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Home:Canton, MI  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 6 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 7 lbs.

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The family of Skittles (2002 - 2012), Mango, Caramello and Goji

Lu-Lu,Boo Boo Kitty, Baby girl,your "ladyship", Mama's girl, sunshine, tweety, Luna-Tuna, pooky

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
January 29th 2013

July 25th 2010


She loves it when we toss her "baby" (a washcloth toy) and say "weeeee" down the stairs and she runs for it & pounces

don't try to pick her up unless you are only carrying her someplace for a moment. Don't put her on your lap, she'll come up when she wants to snuggle!

Favorite Toy:
little tiny mouse toys or fish toys to "bat" around with her paws...and her "baby" (a washcloth toy with a little face)

Favorite Nap Spot:
She loves her little bed in the living room and my bed on the spot where my head is on my pillow! Also she loves to snuggle up with me in my "lazy boy" chair when I'm on my tablet or laptop

Favorite Food:
she eats her dry food daily called "Iams"healthy choice and she LOVES any wet food thats a pate' style and only chicken, turkey or beef!

she can jump super high and yet so light on her feet that she won't knock anything down! She can "bat" one of her mice or fishies under a piece of furniture and get it out somehow by herself?


Arrival Story:
We are empty nesters. After our daughter moved out last Summer 2012, it felt so empty at home. I mean we get along great and do stuff, but when my husband was gone to work, it felt really lonely. I am disabled and I needed a "baby" to care for, but just couldn't get ourselves to "start" the process. My daughter adopted a cat from the humane society in September 2012. She named her beautiful black cat "Sutton". She and Sutton have so much love & companionship for each other...and respect. Sutton became my "grand-kitty"...I call her "Sutty buddy", "Sut-Sut" & I bring her treats. She'll sit on my lap for an hour when I'm visiting my daughter. Amy thought Sutton needed a friend. She works, she's young and goes out etc! She went in January 2013 to get or adopt another cat, who was this time a complete opposite of Sutton. Amy adopted an elegant white Cat who was to be BFF's with nobody would feel lonely. Well, that didn't work out very well. There was a lot of hissing and noise and hunched backs. Sutton started to lick her hair too much and stopped eating for a few days and Amy had wanted to make her more happy, not sad! So Amy asked me what should she do? She didn't really want to take the white kitty back to the humane society. Poor thing had had a hard life in her short 2 1/2 years on this earth so far. She was taken from a "hoarders" house and it was in litigation for 6 months, while the white kitty stayed in a nice foster home with a nice lady and her other fur babies. She had been neglected and by the way she's so skittish, also abused and not fed very well. She was found with 2 kittens and very thin at only 6 lbs for a 2 year old feline. Well, I suggested to my husband that we could have a "no risk" try at having a cat, even though we are both allergic. Thus, the reason we hadn't gone and adopted one thus far. Also, a dog would be just a bit too much work for me, with the pain issues I deal with on a daily basis (unless it was already trained perfectly and we couldn't even try to afford that; though the Dr. had said he'd write for a special helper dog for me....I still preferred a cat). So my daughter brought the white, elegant beauty to our home and the first night she arrived, we had put her and all of her things in our basement (partially finished). She stayed in one room for the sleep part of the night, so she'd feel safe. I fell in love with her instantly! My husband was shocked the minute that we thought she couldn't possibly "jump the 1/2 door to the basement into our upstairs". He/we thought from the bottom of the stairs it was just too big of a jump for our 6 pounder kittty! We suddenly heard a "thump". I thought for sure we were headed for the vet hospital already! NOPE!! She wanted so badly to be up where we were and be with us, that she jumped and landed on the top of a 1/2 inch ledge on top of the door. She just stood there looking surprised at herself! We laughed so hard and we knew she was a "keeper". We decided right then and there to take allergy meds daily. I have an asthma inhaler that I'd not had to use much for awhile, but now I'm using it again...I don't care! I love her that much!! She is part of us and our family now and my daughter also gets to see her so everyone is happy! We decided to call her "Luna Skye" because she looks like the bright full moon all bright and white and she has emerald eyes, so beautiful like the glow of the skye on a pretty day also!

Luna Had 2 kittens as white as snow, when they took her from the hoarders' home. They'd gotten into the fireplace soot and turned a bit black! It was so funny that the foster mom snapped a photo and I will put that photo up also! Luna was skittish at first. My husband thought maybe she was not adoptable because she may be too "damaged". But I just persevered and loved her and cared for her and I still do just give her love when she wants it and space when she needs it. The time for "space" is lessening as the time for love is widening and growing. My husband plays with her and she knows this of him. She'll hide behind something and crouch down and play "peek a boo" with him! As for me, I sing quietly to her (my husband thinks she's been a great help to me with my autoimmune disease "RSD/CRPSII", a painful nerve disease); I think she's helped me so much. She has been a blessing to me and to us and we love her to pieces. I don't know what we'd do without her already. She's a part of our family now...and forever!

