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The Kitty Cat Diaries

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I'm "Baaaaaaack"!!!!

June 4th 2013 1:59 pm
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Dear fur-iends and their parents wh've been helping to comfort mommy during my difficult time....thank you for caring for her and for me while I was busy with other stuff on my mind....I just never realized that Mommy was worried and sad, but I was wondering why that water fountain on her face wouldn't shut off!!!
We have good news!!!!
Yesterday my old foster mommy, who Zi lived with for 6 months after I was rescued from the hoarders with hungry dogs (who were eating the poor , scared , hungry kitties (we were very hungry too and I only weighed about 4-5 lbs and I was 2 yrs old when they found me outside. Because I snuk out to find a safer place to birth my kittens so we'd all be safer from those poor hungry dogs!!?too!!!)... The foster mommy gave my mommy a whole background...more than before ...about me and my past! You see My foster mommy came over yesterday to check me out to see if I needed to see the vet. She's got lots of farm animals and cats inside too and 3 nice dogs... She fosters lots of us kitties who need a longer term transitional home . My old parents had to go to jail! My foster mom or my ex-foster mommy told my mommy that she thinks I was neglected and not fed but not beaten??? She thinks and hopes so! She thinks the raccoon incident (see below story) really scared me because at my old ex parents house when they weren't feeding their dogs, the dogs were eating us kitties and our babies!!! It was horrible and although I was normally an indoor kitty since birth, I had to get out and do smart that I snuk out when that "magic" door opened! I went to find a safe place so my babies would be safe and me be safe do I could care for then also!
I had my kittens & they don't know how many I actually had...I can't count or Zi would tell you!?? But when they found me I was starving and skinny from making sure my two kitties could eat still from my milk! A neighbor packed us up and took us BACK to the hoarrders house!!! They saw the conditions and called the authorities right away! They come and took me and my babies to the humane society where they put us at foster mommy's home all together for 6 mos for me to get better and care for them. They let me keep them until all was settled and until I was adopted ! They were at the foster mommy's home when my mommy got me and now I've heard they were adopted out together!!! Yay!!!
Sooo the authorities told my foster mommy that when they arrived there were many many cats and several large dogs and all were very hungry ! The dogs ate some oif my furriends (it wasn't all their fault because it was instinct as they were hungry too!)... It traumatized me very badly to see that when I had babies and I can't tell them if I had anymore than the 2 kittens?
Soooo ice as doing well and had gotten more used to good food (Natural balance dry and wet). I was feeling very affectionate to my new mommy! Ivwas finally free of my kitties and I could finally act like a kitty myself, because I know I'm loved and safe! Then everything was going good and all in one day : I got a new toy with too much catnip in it and my system doesn't like it much! Then mommy and I heard a gun go off and we ran together to the window , which mommy had just opened up the house that was the 1st nice day! mommy put chairs and things all under each window do I could look outside ! We looked out and saw some policemen, 2 of them... They'd shot s raccoon! They injured it and it wasn't attacking or doing anything but in a "sitting pretty" pose....but it was crying in pain and we both heard it! Mommy cried and ice as all upset bcz the cops were then beating the raccoon with a big , long baton or pole!!! Poor lil thing! Mommy videoed almost all of it as they then fired another shot after poking...& hitting this poor wild creature !!! It got scooped into a black plastic garbage bag and they left. -with it!! Mommy called two humane society's and the sheriff dept and wrote t bthe ASPCA and even the TV news!!! That was 2 weeks or so ago and bones called or written mommy back.
But, mommy told my old foster mommy this story and we think : opening the windows for the first time after winter and the new bad catnip toy and me seeing the abusing & desth of the poor raccoon ...all of it affected me for slot of the next 2weeks!!
I had gotten close to mommy and got scared & pulled back and then when my old foster mommy showed up yesterday I ran and hid under the coffee table!!! That's not like me at all!!!! I love all people still ...but I maybe thought she was gonna take me away again and I got scared because I love mommy & daddy now & my toys and our home etc!! I let mommy finally pick me up & I laid my head on her shoulder & my paw!! My foster mommy was beaming when she saw where I live , eat, sleep & play!! She said I'm a very "happy cat with a bit of cattitude!"!!! She said I had a great basket of mouse/feathery string toys, s great cat tree by the big door wall to a nice city fenced in yard with no wild animals or outdoor cats etc coming to try & visit!! She said how i must love sitting and looking at birds by the door walk and then in front of the house is a nice window pillowed seat box with a bay window , where I love also to sit and wAtch!! Foster mommy says I'm in "kitty heaven " with all of this nice, clean space and even a couple if cubes to jump on and into because the are collapsible !!! Foster mommy says I look super super healthy now snd beautiful and that I interact great with mommy & daddy too! Daddy showed off how I like to be brushed!!! I flopped down in my side and purred!!!
Sooooo my furrriends!.. This is just the beginning again ...we had a little bump in the road but when foster mommy left after about an hour or so, I turned back to myself "Luna" again!!! I even came into bed last night with mommy carrying me like a baby (which I never allowed before !!) up to bed and I put my cute lil wet nose on mommy's arm to nudge get to turn her arm over so I could lay my chin and head on her arm and sleep until morning while also purring on and off!!!!
I'm "talking" to mommy again and though I don't usually sit with her,... I will sit next to her and that's ok with her!!! I love her again (I never stopped but that whole raccoon and outside smells maybe reminded me of scarier times ... I see how much loved and safe I am now and after thinking that foster mom maybe came to take me away ...I really changed back quickly and mommy would have never ever traded me for the world no matter what! But I've decided to be my good old self again!!! Foster mom says in look like the "happiest & luckiest" kitty ever and she can tell that I'm very much loved!!!
Thank you for listening to mommy and for your suggestions, it helped her slot to have you for friends and for me to have you for furrriends!!! Thank you : lady, Cody & gang and everyone!!
Love, Luna.
XX. P.S. excuse any typo's


