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Life on the inside!

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My 3rd Gotcha Day

April 26th 2016 4:22 pm
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Oh my catness! I has been wif my mom and sisfur fur 3 whole years!!! My Gotcha Day was last week and I can't believes it is so long already-moms can't believes it either! I still has some stuff that I worry about, like if mom walks too fast and stuff (and if she has that looks in her eye like she's gonna try something-like give me eyedrops!) but mostly I likes ta just lay around and sit wif her once she comes home and stuffs. I gots a happy life I thinks.

Mom went to see the Amazing Acrocats this past weekend and she said it was sooo kewl! There was a kitty who looked like me, she said, and some were rescued kitties like I was! It was neat! They all were clicker trained and mom started ta do that with my angel brofur Indiana before he went to The Bridge. Maybe she will try it wif me too, but I think Kitty might understands it more since she wants treats ALL THE TIME! I likes them, but not as much as she does. MOL!

I think it's so cool ta be insides. I get all the yum yums I want (I even got extra yummy yum yums last night aftur dinner!!!) and I gets a warm blankie to cuddle with, and my sisfur and momma too!



Mom is going away!

August 18th 2015 4:28 pm
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My mom is going away tomorrow fur a few days...I don't know what I am gonna do! Who is gonna plays wif me and stuffs and where am I gonna get my yum yums from, aaaannnd, how do I get my yum yums wifout Kitty eatin' them furst?

Mom is gonna visit grandpaw and step-grandpaw and my aunties and uncies. I am just glad that the hot hot days are ovfur because then she doesn't has ta worry about the heat in the 'partment. I know this means that I don't thinks I will gets ta play wif my Da Sparkler-my uncie Ken is coming ovfur ta feeds us and stuffs, but I usually hide, even though I knows him already fur a while. He akshully gave me yum yums when I was outside and my name was Fiona!

I really just hopes that Mom comes home and gives me some cuddles and stuffs. I likes ta lay wif her evfurry night before sleepies...who am I gonna gets ta have sleepies wif? Hopefully Kitty will wanna keep cuddlin'. Lately she just likes ta lay in front of tha fan and catch tha breeze.

I know Mom loves me and stuffs, I just wish that she didn't has ta go fur more than a day. Kitty's boyfurrriend is gonna stops over too ta check on us, and I let him give me some pettins on my head, but they is nuffin like tha pettins from a mom.



Maybe I was just homeless!

August 7th 2015 11:22 am
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Mom has been thinking lately about where I came from and stuffs-like, I just started hangin' out in tha courtyard of our 'partment and all. She hadn't seen me before that, and she thought I was a kitteh. I gots the yum yums fur a long time and then I got gotted and they said I could have been like 1 ta 3 yrs old. That was at the Fix Nation place. When Mom brought me to the vet doc doc they said tha same thing when I got my toofies cleaned. So we just decided that maybe I was 3, but I had come fur yum yums just maybe after I was 2. So technically I was a "feral" cat-that's what we thoughts anyway. But then lately Mom has been wondering if I was a kitty that was thrown outside by my old furmily and I was just so scared after not havin a home anymore. We can't figure it out! I love to get close now and have some pettins and chin scritches. I was so so scared furst and sometimes I still am.

But if I was truly a feral kitty, would I have come this far? We wonder. I only hissed like one time evfur when I furst came in after my fixin' at Fix Nation. After that I ran and hid like awwwl the time and sometimes I still do run and hide, but most of the time I like to wait fur Mom to come home and I wants her to say hi to me before Kitty and I likes ta wait when she's in tha shower so she can give me some pettins too, for a good morning before we play and then I get my breakfast yum yums.

I guess it doesn't matter eithfur way, but we just has been thinkin' about it lately and wondering and stuffs. I am so happy ta has my furmily and they are so so happy too!

Jack nugget


4th of July

July 7th 2015 12:08 pm
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Happy 4th of July furrriends! thank mew so much fur the zealies! My 4th was pretty borin' akshully. Kitty got a little nervous from the boom booms but I didn't mind them so much. I guess that's because I was an outside kitty for so long. The only thing that scares me is tha vet doc doc and my mom sometimes MOL! Can you believes she tried ta cut my nails on her own the other day! No Way!!! When tha vet does it I like to stay still 'cause I don't know why, but I do. It's just that my mom tries ta be sneaky and stuff but I know by now what is abouts ta happens! Kitty said it's not so bad, gettin' your nails trimmed, but to me I am just so so scared. I didn't gots my claws trimmed when I was outside so why do I need them inside. I think though because she snuck up on me, my mom is thinkin about getting my claws trimmed again, this weekend. I don't know what I will do if that happens!

