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My Furrrrst DDP!

June 29th 2013 2:59 pm
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Thank mew catster, fur making me a DDP today! It's a special day too 'cause it's Kitty's gotcha day!!
Sending lots of love to my furrriends and thanks fur sharing the day with us!


this petting business

June 27th 2013 10:36 am
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you furrrrs were right! You said that once I gots the petting that I would loves it and I do!!!!! I am still a little scared but I have decided that if I am in controls of the petting, then it's not so bad. What I have been doing is Mom goes to give Kitty a head petting and I dip down under Kitty's chin and she backs up and then I walks my head into Mom's hand and walk so she pets me from head to tail MOL! I even have been laying down fur pettings too, but if she moves too fast I gotta run.

It was cute too-Mom got home yesterday and Kitty was gettin some loves and as she was getting her pettings, I snuck over and washed the inside of her ears and she let me too! It was cute-I felt like I belonged =)

I do get playful still too but she lets me know when it's enough. Plus, lately, since I have been getting these little pettings, I have decided that I likes to follow Mom around everywhere and watch what she is doing-like if she is in the kitchen where the yum yums come from, or in the bathroom brushing her toofies-I make sure to talk so she knows I am there, and I lay down. And then when it's time to move rooms, I run away as quick as I can, and then sneak back over to see what she is doing next. Last night I even jumped up on the bed when she was reading! I was only there fur a minute though, then I went to lay in the donut bed by Kitty P.

I think I like having a home-and I like when I gets scratched by my booty! MOL!



I gots tha hoooooman!

June 25th 2013 3:12 pm
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Holy catzowies!!! Since I wrote my furst diary, so much has happened-I don't even know where ta begins it awl. I guess I can starts with the title...about a hoooooman touchin me?!!!

That's right. The only time that I let this lady, who I guess is my Ma now, well, it was when I was in a not so kewl mancat state-right aftur I got my fruitcup worked on...if ya knows what I mean...and then aftur that I kinda was scurrrred a'her and ran away, sometimes with lightning speed so fast that I would slip n slide all over the wood floors in my dash ta escapes her claws! But Kitty was always allowed ta come near, and even when she does and if she hisses too, I don't minds because I like having a friend.

So, back to this biznisss! I layed on tha floor the other day, and the days since, 'cause it seemed like Ma kinda liked it-and she would come and lay with me. And one time when I went ta plop down, I did it right onto her hand-so that was accidental and I played it kewl, but then she reached out her finger like an alien or somethin, and I dipped my head down and let her do a scratchie. Then I was done. So this weekend, I was sleeping on the little cat tree and didn't run away when I hear Ma's feet tip toeing over-and then she stuck out her hand and then she petted me!!!!!! My whole body shivered like, this shiver like something scarey touched me, but I just looked at her, and then I couldn't halps it...I stretched my chin out fur the under the chin scratchies too. She didn't overdo it, and that was kewl. Plus, tha big tawl dude who hangs out with Ma and Kitty-he says hi ta me too but hasn't really tried ta pets me. I gave his hat a good sniffing the other day, just ta makes sure he didn't smell like tha alleycats outside that picked on me sometimes, and thank goodness he was kewl!

So I gots my furst real pettings! I love playing with the turbo track too. There are so many toys fur me to play with, now that I know they aren't little monsters always watching me MOL!!!

I has more to say too, but fur now I am gonna go.

Thanks furriends fur sush a nice welcomes and evfurrything! I has lotsa love fur ya!



My furst Diary

June 20th 2013 9:37 am
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Hi furrriends, new ones and ones that have been furrriends with my furmily fur so long now. My name is Jack, also known fur awhile as Fiona, until my secret of being a little boy was discovered! Sometimes I get called Jack-Jack too.

I am living life indoors now-I never knew life could be so relaxing! I was born on the streets, as far as my new family knows, and never really had known any humans, or kitties really fur that matter, and somehow I came upon my new sisfur, Kitty Pryde, and her mom. It's my secret that my family will never know-exactly why I picked them, but I did and I am happy I did too!