A Daily Diary of Luna Skye

May 25th 2013 12:40 pm
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Hello All Puursons and Felines:
If I had a diary (which I do! (shhhhhh don't tell Mom!) would go something like this:

Oh My Gosh! Luna's Diary journal entry :
5;45 am: Get up! The alarms going off in 30 minutes, I can't wait that long! Plus...I want to be FIRST!
6:20 am: Luna's really mad now because we waited for the real alarm clock to go off before we actually get out of bed....well...Dad did anyways...Mom's a pushover and Luna knows how to melt her heart....or is it those butt scratches Luna wants....right in moms she finally just gets up anyways
7:30 am: Luna actually eats her breakfast, even though demanding it at 5:45 am....she really wasn't THAT hungry!
8:00-11:00 am: watch mom clean litter box....then mom waiting for that poop, she cleans it up ....I pee!! Then Luna grooms, bathes, watches birds & watches the dog next door poop...then a nap!
11:30 am dad comes home for lunch...Luna wakes up....runs to greet him and then runs away just after he bends down with his sore ack, to pet her!
12:15 pm: mom goes on her gadgets or iOS devices! "Oh no you don't!!"....Luna wishes to play and finds every cute little face and guilt trip in the book until she gets mommy to play...again....oh...did I forget to mention that mommy always plays with me after breakfast too? That's just after eating but before my self-grooming"bath"!
1:00-4:00 pm: drink water, pee, look out the side window, look out the back window, eat a dry food snack.....drink water....pee....poop..look out the front window....Oh My Gosh! All of this watching, peeing and pooping is tiring Luna out!
5:00 pm: dinner time....nope doesn't like "minced" why can't you people remember?
5:20 pm: mom finally gets Luna her favorite kinds of wet foods!! Oh happy day!! Luna is happy kitty with a full tummy once more!
6:00pm: Luna grooms herself, hides under the couch the whole evening just to get away from that darned loud box, they call a "T.V," and falls asleep just before mom and dad go up the stairs to their's bedroom...
11:00 pm: Luna gets carried upstairs in a laundry basket and gets put on her/ their big bed......Luna crawls into the "no handle" paper bag that is on her/their bed!!
**11:30 pm: (mom puts paper bag WITH LUNA IN IT CURLED UP LIKE A TOY.....onto her tummy....(hey a moms gotta get her cuddles however she can get
Them!...when it comes to this kitty!)......We all sleep...zzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzz
2:00am: Luna squirms out of the bag and crawls up under moms armpit with her little chin on mommy's arm ....and sleeps....and the world is right once more....for awhile...hmmmmmmmph!
Love, Luna...everyone's purrrr-friend!



