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My Red Bikini!

October 26th 2013 9:53 am
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Now where is my red bikini?
The one my angel sis-in-law McKenna gave me!
Buddie and I are going swimming today to celebrate another DDP honor! After that
we'll have a fantabulous lunch! Even if we do nothing, every moment with my mangoman
furhusband is special.

Before I forget, Thank You to everyone who has given me rosettes this year!
I have been remiss in giving thanks for them. They sure brighten up a page!

Mazie has been sniffing all the winter hats that mom has made for people! They're on
the website too. Oh, and the Tranquility Blankets website site is being redesigned
and we're very excited about that!. If it's not working at times, that is why.

tiny gumdrop
Hazel Lucy


Another HL Stroller Blanket!

October 20th 2013 8:36 am
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Mazie has now tested and approved another Stroller Blanket!
Here is pretty Tattiana in her stroller!
TATTIANA and her Stroller Blanket

Watching from above,
Hazel Lucy
Hazel Lucy's Tranquility Blankets, Hats & Scarves


Oh My Goodness!!!

October 16th 2013 1:03 am
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Mom wake up! Can you hear me?
- I always hear you my darling angel Hazel Lucy. Heaven is not that far you know.
Mom, they rang the bell at our cottage! You know what that means?
- It means you're a DDP! How wonderful!
Buddie must have known, he is in the kitchen making me breakfast! You should see
my mangoman in an apron! MOL!
- I'm happy for you, and for me! Just yesterday Mazie was a DDP!
I love you mom!
- Love you my Hazel Lucy. Love you forever.


A View From the Bridge

October 12th 2013 8:01 pm
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I've been around Catsterland since 2004. Met and made many many friends. The longer I'm
here the more likely I am to see more of my friends depart for Heaven. It's a fact of life that
can't be avoided. Animals that cross the bridge make us sadder than humans crossing.

Calvin is working almost non-stop making welcome signs. He had to make one for Samoa,
his own sister. Heaven is a glorious, happy, joy-filled place. But those of us left here can only
mourn and ache with the longing, the deep missing of the departed.

There is a cost to everything, just like there must be up and down. The cost of Love is the
pain of departure. The cost is tears, and heart-wrenching pain. We have no choice but
to go through it. And most of us are compelled to love again and again, giving another
animal a chance at having a home and family.

So I salute Samoa, Tweak, Norman, Chelsea, Justin, Fluffy, Mouse, just to name a few.
I don't want to keep track, it's too painful. I promise to remember them with a smile.

Hazel Lucy's mom


Simon in his Stroller!

October 11th 2013 11:33 am
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Look at Simon in his stroller!
He has a Tranquility Stroller blanket that matches his stroller!
Simon and his Stroller Blanket

Mazie is now an experienced Stroller Blanket tester and approver!

Hazel Lucy


My Darling Buddie is a DDP!!!

September 30th 2013 8:50 am
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Ooooh my darling mangoman, heart throb O'mine, BUDDIE is a DDP today!!!

We've enjoyed this last week very much, celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary in
style. If you haven't had a chance to go back in time and visit our wedding pages, you
can find them here: Hazel & Buddie's Wedding Pages

Buddie and I are going to take a big picnic basket and sit at the foothills of Cloud Nine....

tiny gumdrop
happy furwife,
Hazel Lucy


Our 8th Wedding Anniversary!

September 24th 2013 1:19 pm
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Mom's been crying a bit this week. Because she misses me.
BUDDIE and I were married 8 years ago, it was the very first Catster wedding!
You can read all about our fabulous and exciting wedding here!
Hazel & Buddie's Wedding Pages

What was the big deal?
It was the FIRST CATSTER Wedding ever!
There were only about 7000 Catsters on the site so everycat wanted to
be part of the wedding! It took 9 months of planning. It was reported by
3 tv stations around the country!

Since our time together in Heaven we've grown deeper in love and enjoy the
company of many many great friends.

Please share in our joy of this day!

happy furwife
tiny gumdrop
Hazel Lucy


Be Part of a Catster's Master's Thesis!

September 4th 2013 3:29 pm
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I'd really appreciate it if you would take this survey by a Catster who is working
on her Master's Thesis. She needs our help!

Here are her words:
I am working on my master's thesis. If you or someone you know (or someone
they know) adopted, bought, rescued, found or were given a cat or dog of any
age in the last couple of months, please take or share my survey.

Click Here for the PET SURVEY

Here is her Catster Family:
Onyx, Cinder, Loki and Family

My sincere thanks!
Hazel Lucy



August 27th 2013 12:39 am
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Mom had a feeling she should check the diaries. And wow!
I'm very happy to be a DDP and share the day with special friends.

I want to meow about MAZIE and her really pawsome job testing and approving blankets at
Tranquility Blankets, Hats & Scarves. That Mazie is something. She adores mom and is
very attached to her. She's a good bug hunter too!

Two recent blogs featured The HL Tranquility Blankets! Very exciting!
One is Timmy Tomcat's Blog and I'm ever grateful for the pawsome review Timmy gave his
new Hazel LucyTranquility Blanket!

The other is Selina's Blog called "One Eye on the Future" Again, I'm very grateful for the
pawsome writeup! I'm truly honored.

I love seeing the blankets in use by cats and dogs. And I still don't know what Mazie is going
to do with all those nickels she gets for testing and approving!

Today my handsome mangoman furhusband BUDDIE and I are taking a picnic basket up to
one of the highest peaks on Cloud Nine. We will sup on fine foods and hold paws and think
about all our friends here.

happy happy
Hazel Lucy who Loves Buddie


Timmy Tomcat's Blog Review of Tranquility Blanket!

August 19th 2013 9:02 pm
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That MAZIE must be doing a good job testing and approving
Hazel Lucy's Tranquility Blankets, Hats & Scarves

Timmy Tomcat, cool Catster has a blog called Tomcat Commentary by Tim and today
he wrote about the Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blanket he just received. There are neat photos
of Tomcat checking out the blanket. I'm honored and thrilled that Timmy likes his blanket
that Mazie purrsonally tested and approved!

Hazel Lucy

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