I like ta play with my Da Bird sparkly toy everyday and mom plays it with me when she wakes up and when she comes home. I like to play and then eat, otherwise I just don't wanna eats the yum yums. Lately I have started to like to watch my mom play with Da Bird and I just watch MOL! She flies it fur me and I chase it and then at some point I just wanna see where it goes. I will run wherevfur she goes with it, but I just don't wanna catch it. She says ta me, "Come on Jack!" and I just give her a look of like, "whatchu talkin about!" but when it's time fur yum yums I like ta eat next to where the toy is, like I get ta watch ovfur it and it keeps me company when I eat.

I love sleeping in the window seat too! Kitty used to sit there but she doesn't so much anymore and Mom wonders why, but I like being there. Kitty usually just likes to sleep in the hallway where she can see all tha rooms in tha 'partment. She likes to sleeps in her carrier (except when it's time fur her to go to the doc MOL!)And she likes ta sleep with Mom and me, 'cause I likes ta sleep right by my mom's head.

I guess that's it fur now. I have been just keepin busy watchin' out the windows and sleeping and playing!



Thank mew

June 8th 2015 2:49 pm
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Thank you my furriends for your kind words for my mommy and me and the wonderful rosettes. Things feel a little better now. It's so hard sometimes ya knows? I have been giving her lots of love now, more than evfur before! I make sure ta sleeps by her evfurry night and when she says ta "come here jack!" I go! I like being insides 'cause I gets to sleep on soft blankies and have food whenevfur I want so my tum tum doesn't get the grumblies.

I was outside fur so long-I will nevfur tell Mom if somehow I got thrown outta my first home or if tha streets were my first home, but I can say that I am so happy ta has my home now. I remember when I first started comin' around 'cause I would lays in the courtyard and meow at Kitty in the window. I know I said this story befur, but Mom says it nevfur gets old! MOL! I remember one day it rained a whole lots and since it doesn't rain too much here when it does it makes a huge mess. I had ta find a place ta hides, but I still was hungry and still went up ta Kitty's door hoping there were yum yums there. And there were! When the rains furst started though I didn't go fur yum yums fur a couple days and my mom was so worried. That day I finally did go, I was so wet from the rain and cold so my mom gave me some warm wet foods instead of leaving just dry food out.

There were some nights too when I couldn't go early ta get the yum yums, so I would cry out loud in tha hallway, waiting fur her ta come out. And I had a loud cry-'cause I was meowin' fur some fur, and fur, to keep me company.

That day I got caughted was scary though. Mom's silly neighbor said I "sprayed" in tha hallways-I don't even knows what that is! And she put bleach stinkin stuff all over-and that was the night Mom was gonna get me. She was so afraid that I wouldn't come 'cause the smell, but I did and I got caught! I slept in the bathroom that night. In the morning I got so scared and went potty on myself. That smell was tha smell in tha hallways. It was 'cause I had a bad infection-a UTI. Mom thinks maybe I got scared and pottied in the hallway.

I pottied again when it was time ta go back to my mom's place. the people at the Fix Nation place cleaned it right up and gaves me fresh paper in the trap. I really thought my mom was gonna let me go back outside-but since I had that infection she was scared ta let me.

I am so happy that Kitty wasn't too mean to me. She did a couple grumblies and hissies, but she didn't do it too much or too mean like. I ran and hid a lot, but now, two years inside, I don't hide so much anymore! Sometimes I do if Mom walks too loud or fast, but I always come back out. And I always meet her at the door when she comes home too. It's just tha best ta has a mom who comes home (ok, my mom made me paw that MOL!)

This weekend Mom went ta a place called CatCon. It was all stuffs about cats. She saw tha people from Fix Nation there and she told them how I got fixed up and became and indoor kitty after. They didn't seem ta care too much, but they let her spin a wheel and her prize was some catnip! She got some new yum yums too ta try-one was some wet chicken food and at CatCon the people akchully had it out fur hooomans ta tries-like ta proves that it was edible and human grade food (mom did NOT try it!) I got some dry food too and it is pretty yummy. Since my tum tum bothers me sometimes it made Mom happy to see another option fur me with food. She also gots a new tray ta puts the yum yums on and a litter scoop...boring! MOL!

I am so glad to be home. It makes me happy to have my furmily and ta has a window bed so I can still see outsides. I like to watch the loud garbage truck when it comes (Kitty hides!) and I like to just watch fur no reason at all. It's so kewl.

