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The Kitty Cat Diaries


July 2nd 2013 9:46 am
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This is Luna..I wanted to apologize for not writing for awhile...we have had such a busy time lately. Of course, I am at the center of the busy-ness because "I" am the important pawson in the house!! I have been busy : looking out windows, looking out of more windows and leaping from window to window, to cat tree, to doorwall window, to bay window with box seat and quite a nice cushion!! Then I was busy bouncing from the upstairs computer room window to the rocking chair to my "Paw-sons'" bed and bedroom...then I leaped to that window and knocked down all of her perfumes. It's OK because they just fell behind the dresser and daddy got them for her...but then one day my "paw-son" or my "mommy" was cleaning out her drawers and I really found that I do love to hide and seek in those drawers!
I found a new game that I like and it is called "mommy plays hide and seek" with see, I'm a "thundercat" and I "zoom zoom zoom" around the house. I can get quite underfoot at times...and mommy with her cane and all..well she just better watch out so she doesn't knock me down and I get hurt or something, ya know??...So back to this hide and seek thing...MOMMY will hide and pounce out and say "peek" or "peek a boo" and I run run to her fast and then I hide behind something and I pounce out and run at her and stop short of her and hide behind something and pounce out again...all the while she is saying stuff like "PEEK" and "Peek a Boo"!! It's all in all, quite pawsome fun!
So mommy is such a worry wart...I tell ya...remember all those worries and it was nothing?? Well, we were doing THAT again...Mommy and daddy went to talk to a "Cat behaviorist" after finding out that I'm very healthy, active but very fine and healthy..So the cat behaviorist at the Humane Society, after mommy and daddy were telling her some things about me, she suggested that they actually give me back and pick out a "lap cat" for mommy because she's not "happy"...Well, that's not exactly true..Mommy thought that I wasn't happy because I've stopped sleeping in their bedroom at all and I won't even sleep on mommy's arm at night time and rest my chin on her...I won't follow her around the house anymore and I just hate being cuddled or picked up. I'm an independant lady! I'm active and I love my new home with so much to see and do!!! Mommy and daddy got me a cat tree and it's by the big picture doorwall window and I love to stay there most of the time right now while it's Summer time... There's so much activity outside and it's "my TV"...if you know what I mean?? I don't have time for cuddling right now.. I may go back to letting them sleep with me sometimes when the winter, Fall or whatever cold weather comes back..but for now it's just too hot and too much going on elewhere, right?
So...the cat lady was trying to make mommy happy, I think..she thought mommy was sad because mommy wants a lap cat so badly. You see, mommy is disabled and I have high energy...and i dont like cuddling and mommy does...but you see mommy's daughter brought me over because her daughter actually adopted me to be friends with her kitty; but we never got along and so mommy said she would let me live here rather than let her daughter take me back to my foster home. So mommy never got to actually "pick me out" or pick my personality or anything....BUT you MOMMY LOVES ME UNCONDITIONALLY...
Mommy was crying because she thought I WASNT HAPPY!! But I'm as happy as a LARK!! I have so much to play with and so many windows and a fireplace mantle that I feel like I'm the "Queen" when I walk on it! I love the wet food and so much that I let mommy feed me the wet food from a spoon! Now that's "cuddling enough" right?? I LET mommy kiss me on the head...and when I'm really tired in the evening after about 9pm...I let mommy come to me, on MY chair and she can rest her head on my head and kiss me and snuggle me...but she may not sit down or pick me up...I wont hiss or bite but I will struggle to get away, very quickly...
So on the way home from the humane society, where mommy and daddy went to get advice from the cat behaviorist...just because they were wondering why I stopped wanting to be in the same room with them even...I just prefer the other room and they are more than welcome to switch rooms to come and sit with me! I don't mind at all...Well, Mommy says "there is no way, now or EVER that she will EVER give me up...NEVER NEVER NEVER>..(unless I started to bite everyone and pee everywhere or something...but I'm a lady, I wouldn't do that!!)...
We've struggled with things for the past 5 months on and off...but no matter what struggles come and go...Luna Skye is part of our family...or...ummm...Mommy and daddy are part of my family and I will NEVER give them up even if they do want to cuddle and talk baby talk to me! I let mommy get away with some that...but not the cuddling...not for more than about 30 seconds...but...darned if daddy didn't see me sneak my eyes closed in complete Nirvana as mommy was trying to cuddle me for a few moments... I did lay my head on her shoulder and close my eyes..but as soon as I realized what I was doing, I dashed away!! HA HA....
Well...phew...!!! I'm really glad that mommy stuck up for me and she doesn't want to switch me out..for a lap cat...Im not a disposable item...She said she loves me unconditionally for who I am now and today and forever!! YAYAY....I can just be ME and she will love me...Too bad they can't get me a brofur or sisfer but they are both highly allergic and are using inhalers and taking medicine just so I can be here with them and 2 kittys would be twice the dander etc...maybe they'll get me a little doggy fur brother ?? or sis? Someday but for now....for now it's just me and mommy and daddy...and when daddy goes back to his job as a teacher in the Fall, maybe my routine won't feel messed up and I'll go back to laying down again, with mommy...
PS...Mommy was also worried because I claimed this big and nice kitty bed as my own the first day and forward for 5 mos! Then suddenly, one day about 3 weeks ago, I stopped using it. I won't go near it or in it. I don't want to! I like the big green chair better now...Well, maybe someday I'll use it again...but I'm Luna and I do what I want, when I want to do it and How I choose to do it!!!
Love and purrrrs to all...Luna Skye

Purred by: King Meiko (Catster Member)

July 3rd 2013 at 1:10 pm


So nice to hear your update.

I know sometimes Kinzy and I don't like to sleep with mom. Some nights I like to sleep by myself. The WHOLE house is ours so we can choose to sleep wherever we want.
Unlike hoomans who have NO choice but to sleep in there only room we allow them to have.

When Kinzy first got to our house, mom had her a nice princess bed, she slept in it all the time, now she likes the rug in the bathroom, or moms bed... it depends on her mood.

OH.. why would your mom take you to see a "hooman therapist" they don't know as much as Garfield, she needs to read his books.


Meiko and Kinzy


Luna Skye


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