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The Lady of The House!

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March 27th 2013 More than 3 years!

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The Kitty Cat Diaries

The 12 Cats of Chrisssstmas: by Luna Skye

December 10th 2013 9:04 am
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Hello fuurrriends,
How are you all on this Pawsome 15th day before Santa Paws comes?? Are you singing the 12 cats of Christmas yet?? You know the one about the "window seat for our cat tree" and "5 Golden tabby's"??? you want the rest of my song??? OK OK....hold your paws you go: the 12 Cats of Christmas: by LUNA SKYE.....
On the 1st day of Chrrrristmas my hooman gave to me,a window seat for our cat tree!! ON the 2nd day of Chrrrrristmas my hooman gave to me 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree....On the 3rd day of Chrissssstmas my hooman gave to me 3 purring kittens and 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree.....On the 4th day Christmas my hooman gave to me 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree!!!....On the 5th day of Chrisssstmas my hooman gave to me 5 golden tabby's!!!!! ...4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree!!! ON the 6th day of Chrissstmas my hooman gave to me: 6 mice a scramblin, 5 Golden tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree!!!! On the 7th day of Chrissstmas my hooman gave to me: 7 torty's pouncin', 6 mice a scramblin, 5 Golden Tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree.....on the 8th day of Chrissstmas my hooman gave to me 8 Maine Coon's stalking, 7 Torties pouncin' , 6 mice a scramblin', 5 Golden Tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree....On the 9th day of Chrissstmas my hooman gave to me 9 black cats grooming, 8 Maine Coon's stalking, 7 Tortie's pouncin', 6 mice a scramblin', 5 Golden Tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purrring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree...on the 10th day of Chrissstmas my hoooman gave to me 10 Calico's scratchin', 9 black cats grooming, 8 Maine Coon's stalking, 7 Torties Pouncin', 6 mice a scramblin', 5 Golden Tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purrring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree....on the 11th day of Chrissstmas my hoooman gave to me...11 Scottish folds, 10 Calico's scratchin, 9 black cats grooming, 8 Maine Coon's stalking, 7 Torties Pouncin', 6 mice a scramblin' 5 Golden tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens , 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree....on the 12th day of Chrisssstmas my hoooman gave to me, 12 rescued strays, 11 Scottish folds, 10 Calico's scratchin' , 9 black cats grooming, 8 Mainne Coon's stalking, 7 Calico's scratchin', 6 mice a scramblin', 5 Golden tabby's , 4 meowing Siamese , 3 purrring kittens , 2 kitty treats and window seat for our cat tree!!!!!!!!! TA DAAAAAAAAA LOVE ....LUNA SKYE....MEOWWWY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!


We made the Humane Society's Newspaper!!

October 1st 2013 2:00 pm
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Hi Everyone,
Hey check out my "STORY" at the Humane Society's website...They picked my story for a "printed"'s the link...Im so, Luna

