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Sammy...just sayin....

It's My Birthday!!

January 10th 2015 12:57 pm
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Happy Birthday little Sammy!
When I think of TedEbear, I wanna call you.... SammEbear!
Whatchathink? Do you like it?

I'm sorry I didn't get you a picture made, I have been busy making Angels Mommys feel comfort, love and peace by making wings with TedEbear, for those who crossed, since the other wing makers can't get online.
Last time I tried to post a picture, I couldn't do it, but hopefully Dogster/Catster will become new again, and functioning correctly. Then I'll post pictures for all my Angels, and the Earthfurs, who are drastically dwindling. We are down to 3 Meeeowwws!
Catch up later, Love ya, SammEbear, Mommy


10 YEARS of FRIENDS, FACTS, & FUN... Thank You- Catster/Dogster/!!

January 14th 2014 8:50 pm
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WoW.... MEoWMEoW ....BoWWoW
Happy Birthday Dogster & Catster!!!!

I am pretty new here but, we have all learned a lot about friends, and information, facts and fun. Thank You for this awesome site, and may it progress and prosper, and increase with Love, Patience, and Hope.

In honor of this great anniversary, TedEbear helped Mommy with a poem. We placed a truncated version in a birthday cake (a free gift from HQ) for our friends pages.


Over the past 10 years
In laughter and through tears
As friends we connect across the miles
During tribulations and trials
Seeking comfort in our time of need
Finding open arms of Love; we proceed
Connecting on this Dogster site
Our friends become our guiding light
To give us hope when all feels lost
And to honor, with wings, those who've crossed
Diary's we keep, games we play, challenges we take
Happy Birthday Dogster/Catster...Lets go eat cake!

© Juanita Pfeiler with ღ from TedEbear


I Have Grown Sooo Much!!

January 9th 2014 5:27 pm
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Well, here it is, I am gonna be ONE!!!
I have almost ice blue eyes, that are very hard to photograph, unless I am looking up, or mommy just happens to catch the right light.
My body now is a dark cream color with really dark patches.
I have turned into a cute, snuggle-baby, "terrible-twos" monster...BUT....Mommy still loves me just the same. I have gotten shelves all around the living room so I can watch all that goes on, while running all around the room, from hi up. And I love the homemade cattree in the window, where I can lay and be warm.And that thing they call a laser! much fun.
I can be such a stinker though, Mommy, had to remove all her special pretty ornaments of TedEbear, and the Grandkids, and Angels, from her homemade tree she keeps up all year. Because I won't leave them alone.
She hopes I will be a better little boy as I get older, but you know, and I know, I am just full of mischief!!

Well, for now, that's all "Sammy Says"


Who do you think I am???

June 29th 2013 2:00 pm
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Well....Mommy is confused!!
I am older than she thought, she misunderstood. When she got me 4-4-13 I was 12 weeks old, not 8. So my birfday I guess is Jan-10-13.
Nowwwww....She wonders who I might be.
One vet called me a seal point, and another, lilac point.
I guess it REALLY don't matter, Mommy loves me just the same.
Perhaps some who have more knowledge can give there opinion. My first picture is a collage Mommy made. Included is the one pic of my fur-mommy the kids saved. They didn't have a picture of my fur daddy.
Sooo...what do y'all think????????????
Mommy dated the pictures, so you can see how I have changed.


I have some Big pawprints paws to fill....

May 23rd 2013 3:54 pm
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Mommy told me of a message from her Angel TedEbear. I have some BIG pawprints to fill for such a lil guy, BUT...I know I can do it!!

Here is the message:

This year I have a message for Lil Sammy, on my Bridge Day anniversary.
He is now the missing piece that fills the hole in Mommys heart. It took a long time, for me, to find that perfect piece.
Mommy I know you still love me, and I hope you can love Lil Sammy that way too.

As my Bridge Day fast approaches...

Lil Sammy, I sought, then paw picked you
a Siamese love is genuinely true
Snuggle Mommy every night
be her little shining light
Fill her days with fun and love
I'll guide you both, here from above

That time of year will soon arrive
love her, need her, help her thrive
My leaving that day hurt her the most
at times I know she's seen my ghost
So now it's up to you, my furiend
love her, help her heart to mend.

I know you can be the only one to fill my pawprints.

ღ, TedEbear


Cat of the Day!! I am Cat of the Day!!

May 14th 2013 6:43 pm
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Ohhh Meeeowwww!!!! Thank You HQ for the honor of Cat of the Day. Mommy is so pleased. She has been working so hard, trying to figure out how to make my page pretty. This is the first time of trying it, and she has a lot more to go with all my fur brothers and sister, and her beloved Angels.
Thanks to all my new furiends, and the congrats for my honor today...

FIRST and foremost A wonderful Congrats on COTD from Gibb and Cash and Angels Buddie, McKenna, Mookie, Angel and was an awesome surprise for Mommy to wake up to!

Then from Sammie; a picture of my COTD screenshot. That was so aeesome Sammie, Thank You so much!

Frankie-adopted at last


family of: Harley Cody Raj

Smiley Cassanove

Toki the Pocket

family of: Luke Tully Sammy Natasha

Tessie Rocks


family of: Sonny Bono Angel Dreamboat #34, Presley Dreamboat #27a, Paris Dreamboat #27b

family of: Nala Sue [Angel], Camera, Kelly Ann, Quinn, Willa and more

Tate, Tonka-Rainbow Bridge

a beautiful picture from: Rory-DB#60, Tundra, Manytoes, Lynzee

and of course my family: Mommys Angels; CoCo, Sam, Tigger, Tiger, Baby CreamPuff, Bear, and TedEbear. Earthlings; Rascal, Simon, Angel, Tessa Sue, and Lucy.

This is what Sammy says...for now Meeeowwwwww!


I gots spots, and stripes....

May 2nd 2013 7:55 pm
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WOW!!! Me donts kno what ta tink! Mommy tried to get pictures..not so good! So she took the real one, then make it dark, then made it sharp to try to show evrybody. See #8 of my picures. Are we crazzzy, or is me getting pretties all over?????

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