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"Kitty GaGa 4-9-13 Grinning like a Cheshire Cat"

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Age: 6 Years   Sex: Female
This pic was made for Carina, Kitty GaGa, & Gyselle

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"This pic was made for Carina, Kitty GaGa, & Gyselle's Gotcha Day Anniversary by our good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you very much Meezers & family"

This pic was made for Kitty Ga-Ga

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"This pic was made for Kitty Ga-Ga's birthday by our good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you very much Meezers&family"

This pic was generously made for Kitty GaGa

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"This pic was generously made for Kitty GaGa's DDP & the KCK group by Jameson- DIT #26! Thank you very much Jameson & family!"

This lovely DDP pic was generously made for Kitty GaGa by Rory ~ DB #60
and his family.  Thank you very much Rory

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"This lovely DDP pic was generously made for Kitty GaGa by Rory ~ DB #60 and his family. Thank you very much Rory"

This intriguing DDP pic (It looks like I

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"This intriguing DDP pic (It looks like I'm in a secret garden!) was made for me by our generous good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you very much Meezers!"

This lovely flowery DDP pic was made for Kitty Ga-Ga & the KCK group by Jameson- DIT #26!
& family. Thank you for all you so generously do for other kitties & the KCK group!

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"This lovely flowery DDP pic was made for Kitty Ga-Ga & the KCK group by Jameson- DIT #26! & family. Thank you for all you so generously do for other kitties & the KCK group!"

This playful DOTD pic was generously made for Kitty Ga-Ga by Tundra ~ DG#6 & family. Thank you Tundra, Kitty GaGa

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"This playful DOTD pic was generously made for Kitty Ga-Ga by Tundra ~ DG#6 & family. Thank you Tundra, Kitty GaGa's going to enjoy perpetually trying to catch those butterflies!"

GaGa Manicuring her nails on a cat tree

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"GaGa Manicuring her nails on a cat tree"

GaGa Glitters when the light is right!

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"GaGa Glitters when the light is right!"

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March 27th 2013

March 9th 2008

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I went to adopt Gyselle from the rescue organization I had previously adopted Farrah & Moose from, & Carina & Kitty Ga-Ga, two antisocial cats considered unadoptable & who don't usually go up to people both chose me & made it clear they wanted to come home with me. Kitty Ga-Ga lay right beside me in the chair I was sitting in & Carina got in my lap & stayed there, to the amazement of the shelter personnel. After these two cats went to such lengths of effort to make their choice known, there was no way I could disappoint them so I adopted both of them along with Gyselle and took all three home with me.

Thank you for your rosettes, treats, etc & for your appreciation of Kitty Ga-Ga.

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Gaga Glitterati

Little Things

August 19th 2013 11:48 am
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Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most, especially when those little things happen exactly at the time they're needed. Today I was comfortably relaxing in my kitty bed watching TV when Mom had to go disrupt everything by letting Destiny out to play awhile.

Naturally the first thing Destiny did was to get her favorite toy, her treat ball, jump up on the bed, and throw the ball into Mom's lap. As usual, Mom played her part by tossing the ball across the room for Destiny to retrieve it. Destiny retrieved the ball and flew back up onto the bed with it, almost stepping on me in the process. I growled a warning at Destiny which she totally ignored.

After a few times of this, I was getting really worried. I wanted to stay by Mom but I didn't want that clumsy gargantuan of a dog stepping on me either. It was then that Mom came to my rescue. She deftly picked up me in my cat bed and moved me right up by her side so she could make sure Destiny didn't step on me or get in my face and scare me further.

Protected by Mom, I remained comfortably snuggled down into my soft kitty bed although I still felt I had to growl warnings at Destiny when she came up to Mom to give Mom a toy to throw. I knew I was safe though. Mom wouldn't let anything happen to me.

Mom's moving me and my bed was just a little thing, but it was one of those little things that was timed right when I needed it and that's what made this little thing big to me!


A Long Way In a Short Time

June 10th 2013 8:45 am
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Hard to believe that it was only about 2 1/2 months ago that I finally got to leave the shelter where I'd spent approximately 3 years of my life and go to my very own forever home. I'd waited so long and I'm so glad Mom listened to me when I told her in every way I could think of that I chose Mom and wanted to come home with her. I've positively come a long way in the short time I've been here. My DOTD is just one more proof that good things happen when a kitty chooses you and you listen to the kitty and give that kitty a forever home with you.

Carina also thanks Catster for her DDP yesterday. Us both getting picked on the same day is very special. Both of us spent well over 2 years in the shelter waiting for a forever home. Gyselle, the third kitty who Mom adopted with us, got a DDP about a month ago. Carina and I chose Mom on the same day. Gyselle and Mom sort of chose each other, Mom chose Gyselle first but Gyselle also made it clear she was choosing Mom too.

All 3 of us, Carina, Gyselle, and I, were considered antisocial. Carina and I were so antisocial we were considered to only be suitable as barn cats.
All 3 of us were adopted from the same shelter on the same day, 3-27-13, and came to our forever home on the same day.
All 3 of us are social with Mom and get along with the other non-human family members and leave the birds, etc, alone. Mom says Carina and I are especially loving with her. She says I especially am so sweet and affectionate sometimes that she wouldn't even know I had been an antisocial kitty.
All 3 of us now have gotten diary awards.

And all of this is even MORE PROOF that when a kitty chooses you, you should honor that kitty's choice, adopt that kitty, and give that kitty the forever home it really wants so much, YOURS! Good things happen when you adopt a kitty who chooses you!

Thank you again Catster, diary girl, our friends, and especially thank you Mom for listening to us, adopting us when we chose you, giving us our forever home, and making all these good things possible for us.


A Most Interesting Little Kitty

June 4th 2013 3:54 pm
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To me, Kitty Ga-Ga is a most interesting little kitty. She has a distinctive expression reminiscent of the grin of the Cheshire cat. She has the most beautiful emerald green eyes. She also has some of the lushest ear fringe and lynx tips on her ears I've seen.

At a glance, Kitty Ga-Ga looks like a Maine Coon cat. However, once you educate yourself on Bengal characteristics, you will see her Bengal characteristics. Whereas Kitty Ga-Ga's coat looks like that of the Maine Coon, her coat has the incredibly sleek, soft, silky coat quality that typify the Cashmere (the name for the Longhaired Bengal.) As is typical of the Cashmere, Kitty Ga-Ga sheds much less than cats of other long haired breeds and due to the silky sleek quality of her coat, she so far hasn't ever had a mat or tangle in her coat.

Kitty Gaga's markings are also unusual. Not quite striped, not quite spotted, the patterns in her coat form a mixture of short stripes, spots, and blotches.

The most mesmerizing quality of Kitty Ga-Ga's coat I discovered was when I noticed that at certain angles, in certain lighting conditions, light reflects off her coat in sparkles in such a way that it appears someone sprinkled glitter all over her. In warm lighting her glitter looks golden, in cooler lighting her glitter looks more silvery.

The way I am talking here about Kitty Ga-Ga just shows you that cats know what they're doing when they choose their humans. That cat knows there's something intangibly magnetic drawing you together, whispering that you and that kitty are meant to share life together. When a cat honors you by choosing you to be its human, accept the cat's decision.

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