Link being sent: id=10526


Little Girl Lost

September 21st 2013 8:01 pm
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Hello all,
Hey to all of my furriends here on Catster...sorry I've not been around so much lately. Mommy is still not doing so well since February when she had the heart surgery...she's just tired alot and not feeling so great. She's a good mommy and she tries hard to be everything I need and want ...but I just want to be me with my own personality and my own quirks. When mommy and daddy got me they actually got me because their daughter who is 25 has her own apartment and another kitty named "Sutton". They all love Sutton, she is "fixed" and she is a good kitty and mommy's daughter thought that she'd get another kitty (me) to keep Sutton company . But when I went there after the foster home, I didnt' like it so much. I was stuck in the bathroom for a few days and I felt lonely and worried about what was going on for me in life. I was let out of the bathroom for times and then Sutton would be put in the laundry room for awhile while I sniffed out the place and played awhile...then we went back to our own spaces again...just until we could get used to each other. But Sut-Sut never got used to me and started worrying , not grooming, not eating and whenever we got put together to try and be introduced; we both got upset and started clawing at eachother and hissing...
We did not like each other and it just was not gonna work and mommy's daughter was going to have to take me back to my foster mom's home. But my mommy intervened and she told her daughter to bring me to her house and they would take me as they fur baby and be my family. I was really cute and I didnt want to be alone in a room downstairs that first night and I jumped up the basement stairs and over the 1/2 door and into the living room! I made a big sound and they wondered what happened!! I made them so surprised and they were laughing so hard and I was instantly allowed upstairs with them and trusted. you all know my trials and stories and eveything we've been through together, right? You know how my mommy used to say that she had hoped that I would be "cuddly" and everyone said to give me time? Mommy had hoped for company and love and companionship. She is in pain all of the time with a nerve disease and doesn't feel too good and she just wanted something to love and be loved. (*On a side note mommy has an abusive family and she has to stay away from them to be safe...she also lost her oldest daughter 9 yrs ago ).... She feels like she could use some unconditional love like the love only fur babies can give...but not far I'm not capable of this. Mommy knows that kitties are sometimes loners or we want things our own way....You know my mommy loves me and you can see by all the pictures she takes of me that I'm so important in their lives. I'm so smart and cute and funny...but mommy is sad because I never want anything except to sleep and play (playing is harder for her but she's a good sport and still plays with me a lot). I'm funny to watch but I'm not any company really. You see....Mommy & Daddy.. they both are allergic and think that having 2 cats would be "pushing it. Mommy and daddy's allergies are in check just by taking a pill daily so thats good and with me, they are doing OK with it and that is wonderful. But two kitty's might be pushing it a bit much and mommy's has asthma as well (which is also doing good at the moment).
Mommy keeps saying that in time things will be better, that I'll get used to everything, that I'll be better, less skittish etc. Daddys starting to get upset because mommy is sad quite often about the whole thing. Daddy keeps saying that they should let the foster mommy come back and bring me to her house because she said I could come back to her house any time forever. Mommy loves me so much and daddy does as well, but the only thing that they do is clean out my litter box and feed me and play with me. I won't let mommy (or anyone) hold me, I won't sit with her, I won't sit next to her, I won't sleep with her, she cannot hold me! I stay in one room of the house most of the time and they are always in the TV room. I used to sleep with mommy but haven't in about a month and now I sleep up on the mantle over the fireplace or I also sleep in the rocking chair in the room upstairs, the spare room. You see, right now its Sat. night...daddy and mommy are watching TV and playing on their Ipads...I'm upstairs by myself in the computer room in a chair. I used to greet them in the morning if there was a night that went by and I didnt want to sleep next to mommy. I would at least be head butting and meowing and happy to see them and get them up. Now I just keep going backwards 5 steps and forward one step!!
I won't drink water from my bowl...not any bowl...only from the faucet....I want mommy to pet me while i eat or sometimes i wont eat...the only thing that I do that shows any kind of affection whatsoever, is sometimes I' ll fall down onto my side like "plop" and want to be petted...but only for a few moments or then I start swiping my claws at them. I don't get excited to see them or even get up off of my perch when either of them come home....Mommy's friends who are in a support group for pain patients, they have kitties and their kitties lay down in the bed with them for the most part when they don't feel good throughout the day. I don't care if mommy doesn't feel good and I stay in another room ....
Mommy and daddy are so sad ...especially mommy. She /they know that animals are not "disposable" creatures that can be "traded" as the cat behaviorist has suggested when mommy talked to one at the humane society where I used to live. She said that if mommy isn't happy and it's been so long, about 8 /9 months now and I'm just not that "into them"..that they should take me back to my foster mommy who doesn't mind taking me back at all! She told them that they could for sure find mommy a loveable lap cat that would possibly fit in at this house and with this family since I don't really seem to do anything here except keep to myself and I like it that way. Mommy is afraid to hurt my feelings or afraid to do anything except just keep me here with them, with her. She said they should try a dog or another cat and just let me be who I am and leave it at that...but daddy says that thats not an option.....because of his allergies being worse, he only wants one animal and he has to do the laundry, housework, and lawn work and everything pretty much ...already...Because mommy has several health issues its alot on his shoulders. He is a full time teacher and has been for 36 years as's just hard and they know they could do it and welcome it and not mind at all...but they just want me to give some kind of sign of love and affection. I mean, I hate seeing mommy unhappy because of me....she is sad quite often and she has enough to be sad about daddy says, without me being a part of it. I was supposed to be part of the family and their lives and love and be's hard because I'm not like that and I've been here 9 mos almost.
Lastly, you know...mommy and daddy had they picked out their own family fur baby, they'd have chosen one with a history of being loving and a lap cat and such...but their daughter brought me home and that didnt' work out with her kitty and me. We didnt like each other at all. Remember, she was going to take me right back after a week, to the foster mommy...but my mommy now didnt want that to happen and she said they would try to take me and see how it's been all this time and I'm getting more and more apart from them/her and instead of closer.....any suggestions will be so hoped for... but mommy cannot handle anymore hurtfulness because there are so many abusers in her life that she's trying hard to keep at bay...thank you all for being warm, caring and, Luna ...purrrssss

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