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The Kitty Cat Diaries

Who Rescued Who?

April 6th 2013 9:47 am
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Hello kitty lovers & Kitties!
I was so excited to find out that Ive been making fuuurrrrriends here! I am a very skittsh Cat and I've been through so much scary stuff! I used to live in a home that made me afraid every day . I never knew if I was going to be fed or find any good water to drink. Therewere soooo many other cats old mommy & daddy got in trouble, they are in jail now! The good policeman call them "animal hoarders". The bad mommy & daddy let the big , hungry dogs attack me an some of my furrrriends. I got worried when I had my kittens, i wanted to protect them, so I stayed outdoors with them as much as possible! I could hunt sometimes but I needed to have milk for my kittens andthat was starting to dry up because I didnt have enough food! A nice neighbor found my babies and me, starving, and she put us in a small , safe space all together and then took us back to the bad people and told them to feed us. I was worried but I didnt know that the neighbor called the men in blue shirts with loud cars! Some people and the blue shirted men, came and rescued all of my friends and all of us had to be kept someplace, and some different places during 6 months of litigation! The bad mommy and daddy went to jail and all of my friends and me, got foster homes fr 6 months! Just when I was getting attached and feeling safe, the new, loving mommy let me go home with this pretty girl.
I had gotten to keep my babies for 7 months or so! Im not sure if I only had 2 babies at the beginning, but I had 2 babies when the neighbor found me! If I could really speak" human", I would have a very long and sad...and scary tale to tell! But I have 8 lives left...and just because that one didn't work well; this one seems to be getting safer, more purrrfect in every way...every day!
I didnt get to stay with that pretty girl for long, because her cat, "Sutton" , who's now my niece, didnt like me much and couldn't get over it! Sooooo, Sutton's grammy (who is now my "forever mommy") told her daughter, that pretty girl, to bring me over to their house.
Sutton's a loving and wonderful "grandkitty", she's loving and kind, but both of us just weren't interested in making friends. So I was taken to Sutton's "Grammy" & "Grampy's home and they have been so happy since Arrived! They say thatthey all sort of "rescued me" forever mommy, Suzanne, she's very ill with many painful health issues. She has a progressive autoimmune nerve pain disease called "RSD/CRPSII"( complex regional pain syndrome type II - which means that a nerve was cut during her 7th surgery of 9 otal so far! I found out that she was also abused! We are kindred spirits I think, in that way ,...& we undertnd each other! At first, she and I both wanted to love and be loved....but we both were scared, skittish, and "needy"....i kept a bit of distance and I would push in and then pull away! My forever mom understood and understands my needs. We are both such good friends now! She was patient with me, and understood my deepest fears! She knew what it was like to be starved and hurt! She and her hubby, my forever daddy ...finally found love and "soul-mates in eachother and now we've all become "a real family". We are now 3 "soul mates", even though mommy is "my " person, we all love eachother, respect eachother and we live happily ever after in my forever family and home!!!!
Just one more forever mommy was pretty sad, in lots of physical pain and has no real "familiy" except my forever daddy...and her daughter, that pretty girl. They say that she "rescued" me!!! But in this situation...hmmmm ....WHO RESCUED WHO???


Luna Skye


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