I love you all my furrriends, and thanks fur being such good furrriends to me and to Kitty and our mom too!



my diary is the only one that works!

May 18th 2015 2:45 pm
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Oh dear! Mom has been trying to help Kitty paw a diary and even Angel Indiana was gonna paw one, but mine is the only one that seems ta be workin.

So I will do my best ta shares my stuff and their stuff too.
First though, My momma has been feeling really blue and sad. I am doing my bestest, and so has Kitty, to make her feels better, but I don't think I'm trying hards enuff-what can I do?!

Angel Indy's 4th Bridge day is coming up next week and mom is partially sad fur that day. We should celebrates his life I said, not make it a sad day. He brought me to my furmily afterall. It's just been a sad long time fur mom. I am trying so hard and I know I do makes her smile a lot, so I guess I am doing good, even if I don't feel likes it.

Kitty wanted me to tells you that she no longer has her ouchie on her head that she scratched. She got the cone of shame! It was a soft one though. Mom is going to keep it because just in case we needs it again.

Over tha weekend I got lots of cuddles and I even let my mom kiss my cheeks a lot of times. sometimes I looks at her and think ta myself, "Mom! What are you doin!?" but she doesn't push it too much 'cause I am still learning about all that stuff. I do likes to lean on her though and one day I think I will try to sit on her laps like Kitty does. Kitty sleeps on her lap, on her chest, in her arms, by her name it and Kitty has slept there! MOL!

So furrriends, can you purr fur my mom to not feel so blue? It would makes me so happy. And would you purr fur Indy because his Bridge day is coming up?

Thank Mew!


My Gotcha Day!

April 20th 2015 9:16 am
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Today is my second annipurrsary of my Gotcha Day!!! Two years ago my mom tells me her life changed. All because of me!

Two whole years ago my mom trapped me in this scary trap, after tricking me with yum yums, and then I slept in the batttthroom and I even went peee on myself, but that pee was a big, very good thing actually! See, when I was scared and went pee, not ta be gross, but it was all red and stinky 'cause it turned out I was sick. So when my mom took me to FixNation, where I got tha fixin', she told them and they gave me some medicines. And it worked pretty quick because when she picked me up I went peeee again and it wasn't red!

So, I got the fixin' and when she brought me home, she put me in this giant giant cage! It had a hidey-hole bed, a little lamb, a litter box (which, by tha way I used with no problems!) and some yum yums. I was so very scared. She put blankies around the cage so I had some purrrivacy. And my sisfur would come to sniff around and I guess she remembered me from hanging outside the 'partment door before I got caught because she didn't really hiss at all to me. Ok, just a little bit.

SO I lived in that cage, my safe place, fur about a week or so, then I got to explore a little. I was so so scared though that I hid in the litterbox in the bathroom. But I also got to check out the sleepy room where I love to sleep now, and Kitty checked out my safe place.

I am not even sure when or how long, and mom doesn't recall too too good about how long it took for me to come out and not hide so much, but eventually I came out of the safe place and hung out with Kitty a little bit, but I was still so so scared of mom. Kitty taught me stuff too, like how to go get yum yums, like, it was ok to get them, even though I had them in the safe spot.

One day the safe spot was gone so I found another one and it was pretty safe. And after that fur a little bit, I started to trust my mom a little and would sniff her, but no way was she gonna touch me AT ALL! But I did let her finally and OH MY CAT! I never knew that being petted would feel so so good!

And, as most of my friends know, I now love my mom and my sister so much and I like to cuddle and play and eat and hang out in the window. I also never tried to go outside again. I don't even go near the front door at all. And I like to be the first one to greet mom when she gets home and I do a little chirpy fur her. And in the mornings I like to be the first one to say hello once she gets out of the shower. I wait fur her, get a little pettins, then I go and wait to play before breakfast.

Life is so good. I still get scared if mom comes to be too fast, but this weekend I did something I hardly ever let her do-maybe like two times only before, and I let her give me lots and lots of kissies on my forehead and cheek. Of course I gave her the looks of "mom, stop it!" like most guys do when their mom gives them kisses, and soon after I hopped up. But last night I also cuddled next to her head and gave her a little bath. I even let other people pet me too now, though sometimes I am scared-I like to "walk into a palm" that is stretched out so it's like I am coming to them.

I am so happy that I was Gotted! I was just a little dude, scared and hungry when I found Kitty. I would watch her from the courtyard and she would watch me. I would sleep next to the front door and she would sleep there too. And I would meow so loud in the middle of the night for yum yums that it woke mom up and she brought food right away. I picked them and I am so glad they love me!