May 20th 2013 3:20 pm
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Oh My Gosh! I have so much to tell you! But for now..thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart and my husbands and Luna's!!
I was crying & up all last night & night prior because Luna had took me 4 mos to get her to sleep with me at least most nights and to sit in my chair with me every now and again! Then these past two weeks shes been: irritable, mean, bitey, ornary, up all night stalking and just NOT MY LUNA! I was bawling this morning because i just though she was going to and up a loved cat but n entity in our house and us getting another cat or me to cuddle! Or i thought if shes not happy with us then shed go back possibly toher foster mommy, like she had said!
Well the HVHS (Huron valey humane society) told me to got these to puzzle food toys My "old Luna" loved new toys and went to them right away! She wont touch them and she cried and whimpered so i had to just let her have her regular food bowl....because i love her! Then i remembered my cat from 30 yrs ago and how she went crazy biting and mean from catnip! Then her old foster mommy mentioned catnip to me in her note to me yesterday!
We had recently (2weeks ago...& about the same time we opened the windows and the house up) got her a string mouse new toy with catnip! I had not given her any before but the HVHS told me to spray everything of hers with it to calm her own!!??..... It dawned on me this morning ....and I never put catnip on or in anything of hers, but this new toy has it ! I threw it in the garbage and anything that says "catnip" was tossed today!!!!!! I'VE GOT MY LUNA BAAAAAACKK!! Yayayay thank you thank you to her onderful ex-foster mommy for telling me again about catnip and I want everyone to tell others : PLEEEASE TELL People "NOT" to spray things with that drug because now thats two for two cats for me that went obssessive, mean, bitey and wildly agitated!!!! I was ready to almost give her back to her oster mommy as I thought she was soooo unhappy here with us!! I thought i had lost her or good!!! Thank you again Suzanne(ex- foster mommy's name also)'re a lifesaver because i really was so sad!! I got a $25.00 gift card for mothers day and i went on ebay and got this cat tree for 30.00!!!!! Im soooo glad she likes it and theres no catnip!!! Love, Suzanne ---(Luna's Mommy wrote todays note!!) thank you frends!! Xx

Suzanne Stewart...Sent from my iPad



May 19th 2013 3:19 pm
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Hey, guess what??? Mommy & Daddy talked with the people who work at the Humane Society, which is here I was first rescued to...mommy told them how Ive changed soooo much since the weathers so nice & Spring is here in Michigan! Well they told mommy that I am maybe just not so into her or them right now because its "hunting/killing" season for a kitty like me! Maybe im bored, even though I live in a two-story house with a lot of ledges to sit on and a bunch of fun toys!
Thy said that maybe I will settle down and stop pretending to almost bite mommy (yes, mommy was worried because Ive tried this several times this past two weeks! They think I just need more hunting instinctive things to do...sooo mommy got me a puzzle ball to get my food (dry food) out of each it will be work!! Also they got a doorway hanger food puzzle with a fuzzy tail and mommys hoping i will be more happy again likeI was before the windows were opened up and since the house has been more open.....
They say its natural for me to be a bit more hyper and active right now ..and in maybe a year or two I'll settle down enough to sit next to mommy on her chair and lie next to her in bed again like I was doing after the first 10 days in this home and up until Spring came and all of the sounds and sights thru the screened windows, makes me mss being outdoors!
Any other ideas are welcome...and if mommys ever annoys anyone by repeating herself, please forgive her because she truly has a MTBI ( mild traumatic brain injury) from a car accident in 2004 & she was in TBI rehab for 3 years......i know a few people in the forums seemed annoyed that apparently mommy said the same thing twice! Mommy's truly sorry and she ill try harder!
Hugs and happy high-5 paws to all of you!!! Love, Luna Skye


Cat tales......

