur a minute though, then I went to lay in the donut bed by Kitty P.

I think I like having a home-and I like when I gets scratched by my booty! MOL!



I gots tha hoooooman!

June 25th 2013 3:12 pm
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Holy catzowies!!! Since I wrote my furst diary, so much has happened-I don't even know where ta begins it awl. I guess I can starts with the title...about a hoooooman touchin me?!!!

That's right. The only time that I let this lady, who I guess is my Ma now, well, it was when I was in a not so kewl mancat state-right aftur I got my fruitcup worked on...if ya knows what I mean...and then aftur that I kinda was scurrrred a'her and ran away, sometimes with lightning speed so fast that I would slip n slide all over the wood floors in my dash ta escapes her claws! But Kitty was always allowed ta come near, and even when she does and if she hisses too, I don't minds because I like having a friend.

So, back to this biznisss! I layed on tha floor the other day, and the days since, 'cause it seemed like Ma kinda liked it-and she would come and lay with me. And one time when I went ta plop down, I did it right onto her hand-so that was accidental and I played it kewl, but then she reached out her finger like an alien or somethin, and I dipped my head down and let her do a scratchie. Then I was done. So this weekend, I was sleeping on the little cat tree and didn't run away when I hear Ma's feet tip toeing over-and then she stuck out her hand and then she petted me!!!!!! My whole body shivered like, this shiver like something scarey touched me, but I just looked at her, and then I couldn't halps it...I stretched my chin out fur the under the chin scratchies too. She didn't overdo it, and that was kewl. Plus, tha big tawl dude who hangs out with Ma and Kitty-he says hi ta me too but hasn't really tried ta pets me. I gave his hat a good sniffing the other day, just ta makes sure he didn't smell like tha alleycats outside that picked on me sometimes, and thank goodness he was kewl!

So I gots my furst real pettings! I love playing with the turbo track too. There are so many toys fur me to play with, now that I know they aren't little monsters always watching me MOL!!!

I has more to say too, but fur now I am gonna go.

Thanks furriends fur sush a nice welcomes and evfurrything! I has lotsa love fur ya!


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