It really is so special for me and mom and Kitty. Kitty has had some troubles in the past but she loves me so so much. And mom says all the time that I am very special because I taught her how to be patient and that love happens and that you can love unconditionally, because no matter how long all my growing up is taking to be an indoor kitty from my feral life, I loved her and she loved me too! She says I have a brother named Indiana, who is an angel. I look so much like him. I even have a nose freckle in the same spot! Mom thinks he sent me to her and I thank him fur that!




November 24th 2014 3:20 pm
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Hi furrrriends.
I thought I might write today in my diary. So much is changing at my house and I love it all! I likes ta sleep on the bed with my mom and sisfur now. It is so so so cozy! Last night I even let my mom rub ma bellie! And even though I was a little too scared fur her to finish, I let her trim two, almost three of my claws this weekend! I did yet a yum yum treat after, even though I ran away pretty fast. What I like ta do is run, then turn and look ta see if mom-zilla is following me, then I run more and I hop into my safe spot, which is on the chairs under the dining room table. I even have my own soft bed there, the furst bed I evfur had in my whole entire life! It's a square and it's soft and I love to sit on it and lay on it. That spot, it's my safe place where when I am a little frightened, my mom will even let me eat my yum yums there. Although, I think Kitty is onto us with the yum yums. She has ta have them all and so sometimes I like to eat a little separate. But lately too, I like the routine. My mom goes to the kitchen, this is in the mornings, and I know it's time fur breakfast yum yums, and I follow right behind her! I even mew sometimes too, even though my meows sound more like chirpies. Kitty meows so much more...sooo...muuuuchhh...mooooreeeee....
And my mom talks right back to her in her meowies, but I can't understand hers all the time, but I know what she says when she says my name, when she says good boy, good Jack (she says that when I catch my toy and when I'm about to get some yum yum treats, and I know when she says come here.

I keep thinking about how I live on the inside now. Some of my furrriends have new brofurs and sisfurs who came from outside too. Mom always says they remind her of me and how I came inside. 'Specially since it's getting cold at night time. And it should rain, even just a little, this winter. I would come up the stairs, and do my loud meow, which is getting less loud as time does go on and more soft and not scared-see I used to meow so loud 'cause I was so lonely and was meowing fur someone, some cat. I didn't want to be alone. I even remember getting into some scuffles outside before I came in, all because I was trying to make a furriend. Mom feeds a kitty outside and she says he is nice, but when I tried to find a companion outside, he was not having it...I think that's why I found my Kitty.

Anyways, back to how I came inside...I remember one time it was so cold and wet outside and I came upstairs-at one point we had a regular dinner time, but sometimes I missed it so would meow so so loud it echoed outside in the hall and Mom would jump out of bed with a bowl of yum yums fur me. Sometimes the neighbor did too. And I will never furget my uncle Ken, who watches us sometimes. Even before I was insides to be watched, he would make sure there were yum yums outside for me when he would feed Kitty.

I remember one time it was so wet and cold, and I snuck up to get out of the rain and Mom heated up the food she gave me. Usually it was mostly just dry food, but this time it was special and warm and mushy tasties! I would stand on the stairs, a few of them down, and look away, 'cause I knew if I couldn't see her then she couldn't see me (but I think I was wrong about that one after bein' inside MOL!) I remember the rain that week because I couldn't come for yum yums everyday and my mom was so worried about me even back then and came looking fur me a couple times, but I kept hiding. Back then I was still just an outside alley cat who came fur some yum yums and got lucky!

And I had a Kitty to snuggle with on the other side of the 'partment door. I think that's why she liked me like almost right away, 'cause she knew me. Plus whenever I got the yum yums outside, Mom would let her come out-just outside the door 'cause we are not allowed outside, and she would always look at me and then walk to the yum yums and take a couple of bites before I did, then would go back to Mom. She never hissed at me. Only when I first came in like a couple times and whenever we come home from the docs...and when I am too playful. Ok, so she hisses sometimes, but she never did when I was outside MOL!

I am just so happy to be inside. I even like Kitty's boyfurrriend now too. He comes and stays fur sleepies sometimes and I actually slept by his stinky feets! And when I hid at first, I came back up and I like him to pet me sometimes. Just like when Uncle Ken comes over I come out to say hi, even though I am still a little scared. Mom says that's ok though, fur me to be a little scared. I was outside afterall and saw some scary stuff and met some scary people that made me hide until it was yum yum time.

Soooo, after all this, furriends, I had to just write about how I came insides fur a little bit because I feel so special. Sometimes I think that they picked me, Mom and Kitty... but truthfully, they know that I picked them!



