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Canned food

October 22nd 2013 6:34 am
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Yesterday, in honor of getting DDP, Jacob got me some canned food instead of dry food. I like canned food, the juice, the chewiness, and the taste. Canned foodies just so much better than dry food. It's sooooooo yummy. I just don't understand where it gets its yummy taste. I also got a reward of having a lot of attention from the whole family! I had a fun night last night too! I got to cuddle with Jacob. At the end of the night, I finally ended with sleeping on Jacobs chest. Everything was good.


Invading forces

October 21st 2013 6:17 am
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While I try to eat, sleep, walk, or anything really, someone messes with me. This causes me to scratch them and they yell at me for scratching them. Why do I get yelled at for my natural factors? This needs to stop. The house I live in is awesome except for that. Why they can't leave me alone is a mystery, but I just need to find a place where they will not bother me. I tried in the cabinets, under the bed, I even tried hiding behind things. There is no stop to this madness! I need to figure out how to either enjoy or get away from the invading forces and just get on with my life. I do have fun but while I'm trying to purr my favorite song, they just need to stay away. I'd love this if it was not so often.
I guess it is cool when my owner gives me food and water and cleans my litter box, but I still don't like too many distractions. I mean, I have a great life but I just want to go a day without any interruptions. I do miss being able to cuddle all the time. I just wish I could come to them instead of them coming to me. I love everybody but let me come to you, ya know.
Those kittens, they totally betrayed me. They went outside and didn't let me go with them. Then they want to come in and not stay out. Sup with that? I was just meowing a story to the dog, but then the kittens came in and started playing with the dog while I was playing with her. I wish the kittens would just stop and leave me alone all the time. I really don't like when they don't leave me alone. These kittens are cute though. Anyway, this is all I can meow today, see ya later!


todays pick.

October 20th 2013 12:14 am
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My owner, Jacob showed me my diary page online and I was one of today's pick! I'm super excited about this and now I'm glad Jacob woke Mr up just to tell me this. I just love to be acknowledged by people that care about me. I like being a cat because its just fun to curl up in a ball in my owners' lap. I just wanted to write a quick entry while everyone is asleep and I got to go. Love you all.


Sleepy time!

October 15th 2013 6:22 am
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Today I finally got some time to sleep without anyone interrupting me all the time. See, I was having troubles sleeping because either a dog or a human interrupted me. When I went to the closet, I found a hiding place and I went there to sleep. I don't understand why I can't eat human food. it tastes way better than cat food. I feel like I have been able to do less than the other cats. I guess it is good because I have been mad at the world lately, but its just NOT FAIR! Why am I not allowed to being outside lke the kittens? I really like it out there and I feel they will think I am less of a burden on them. I do think that the other kittens are mean but they are cuter. Maybe I should just try to bathe them instead of hissing. I'm just going to see how it goes. I wish that I could have less people to hang around. I just want to be alone! I don't know why people want to hold me so bad. I'm not even nice to them. Got to go, I need to eat a little something.



October 14th 2013 6:24 am
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This weekend I was just annoyed at everything. I'm starting to hate my owners, my babies and my best friend who is a dog. I just feel so bad and I want another cat to play with outside but my owners won't let me. Lucy, my true best friend, hasn't seen me in a few months. I see her outside through the window but as I said earlier, I can't go outside. Now I am at a serious crossroad. Do I scratch my owners, or do I just sneak outside? This will have to wait until I can figure out a plan. I tried running out, but my owners caught me. I don't know if I should try that again or not. While I was sleeping on the chair, I'm pretty sure my owners were talking about me, and I don't know where to go from here. I guess I'll write tomorrow. See you later alligator!



October 10th 2013 7:16 am
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Yesterday I was trying to sleep on the pillow but then humans just came in and ruined my nap time. Us cats are very fond of sleep if you haven't noticed! I started writing in this diary be because of my "anger issues". I mean I just scratch you whenever you mess with me. But, at least I get fed. My kittens have gone outside and I don't like them anymore. I think they smell funny. I like being outside, I like to roll around and have fun. I can't go outside anymore, I don't know why! I think it's because my owners are just mean. But they love on me most the time so i can't complain. This is what is on my mind today. Izzie out!


A day {Kittens 4 day birthday}

May 22nd 2013 4:51 pm
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Today is A day. The day I finally get to eat some human food. I went to the bathroom to check on the kittens. It is really fun to take care of kittens. Today i talked to jacob and he said,"hi" and I said,"hey".


Third day of Having Babies

May 21st 2013 5:42 pm
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3 days ago, Izzie had 4 cute babies. Gender and names unknown. Today they slept and ate allll dayyy. Izzie stays in the kitchen most of the time and whenever her babies need her, she comes to them. She loves feeding her babies. She said to me,"I really think the dog is going to try to steal my babies." and I replied,"I will keep an eye out for them." She gave me a good look and she let me take care of her babies. I pet them and make sure Izzie feeds thems when the need it. This is the end of the first blog of Izzie. Bye!

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