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The Kitty Cat Diaries

A "Present" from The "Giving" Kitty

May 4th 2013 1:15 pm
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Hello Everyone!!
Sorry I've been a little bit "MIA"(not literally)...I had a little tummy trouble , which we fixed with a dietary far so good...cross your paws!! Then my new mommy fell down in a "Pet Supplies Plus"! It wasn't anybody's fault because mommy has a painful nerve disease and she falls. But we were a little out of touch with everyone for awhile! But we are baaaack! I hope you gals N guys remember me still? Did you know that Easter Lillies can make us kitties, very sick? Even the pollen in the air or if it briushes up against our kitties beware!! Don't touch the flowers ever!! Unless you ask your mommy and /or daddy first, OK?
Wow!!!!!!! Summer is here!!?,its soooooo beautiful outside...,here in SE Michigan! You have just gotta see the photo Mommy took of me, standing on a kitchen chair so I can reach to look outside through the screened window! Pssssst.....also mommy & daddy put a "thingy" on the screen so I cannot accidentally cut it, bite it or push it .."-as if!!?" But I do love standing on a chair to look out the one window in our dining room too! I love to scamper up the stairs to "the spare room and get up on the window sill and wave "bye bye" as they drive away....and thats when the "party" starts!!! I play "thundercat" & I "zoom...zoom....zoom" all over the house! I am the best huntress and if there is even the tiniest spider in our house, I'll save it as a gift for my mommy! She's always so happy when she arrives home with daddy, too...& I present to them the "gifts" Ive found while they were gone! Mommy & daddy had to put everything & anything that could remotely possibly hurt me in any way, shape or form... and put it safely away on shelves and inside of some cupboards in the basement! They had to to do it because they love me so much and I'm sort of the same as having a "toddler" around the house! I get behind, under, up, upon & into EVERYTHING I possibly can reach..,and then some! Ive brought them old wires I found behind some boxes in the basement and LUCKY FOR ME....I SAVED THE DAY,!!!! I brought my mommy a gift the other day and it was something my sissy's boyfriend, "Grant" had lost on Easter!!! I found a "fit chip", a computer chip "thingy" that kept track of how much Grant walked and ran etc... Well he lost it and thought it was gone forever! But me being the generous gift giver and best "huntress/finder/keeper" that I am, I just found it between the couch and the "Love Seat".....I "MEOWED & MEOWED" ad got mommy to follow me so I could give her my "gift"!!! Everyone was sooooo happy with me! I got soooo many hugs, kissses and extra loving and petted alot for that gift!!! Grant is really proud of me and very happy also!! But I cannot figure out why mommy was so excited about that little black "fit bit"??? It doesn't even move or anything!! I gave her a really cool squiggly spider and I did't get that kind of a reaction! I didn't get any thing but a loud noise, kind of a shrill sound out of mommy for that cool "gift"??? Man...mommy's...ya can't please them...because she only made a loud noise for that spider, and she gave Grant that "computer thingy".....I suppose I'm going to have to relent and let her pick me up (which I don't let anyone do except for her, and then only for a few moments til I jump down!)....& hold me awhile before I jump down!! Well..I'm thinking about it!.......HAPPY SPRING,!!!!!!!
Love, Luna Skye xxoo

Purred by: Mugsy (Catster Member)

May 16th 2013 at 6:08 pm

Hi Luna, it's nice to meet you! You are so generous, giving all those gifts to your mommy and daddy. I used to bring mommy live mice, but she always let them go, so now I don't show her anymore so I can play with them!.....she usually catches me though:( I'm glad your pawrents love you and you have a good home! Mommy says she likes white kitties.


Luna Skye


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