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May 19th 2013 3:19 pm
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Hey, guess what??? Mommy & Daddy talked with the people who work at the Humane Society, which is here I was first rescued to...mommy told them how Ive changed soooo much since the weathers so nice & Spring is here in Michigan! Well they told mommy that I am maybe just not so into her or them right now because its "hunting/killing" season for a kitty like me! Maybe im bored, even though I live in a two-story house with a lot of ledges to sit on and a bunch of fun toys!
Thy said that maybe I will settle down and stop pretending to almost bite mommy (yes, mommy was worried because Ive tried this several times this past two weeks! They think I just need more hunting instinctive things to do...sooo mommy got me a puzzle ball to get my food (dry food) out of each it will be work!! Also they got a doorway hanger food puzzle with a fuzzy tail and mommys hoping i will be more happy again likeI was before the windows were opened up and since the house has been more open.....
They say its natural for me to be a bit more hyper and active right now ..and in maybe a year or two I'll settle down enough to sit next to mommy on her chair and lie next to her in bed again like I was doing after the first 10 days in this home and up until Spring came and all of the sounds and sights thru the screened windows, makes me mss being outdoors!
Any other ideas are welcome...and if mommys ever annoys anyone by repeating herself, please forgive her because she truly has a MTBI ( mild traumatic brain injury) from a car accident in 2004 & she was in TBI rehab for 3 years......i know a few people in the forums seemed annoyed that apparently mommy said the same thing twice! Mommy's truly sorry and she ill try harder!
Hugs and happy high-5 paws to all of you!!! Love, Luna Skye

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May 19th 2013 at 5:06 pm

Happy day purrty Luna! You sure look sweet:) I bet with time and patience you will be as nice as ever. BTW - I bite my mom once in awhile too (but not my dad).



Luna Skye


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