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Alex the Kitty!

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On His Own

May 30th 2013 6:04 pm
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Well, not really, but I'm gone to Lake Cumberland until Sunday afternoon and Alex is stuck, I mean left, home with the wife. She worries so much about him being outside that I highly doubt Mr. Alex will see much barn time. Plus, she has a horse show all day Saturday and I know he won't be allowed outside while she is gone.

As I was leaving, he walked up to me to say a friendly, tail wagging "hi!" (Alex's happy greetings always include a vigorous side to side tail wag). I scooped him up and took him into the house just to make sure he was safe.

That was at 2 PM and nearly 6 hours later he is still there and, according to my wife, very unhappy!

Oh, well...Too bad, so sad...


Independent Boy

May 29th 2013 1:48 pm
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Alex makes his own decisions as to if he is going to do a full walk with the dog and me, go half way and wait for our return or just not go. Today, he decided he had more important things to do than go on a walk once he crossed the creek and got out onto the horse trail. We went on ahead without him. He met us as we returned but he showed little interest in crossing the creek and coming back to the house.

After we crossed the creek and he didn't, I decided to go back to get him and carry him across the creek but he didn't want that. He was a big boy cat today and could do it all himself, so I put him back down and he picked his away across the stones and made it back to the meadow on the "safe" side. He refused to accompany us back up the hill to the barn and stayed in the meadow playing with his imaginary friends.

That was about three hours ago (as I write this) and I still haven't seen him...which means nothing because he has so many places to go and not be seen

I guess I have to go find him because we have an engagement this evening at 7 PM and we normally don't leave him outside when we're gone.


Unidentified Creature

May 27th 2013 6:09 pm
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It was about 2:30 AM. I heard Alex jump off the bed and make a little "meowf" noise. He then proceeded downstairs to jump and meow at the back door hoping someone would get out of the bed and let him out NOW! Didn't happen...won't ever happen. Go ahead and make all the noise you want Mr. Alex. You will never get out of the house until there is daylight in the sky!

So, anyway. I roll out of bed at 4:30 AM. Alex is back on the bed. Alex joins me in the bathroom while I get dresses. Purring loudly in anticipation of his morning meal and, of course, going out to check on his horses and the barn.

I turn on the flashlight app on my phone, turn out the bathroom light and head out to go downstairs and there on the floor, at the bottom of the bed, lies the regurgitated remains a formally living creature ( or creatures) least the un-digestible parts, mainly grey fur and a tail of some sorts.

Nice way to start your day: picking up, flushing and cleaning up behind a cat glutton.

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