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I Am Saved and Adopt a Person......

SO happy in my Furrever Home!!!!

May 11th 2013 3:00 pm
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I can't tell my meowmy about the place I lived before. It was not a good place, I can tell you that. The humans there left me, and I only had a little food and water, but then some other humans came and got me.

I was put into a little box, and then into a car....not for long, and then the nice lady brought me to another house. I was worried....was I going back to the bad place.....I did not have food or water, what would happen to me? I am just a little kitten, and I was scared. But then I could hear this lady talking to another lady. And I heard the BEST words any kitten or cat can hear: "OF COURSE I WILL TAKE THE THE KITTEN INTO MY HOME".......The lady (my new meowmy opened the carrier and I walked out. She picked me up and hugged and kissed me (I liked that!!), and then she said "You must be hungry"...(boy, was I!!). She opened a can of wet cat food, and put it down in front of me. Then she put out a little bowl of dry food, but when she went to move the wet food I growled at her. She petted me and said...."Oh, you poor little baby, I am not going to take the food from you....don't worry, you won't EVER be without food, water and love, not in THIS house. I got to meet the other cats, and they made me welcome. I LOVE to play with my brofur Willy, he is a little bigger than me, but is lots of fun.

The first night in my new home I slept on the sofa, but then when my meowmy got home on Friday, I got on her lap when she sat on the sofa to watch TV, then when she said it was time to go to bed, I followed her into the bedroom, and right after she got into bed I climbed up into the bed and snuggled next to her. She laughed and laughed, and told me "Glad you feel comfortable, little guy." I do, I feel VERY comfortable, I have a warm, safe home, food, toys, other cats to play with, toys, and I can even enjoy the outside in out fenced patio. Life Is Good for this little black kitten. Can't wait to meet more kitties and their humans here on CATSTER.

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