May 17th 2013 7:45 pm
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Yes i had a rough start ....I think we all know this by now...... , but Im a really active, and smart kitty... Mommy's a been little sad because shes disabled and really was hoping that I would sit with her or sleep with her at least! Ive been here since Jan 29th and they are being patient with me....but Im only obsessed with "playing" and my wet food , (*twice daily i get wet ....and dry food around always) ! Mol...! I will not eat treats, not of any kind! Mommys tried 6 different kinds, even freeze dried chicken! I want to play and play and play about every hour or 10 mins. And mommys disabled and a chronic pain patient...daddys almost ready to retire (hes been an elem. teacher for 35 yrs!).....they were told on my paperwork that I am "affectionate & cuddly"... Hahaha...I am affectionate in the mornings when we get up I do much head butting in mommys hands! MOL!! I will put my nose near her face ...she calls it "kisses"!!
Mommy wants to pet me but Im not so crazy about it and when she pets me, i move away just far enough so she cant reach....she plays with me in the morning, after lunch and after dinner ! Sometimes i do come to her or daddy but usually mommy,to be petted....for a few moments and if i want it only....then I leave quickly....mommy knows I'm a cat and she loves me very much! Shes very attached to me and calls me "her baby"....mommy got so excited about two months ago when I decided to just get up on her chair with her, next to her! It happened three times and mommy cried because he was so excited....I don't get it? I've never done it again! I Just decided that I don't want to do it anymore !! But I do love to look out from all of the nice windows in our house!
I sleep in the big "dog bed" they got for me...i do jump up into their bed in the night times off & on and I dont get super close to mommy but i do lay on her side near her hip! Mommy talks to me and i do sort of follow her when i feel like it.
Mommy never wants me to be just an entity in our home.....shes never gonna give up!! Never!! Soooooooo they're thinking of going to the rescue at the zoo tmw or calling my old foster mom and asking her if shes fostering any true true lap cats??? I was fine with the cats and dogs she I'm not quite sure if i want to share my kingdom here though?? MOL....MOL....!!
Well everyone ....I want to say "thank you" for making me CAT OF THE DAY,!!! Yesterday ! Thank you also for the lovely offers of friendship and for the kind messages and pretty pictures/rosettes etc! thank you to Tundra for the beautiful photo!! Any ideas and my mommy' s open to them?? Thank you so much!!! Love, Luna Skye


A "Present" from The "Giving" Kitty

May 4th 2013 1:15 pm
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Hello Everyone!!
Sorry I've been a little bit "MIA"(not literally)...I had a little tummy trouble , which we fixed with a dietary far so good...cross your paws!! Then my new mommy fell down in a "Pet Supplies Plus"! It wasn't anybody's fault because mommy has a painful nerve disease and she falls. But we were a little out of touch with everyone for awhile! But we are baaaack! I hope you gals N guys remember me still? Did you know that Easter Lillies can make us kitties, very sick? Even the pollen in the air or if it briushes up against our kitties beware!! Don't touch the flowers ever!! Unless you ask your mommy and /or daddy first, OK?
Wow!!!!!!! Summer is here!!?,its soooooo beautiful outside...,here in SE Michigan! You have just gotta see the photo Mommy took of me, standing on a kitchen chair so I can reach to look outside through the screened window! Pssssst.....also mommy & daddy put a "thingy" on the screen so I cannot accidentally cut it, bite it or push it .."-as if!!?" But I do love standing on a chair to look out the one window in our dining room too! I love to scamper up the stairs to "the spare room and get up on the window sill and wave "bye bye" as they drive away....and thats when the "party" starts!!! I play "thundercat" & I "zoom...zoom....zoom" all over the house! I am the best huntress and if there is even the tiniest spider in our house, I'll save it as a gift for my mommy! She's always so happy when she arrives home with daddy, too...& I present to them the "gifts" Ive found while they were gone! Mommy & daddy had to put everything & anything that could remotely possibly hurt me in any way, shape or form... and put it safely away on shelves and inside of some cupboards in the basement! They had to to do it because they love me so much and I'm sort of the same as having a "toddler" around the house! I get behind, under, up, upon & into EVERYTHING I possibly can reach..,and then some! Ive brought them old wires I found behind some boxes in the basement and LUCKY FOR ME....I SAVED THE DAY,!!!! I brought my mommy a gift the other day and it was something my sissy's boyfriend, "Grant" had lost on Easter!!! I found a "fit chip", a computer chip "thingy" that kept track of how much Grant walked and ran etc... Well he lost it and thought it was gone forever! But me being the generous gift giver and best "huntress/finder/keeper" that I am, I just found it between the couch and the "Love Seat".....I "MEOWED & MEOWED" ad got mommy to follow me so I could give her my "gift"!!! Everyone was sooooo happy with me! I got soooo many hugs, kissses and extra loving and petted alot for that gift!!! Grant is really proud of me and very happy also!! But I cannot figure out why mommy was so excited about that little black "fit bit"??? It doesn't even move or anything!! I gave her a really cool squiggly spider and I did't get that kind of a reaction! I didn't get any thing but a loud noise, kind of a shrill sound out of mommy for that cool "gift"??? Man...mommy's...ya can't please them...because she only made a loud noise for that spider, and she gave Grant that "computer thingy".....I suppose I'm going to have to relent and let her pick me up (which I don't let anyone do except for her, and then only for a few moments til I jump down!)....& hold me awhile before I jump down!! Well..I'm thinking about it!.......HAPPY SPRING,!!!!!!!
Love, Luna Skye xxoo


Mommies worry too much!

