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Almost a year

April 29th 2013 3:05 pm
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Hi, my name is Broxigar. Brox for short. Yes, it's a weird name, but my momma tells me it's a warrior's name and I'm a warrior cat!

I've been living with my mom and the fat one, Izzy, for almost a year now. It's small, but nice. We live on the third floor and I can see everything out the windows, especially the birds! They like to sit on the building across the way and laugh at me, but they wouldn't be laughing if I could get outside! No siree!

Mom decided to move all our stuff into the big cave at the back of the apartment. She calls it a walk in closet or something like that. Whatever, mom. It's a cave as far as I'm concerned. I don't really like it much so I dug all the litter out onto the floor in there. Maybe she'll put things back the way they were now. She says it's a great kitty room, but I don't think so at all. The only good thing about in there are the shelves but she keeps putting the books I knock down back up there, so I'm not even sure about that either.

She also moved the water dish into the bathroom. Something about getting tired of stepping in puddles when she goes into the kitchen. Puddles are fun, so I don't know what her problem is. But I'm okay with this, because I can still make puddles in the bathroom and she doesn't get quite so mad at me. I just hope she doesn't bring home another one of those fancy water dishes that are hard to knock over. I had to break the last one to get my old dish back.

Okay, well time for a nap. I have to save up my energy for this evening when mom and Izzy go to bed. I hope I don't get boring and lazy when I get old like them!


Bendy Straws

May 3rd 2013 8:48 pm
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Mom bought me new bendy straws! They are the best! I like to put them under the noisy box stand (a TV is the human word I guess) and try to fish them out again. I also like to hide them in the couch, in mom's shoes, in the bed, behind the toilet thingy, etc. They are so much fun! I don't like it when mom takes them away from me. She says I can only play with them while she's here, so I try to hide them from her for later.

Mom also put the 'puter by chair, so now I can get onto the kitchen counter when she isn't looking. Somehow though, she always seems to 'know' when I'm up there though. I just want to see and she doesn't mind if I'm on the counter in the bathroom, so I don't get what the difference is. :(

Oh! Ooooh! And I caught a fly! It was sooooo big! I found it in the window! But then I smooshed it and it wouldn't move anymores. So I ate it. But first I went and told mom all about it! She said, "That's nice, Broxigar. Gross. But nice."

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