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1st Birthday Party

December 20th 2013 1:47 pm
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My 1st Birthday party is tonight. My mom, Auntie Kindll and my brofur Meiko, the man will be in the house but he doesn’t believe in parties for animals. I don’t really think he understands I am just a small furry hooman.

I like my birthday so far, I got baked Chicken for breakfast and shared it with Meiko.

Mom is going to bake me Tuna Cake for my Birthday Cake, she says it is so easy, Tuna, 1 egg, 2 tbs flour and cheese, bake in a small mold. She also, is making one for Meiko. It sure seems Meiko is getting a lot of goodies on my Birthday. Mom says share, so I guess I will be a lady about myself and do that.

Aunt Kindll said she got me lots of Toys for Christmas and had to wrap my birthday gift. So excited to see what she got me, she is super kool, kind of like mom but way kooler (giggles).

I need to go rest up for the big night.

Thank you all for making today such a special day. We are sorry we haven’t been around but mom’s new job, takes her traveling all over the world. She is back home for a week or so, then off again.
Glad she is her for my Birthday and Christmas.

Lovers you all,

Thank you for making this the best day ever.


MacKinzy An Morton


Good Girl Gone Bad

August 19th 2013 4:03 pm
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Dear Dairy,

As you know I have been at my forever home several months. I am such a good girl mom brags about what a Princess I am. Meiko is a good boy, when she talks to other people, yet, he is always getting in to trouble. He struts around like King Meiko, mom even calls him King.

Mom was on the phone with my grnadfurma, I over heard her say "My baby girl is acting crazy, Its like the Princess has left the building"

Well, I never!

Just for that I am going to jump on the counters, dart out the back door, drop the kitchen shads down, and scratch up the hard wood floors.

I am always the Princess. She cant take my crown from me.


Furever Princess Kinzy


Disneyland AND DDP

June 24th 2013 3:13 pm
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Mom called to tell me I was DDP on Caturday. I gave her permission to write a thank you. Since I am back from my trip. I wanted to PurSONALLY thank you for all the pictures, gifts and Rosie's.

My pal Jax and I went to Disneyland it was so fun. We rode every ride, and I eat everything we could get our little paws on. I did get sick after the 4th corny dog. Other than that we had a blast.

Jax, thanks for your furship and for being such a great playmate.




June 22nd 2013 6:15 am
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Can you believe it, again!

We thank you.

I bet it's because I am so cute.

Happy caturday!!!


yippee ki-yay

June 13th 2013 7:51 am
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I am DDP today. So, is my pal Smokey Jay, too cool. We are total rock stars and we have Furever homes.
Thank you Catser hoomans for picking me.

Cake Pops for all my Pals



June 12th 2013 8:17 am
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We are back.

Mom had a mini vacation, but worked non-stop at home. It was nice having her home after leaving us in that place over the weekend.
Now mom is back to her regular schedule. I miss her already.

I cant let her leave my sight when she is at home. Meiko follows her, but he doesn't stop her from walking he just tags along. I walk between mom's feet, she is "ooo Kinzy mamas going to step on you." I DONT CARE. Don't ever leave me again is all I can think.

JUST so happy to be home.

My furever home! I know now, mom will never leave me for long and will always be back to rescue me.


Paradise Paws Resort

June 6th 2013 10:38 am
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So, this weekend mom is taking Meiko and I to a resort. I am so, excite. I am getting my nails done, brushed and a bath.

Meiko says it’s not what I think. I will not let MR. Grumpy pants rain on my parade. It will be so cool to have mom and I dong all the girly stuff us girls love to do.

Mom packed up our overnight bags, and we will be leaving with mom tomorrow.

Of course, Meiko has something to say about everything. “Kinzy, mom is dropping us off, she isn’t staying with us.”

Then why is mom packing her bags too.

Meiko thinks he knows Everything!



May 31st 2013 1:21 pm
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Meiko and I pulled a prank on mom.

This morning we both pounced her and wrestled in the bed at 3:30 am.

Then Meiko started singing I was dancing on mom’s stomach then she rolled over and I got on her back.

Dad told us to quit, we did for 3 sec. I really thought he was talking to mom. Meiko looked at him like he was crazy, telling us to knock it off.

So, finally after 20 mins, mom finally got up. Meiko was telling mom we were dying of starvation, and fussing at her all the way to our room to eat. I run up ahead so mom would get the point that I am underfed.

When mom turned on the light, we had food in our dishes. MOL…….

Mom, was all confused.

Meiko and I both started wrestling and giggling.




May 28th 2013 10:59 am
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Well, I finally got a nickname other than Kinzy.

One I earned. I can jump on anything and climb anywhere.
I got on top of the kitchen cabinets, it is really high, mom couldn’t get me down, she got a ladder, but I just hoped down, all by myself. She was worried for nothing.

Then I jumped on the curtain rod, it has a big scone and I was able to walk across the curtain rod to the TV stand. Dad, did not like that one bit.

Then I found out it is a great view of everything going on to sit upstairs on the “half wall” It opens up to the game room upstairs, and I can see just about everything downstairs. That is good to spy on my brofur.

So, I have to do some more climbing and jumping,



MY brofur

May 24th 2013 7:27 am
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I am sssooo proud of my brofur, he is COTD.He is so handsome, I am PROUD to be is sisfur.

After pawtying with Spice E yesterday, I was sleepy, yet, I have my second wind to pawty with my brofur.

Even though I did body slam him pretty good last night. *giggles*

Love you brofur!

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