April 15th 2013 8:08 pm
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Dear Purrrfect friends
Hello....I'm feeling all better now..yay!! My mommy called my foster mommy who took care of me for the first 6 mos. while my "bad" parents were in litigation for jail. They are in jail now and that is good because they were bad. But all that tummy went through alot, my foster mom told mommy. I was throwing up last week a couple of times and still hiding more than I was since I got here but other than that, everything is good now. My mommy was just not sure about how to feed a special tummy kitty like me...So my foster mommy told mommy to just give me 1/2 cup in the morning of dry food and then 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup in the evening ...and both times or one of the times I get to have 1/2 of a 3 oz can of wet food...
Soo after a day or two of eating like this, I was doing so much better. But because I threw up in the living favorite room...and near my little cube that I loved to play in and with...I don't want to go near it now. Mommy's feeling a bit worried still but I think I'm OK...Daddy says Mommy worries too much about me...Mommy says she can see my tummy move like a big muscle spasm after I eat sometimes...??? Anyone know if that is just OK? My foster mom never saw it, I dont think? She didn't mention it? Well, I'm also hiding behind the couch lately. I found a new spot that I like. Mommy thinks its strange because I always have been "OUT" where they are since I arrived except for a little bit under the couch when I first got home and when the TV was kind of loud....but not anymore...until the other day...hmmm??? I'll keep you posted my purrrffect and puurr kitty to you, Luna Skye.... ^>.


Am I sick? Or is this normal?

April 11th 2013 8:24 pm
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Hi my purrrfect friends,
My mommy was wondering if anyone knows alot about cats? I'm a rescue cat and I'm 21/2 yrs old. I've been with my new mommy & daddy since jan 29th but I've vomitted (a large amount)alot...3 times now! I usually get a little lethargic and don't want to be near mommy and daddy (but I'll still chase a stringy mouse!)!! Do you think it's Ok? I was at the vet in jan...& I was spayed snd all shots are up to date!
I'm really unpredictable because sometimes I sit with mommy and other times I'm still very skittish of everything..mommy had a cat once before and "Puma" never vomitted and so mommy's wi
Wurrrried!! Can anyone chime in on this please? Oh and I only hacked a little that 1st time I threw up and it was dry! These last 2times it's been after canned food treat and only fish kind both to
Times... Thank you and love from, Luna


Who Rescued Who?

April 6th 2013 9:47 am
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Hello kitty lovers & Kitties!
I was so excited to find out that Ive been making fuuurrrrriends here! I am a very skittsh Cat and I've been through so much scary stuff! I used to live in a home that made me afraid every day . I never knew if I was going to be fed or find any good water to drink. Therewere soooo many other cats old mommy & daddy got in trouble, they are in jail now! The good policeman call them "animal hoarders". The bad mommy & daddy let the big , hungry dogs attack me an some of my furrrriends. I got worried when I had my kittens, i wanted to protect them, so I stayed outdoors with them as much as possible! I could hunt sometimes but I needed to have milk for my kittens andthat was starting to dry up because I didnt have enough food! A nice neighbor found my babies and me, starving, and she put us in a small , safe space all together and then took us back to the bad people and told them to feed us. I was worried but I didnt know that the neighbor called the men in blue shirts with loud cars! Some people and the blue shirted men, came and rescued all of my friends and all of us had to be kept someplace, and some different places during 6 months of litigation! The bad mommy and daddy went to jail and all of my friends and me, got foster homes fr 6 months! Just when I was getting attached and feeling safe, the new, loving mommy let me go home with this pretty girl.
I had gotten to keep my babies for 7 months or so! Im not sure if I only had 2 babies at the beginning, but I had 2 babies when the neighbor found me! If I could really speak" human", I would have a very long and sad...and scary tale to tell! But I have 8 lives left...and just because that one didn't work well; this one seems to be getting safer, more purrrfect in every way...every day!
I didnt get to stay with that pretty girl for long, because her cat, "Sutton" , who's now my niece, didnt like me much and couldn't get over it! Sooooo, Sutton's grammy (who is now my "forever mommy") told her daughter, that pretty girl, to bring me over to their house.
Sutton's a loving and wonderful "grandkitty", she's loving and kind, but both of us just weren't interested in making friends. So I was taken to Sutton's "Grammy" & "Grampy's home and they have been so happy since Arrived! They say thatthey all sort of "rescued me" forever mommy, Suzanne, she's very ill with many painful health issues. She has a progressive autoimmune nerve pain disease called "RSD/CRPSII"( complex regional pain syndrome type II - which means that a nerve was cut during her 7th surgery of 9 otal so far! I found out that she was also abused! We are kindred spirits I think, in that way ,...& we undertnd each other! At first, she and I both wanted to love and be loved....but we both were scared, skittish, and "needy"....i kept a bit of distance and I would push in and then pull away! My forever mom understood and understands my needs. We are both such good friends now! She was patient with me, and understood my deepest fears! She knew what it was like to be starved and hurt! She and her hubby, my forever daddy ...finally found love and "soul-mates in eachother and now we've all become "a real family". We are now 3 "soul mates", even though mommy is "my " person, we all love eachother, respect eachother and we live happily ever after in my forever family and home!!!!
Just one more forever mommy was pretty sad, in lots of physical pain and has no real "familiy" except my forever daddy...and her daughter, that pretty girl. They say that she "rescued" me!!! But in this situation...hmmmm ....WHO RESCUED WHO???


