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The Kitty Cat Diaries

A Daily Diary of Luna Skye

May 25th 2013 12:40 pm
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Hello All Puursons and Felines:
If I had a diary (which I do! (shhhhhh don't tell Mom!) would go something like this:

Oh My Gosh! Luna's Diary journal entry :
5;45 am: Get up! The alarms going off in 30 minutes, I can't wait that long! Plus...I want to be FIRST!
6:20 am: Luna's really mad now because we waited for the real alarm clock to go off before we actually get out of bed....well...Dad did anyways...Mom's a pushover and Luna knows how to melt her heart....or is it those butt scratches Luna wants....right in moms she finally just gets up anyways
7:30 am: Luna actually eats her breakfast, even though demanding it at 5:45 am....she really wasn't THAT hungry!
8:00-11:00 am: watch mom clean litter box....then mom waiting for that poop, she cleans it up ....I pee!! Then Luna grooms, bathes, watches birds & watches the dog next door poop...then a nap!
11:30 am dad comes home for lunch...Luna wakes up....runs to greet him and then runs away just after he bends down with his sore ack, to pet her!
12:15 pm: mom goes on her gadgets or iOS devices! "Oh no you don't!!"....Luna wishes to play and finds every cute little face and guilt trip in the book until she gets mommy to play...again....oh...did I forget to mention that mommy always plays with me after breakfast too? That's just after eating but before my self-grooming"bath"!
1:00-4:00 pm: drink water, pee, look out the side window, look out the back window, eat a dry food snack.....drink water....pee....poop..look out the front window....Oh My Gosh! All of this watching, peeing and pooping is tiring Luna out!
5:00 pm: dinner time....nope doesn't like "minced" why can't you people remember?
5:20 pm: mom finally gets Luna her favorite kinds of wet foods!! Oh happy day!! Luna is happy kitty with a full tummy once more!
6:00pm: Luna grooms herself, hides under the couch the whole evening just to get away from that darned loud box, they call a "T.V," and falls asleep just before mom and dad go up the stairs to their's bedroom...
11:00 pm: Luna gets carried upstairs in a laundry basket and gets put on her/ their big bed......Luna crawls into the "no handle" paper bag that is on her/their bed!!
**11:30 pm: (mom puts paper bag WITH LUNA IN IT CURLED UP LIKE A TOY.....onto her tummy....(hey a moms gotta get her cuddles however she can get
Them!...when it comes to this kitty!)......We all sleep...zzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzz
2:00am: Luna squirms out of the bag and crawls up under moms armpit with her little chin on mommy's arm ....and sleeps....and the world is right once more....for awhile...hmmmmmmmph!
Love, Luna...everyone's purrrr-friend!


Luna Skye


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