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The Kitty Cat Diaries

The Day I Found "HOME"

March 29th 2013 12:05 pm
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Oh my gosh...Life was hard...I lived at a bad person's house. They had too many animals and they didn't take good care of me. I have had 2 kittens and they were with me the day that the nice people came and took me away from there. I was always hungry, too. I went to my foster mom's home. She was really nice and she loved me. She had some other furry friends for me there to play with. She called me "Cora" or sometimes she would say "your ladyship, Lady Grantham" (from the show "Downton Abbey). I stayed with my foster mom until they put the bad people in jail.
Next, I got taken from my foster mom and had to leave my kittens. That was a hard day. Mostly because I didn't want to leave my babies. I went with a really pretty lady and a nice lady too. She took me to her home and there I stayed in a pretty and comfortable room for a few weeks. It was really quiet, but she was really kind to me and cuddled me lots. There was another furry cat at this house. Only one and she was a black cat, her name was "Sutton". She ruled the roost and she just didn't want me around. Honestly, I didn't want her around much either! So the nice girl decided to ask her parents what to do and they wanted me!!
I'm so happy that they wanted me because I still get to see that nice girl, but I don't have to see that mean cat anymore! (Well, I think she's mean but everyone else loves her...ha ha)...I love my new home! I have a bunch of stairs to run up and down each day. I go "zoom zoom zoom" all over those stairs! I love my wet food, but because I didn't get much or food or water in my first home, I tend to eat it too fast and then I throw up. So my new mom, my forever mom, Suzanne; she only lets me have a little bit at a time now and it helps me not to throw up. I love Suzanne and her husband, Craig. They love me and we are now a family! I have my OWN family now! I'm so happy! I sit and bask in the sunshine of their bay window or the back sliding door window. I eat good food and get loads of cuddles. Of course I get them, when "I" want them! LOL...I love to play with my "baby"...its a washcloth toy with a little face. I have my "people" trained to throw it and say "WEEEEEE" down the stairs and then I like to run after it.
Well, that's enough for today...more later....Love, Luna...the "lady" of the house

Purred by: Worlds Coolest Fluffy & Alex (Catster Member)

March 31st 2013 at 10:24 am

Oh what lot you've been through! But now you're HOME & it sounds wonderful fur you! Concats on DOTD & even better, getting your furever home, LunaSkye!
Love, Fluffy & Alex & Family.


Luna Skye


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