The Easter "Kitty" ...Not "Bunny"!

March 31st 2013 4:44 pm
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Meow-llo Everyone!
Well I don't see what all this fuss about a "bunny" going to everyone's house, and "hopping" around, dropping off colored eggs & giving out candy to my peoples'? You must realize that somebunny just goofed up, because we all know it's really an Easter "Kitty"! Kitty's like us are much smarter and have much more energy than a silly bunny has! They've just got it all wrong! I just know it's an Easter Kitty!
Just for instance, there was this one kitty, my mommy was reading about, in that paper with the black and white words on it (I think she calls it a "snooze-paper", cuz daddy always snoozes while reading it)! She was saying that this one kitty lost his peoples'; and it was when they were all on a "playcation" together! But that kitty found his way 190 miles back within 10 miles of his home!! He did it all by himself without a map even! They were all reunited because he had "a chip on his shoulder"! (hmmm...I suppose I can imagine why would he have a "chip" on his shoulder? That's a very long way to walk!) Or maybe they said he had a "chip IN his shoulder, like the chip I have in my shoulder now so I can never be cold & hungry again!! Well either way, it just goes to show you that one of us felines, could really be the purrr-fect "Easter Kitty"! Someone should really lick into this!
Well, the Easter "Kitty" came to my house last night and for some reason, this morning, my peoples' got all dressed up ....they went away for awhile, really early...I might add! I mean we didn't even get to play my morning "weeeeeeee" game, where they throw my "washcloth baby" down the stairs...and then I pounce on it, Zoom Zoom Zoom around the house & then do my morning calisthenics !
They were dressed oddly, because my mommy had her legs covered in this shiny, silky stuff with funny shoes on that "clicked" when she walked! Daddy had his "dress up for work" pants on & shiny shoes too! When they got back to my"our" house, they were jibber jabbering about a "King"..."a Savior"...but the strangest thing was that they said they were happy because this King who had "risen"! from the dead. That's even better than a kitty traveling 190 miles! Anyway,they were all dressed up and I could just smell a celebration in the kitchen. Then that younger, pretty girl (who I lived with for awhile after I left my foster mom, but before I came "home" to live with "Mommy & Daddy")and her "young man" came over; but I was kinda getting jealous because she kept on calling "MY MOMMY"..."Momma or Mommy"!!!
Also.... what did they mean? Why were they all excited about a "King"? How did that "people" they were talking about, rise up into the sky? I can jump pretty high into the sky, and in fact "Skye" is my new middle name!....what does this all mean?
I guess I'll just enjoy all of the attention I've been getting and let them celebrate their people "joy"! Maybe by next year I'll be able to figure out a way to tell them about the "Easter Kitty" ? Maybe by then, I'll understand more about the King who rose into the sky to sit next to his father?
Thank you for visiting me and my've been purrrrfect guests!
Love.... Luna, the Lady of the house

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