It all started some months back, maybe around October, when I started making my way up to the apartment door upstairs. Another kitty has done it before too, his name is Cowboy, but he has an owner and lives outside-my human mom feeds him sometimes and sometimes he likes to be petted, but sometimes he picked on anyways-I started coming to the door and flirting with Kitty. And she did it right back. She was scared of her brother Harrison I hear, but she has been pretty brave and bossy with me! I also used to sleep out in the courtyard of our place too and stare at the window, and Kitty would go from window to window to follow my every move-and I would mew and mew too at her, and she did it back.

So then, that's when the yum yums started. That's what we call them here. I got a bowl a'food a day, sometimes two if I looked hungry, and trust me, living on the outside you know a thing or two about the hungry tummy syndrome! And sometimes late at night I would do what is now called my "meows a'desperations" for more food. It was so hard to be hungry, and cold and even wet when it rained out, but whenever she heard it, Kitty and her mom would run to the door and give me more food. And Kitty would come out the front door and give me a sniffing, and sometimes eat some yum yums, just to show me that she was the boss I think.

now that was awhile ago-I am lucky too because Kitty has lots of good human furrriends who love her, and they all helped her mom to feel ok about feeding me-and even if Kitty got cat-sat, I would still get food! it's now also a good time to say, I looked like a girl-it's just because I was so small and the man-cat parts were hidden pretty good I guess. So Kitty's mom wanted to make sure I didn't have kittens and got in touch with a group here called Fix Nation, who specifically fixes and releases kitties like me. The trap was set, and ya know stomach was hungries and it was extra special yum yums...and I fell fur it and went inside and got caught. And that is the night that changed my life furever.

The next morning, reallllly early, my Mom came to check on me and to take me to the fix place, and I had to do it...I went peepee all over the floor, through the cage. And lucky and not lucky fur me, my peepee stunk something awfuls and was all red, not just a little, but it looked like all blood. And so after it was cleaned up and I got a towel at the bottom of my trap, off we went in my furst car ride that I can remember, to the place.

We got there and they asked my mom a little about me, and if she wanted to do some extra tests, like all the big important ones, and if I was sick, if she would donate the extra money to give me medicines and stuff. She said of course! And then I was taked away. Hours later she came back and the people told her I had a bad UTI, whatever that means, and had to get a shot of medicines that would last fur 2 weeks, and I needed to rest up.

Now, the "rules" are that I was supposed to go home and then stay in this little tiny trap and heal fur the rest of the night and go back outside, but when we got back to the apartment, there was a big old trap-so big my mom could fit inside too! and that's where I went. And there was all this stuff I never knew about-like a litter box, (PS I never had an accident! MOL!) food, water, and a comfy cozy hidey hole kinda bed that I could hide in, and keep warm and be softs. I even got a little lamb to cuddles with! And guess what...I even got lots of affections and I liked them too-I let my mom pet my head and chin a lot. I think it was 'cause all the medicines was going straight to my head!

The next two weeks happened so fast. I was in my big healing/safe area and then I got to explore a little bit! Kitty would come up to the crate and check me out, and do a hissy, but she kept checkin me out. She would even go in there too and sniff around in my business! But I know it's cause she wanted to see what cat was in her house.

It's been 2 months now since that day-April 20th. And I love being inside. I never tried to escape, though I am really good at hiding.
Kitty also has pretty much accepted me too-she still hisses at me, but she also sniffs me and eats my food right from under my mouth, and even sometimes helps me clean my cheeks and stuff. I like to follow her around best, and learn stuff too-like what is ok to eat and how to play.

This is a lot of pawing right now, so I am gonna takes a break and write some more about adapting to the inside life later. But fur now, thanks fur being there and helping my furmily to trust that I deserved a chance, and that maybe I could be inside. I know it has been a tough journey before fur them, and so it was very hard in the furst few weeks, but I think things are just gonna get better!


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