Mom's leavin us fur a few days!

August 20th 2014 3:18 pm
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Ah! Mom is leavin us fur a few days! She's gonna go visits our furmily back on the east coast. I am nervfous 'cause even though my uncle Ken has come over ta feeds us, I still get scared and stuffs. Mom told him though where my favfurite toy was gonna be kept (duh! Da Bird sparkly thing!)and she told him if I din't come out fur yummies, he could leave the food by the bed and I would sneaks out to eat it.

Last night I made sure to get exercises, and chase Kitty lots and lots. Mom closed me out of the bedroom fur awhile. When she does that though I like ta scratch and mew at the door and she lets me in, and on these special nights then I like to chase Kitty again pretty much right away. I think Mom is worried I am gonna bother Kitty while she is gone, and that Kitty will get stressed out n stuffs.

Lately it's been pretty good livin' inside. It's been quite a long time now. I never look out the front door-I achully avoid it all together. I still run from Mom though sometimes, but oh my cat! I have been getting sooooo mannnny cuddddles! I like to sleep on the bed sometimes, only sometimes, far away by Mom's feets. But I like to sit up next to her tummy too, and she loves that, and I do too 'cause the best thing is getting petted a lot. And Da Bird...that's the other best thing.

Wish me and Kitty luck this weekend! Mom made sure to put lots of tissue paper out fur me to run through and yummies and blankies too in my hidey spots, just in case.



Daily doings

March 11th 2014 11:49 am
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I was thinking last night about all the cool stuff I get to do, now that I live inside. I mean, I got ta play with the wild outside, but nothing compares ta having a warm bed and sisfur and mommy to cuddle up too. Plus Da sparkly thing was NOT outside ta catch! And I get ta catch and play with it with my mom everyday!

I was watchin the news with mom last night too, once she got home from class, and this poor kitty was on the news. And this poor kitty reminded me so much of myself (and Mommy said so too) I was such a scared little dude when I came inside. It took me months ta learn that it's ok, that I won't get hurted inside. And even now sometimes I still get scared. Kitty, she lets Mommy do anything to her, cept when it's time ta wash her chin from the acne she gets sometimes or ta put eye drops in. But this kitty was so cute, he was black n white. And he was just terrified.

So...why was he terrified??? 'Cause he has bad hoooomans. I don't even wanna call them his mom and dad, 'cause no mom and dad kick their kitties. This hoooman called 911 because the little hooman, who was only 8 months old, was allowed ta play with the kitty (and we all see tha cute videos online of kitties and babies, but you have to be careful too 'cause babies don't know stuffs yet) and this baby pulled the kitty's tail. So the kitty got scared and scratched it. So then the hooooman kicked the kitty by the tail!!! Which means, the kitty was walking away!!! And no kitty deserves a kick in the booty, EVER EVER!

And of course, like any scared and attacked kitty, this one was trying to hide in the video (which was obvious 'cause that's what I did and Kitty did when she had her brofur Harrison) and it was meowing loud and hissing and making growly sounds. I feel so bad fur this kitty because he doesn't deserve to be frightened in his home or kicked. And the baby too should be more pawrotected from the animals, just in case ya knows, until it can learn how to be good to them.

So this kitty is still living at the house, which confused Mommy 'cause one story she saw said that "authorities caught the cat and didn't know what to do with it.." but then they said the cat was caught and left with the furmily, who don't know what to do with it. I think purrrrsonally, that this kitty is no stranger to kicks and yells and bad hoooman behavior. And I know after seeing the news story with Mommy, so many people would want to love him and cuddle him and treat him right so he won't have ta be so scared and look fur hiding spots like in the video.

I am just feeling sad fur this dude. He didn't ask ta has his tail pulled, and it was an accident, but the kicking was deliberate. Mommy tries to put food bowls in front of me, that's deliberate and sometimes I hide at furst, and then realize, it's my yum yums, and I go in fur a pet-which I control by letting mommy reach her hand out and I walks into it. I had ta learn the trust, just like Mommy had ta learn to give me time to trust.

So anyways, I know that this diary was gonna be more about my daily stuffs, but I guess it is in a way. Daily, sometimes I hide, but I know I won't get kicked or my tail pulled, and daily I eat yum yums and play with Da Sparkly thing. And daily I get so much loves. And I just wanna send that loves to this kitty from tha news.

Wanna send him some POTP with me furrriends??

Jumpin Jack flash (cause that's my nicknames when I flash into my safe spot, under the table, on top of the chairs, where my little lamb cuddly bear and soft bed are.

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