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Hazel Lucy loves Buddie!

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Announcement Tomorrow!

July 5th 2014 11:44 am
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Can you guess?

Hazel Lucy


Big Announcement Soon!

July 5th 2014 7:12 am
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Stay tuned for my big announcement on Sunday!


Hazel Lucy


Wow, I'm in!

June 26th 2014 1:26 pm
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Hey I'm finally in after ages trying!
Poor catsterland is hard to love this summer, what with the move to a new server, the old platform falling apart, and the bad bad meanie who is still attacking for ransom!
Thank you for the DDP, random generator, um, Diary Gal.
I sure hope Catster and Dogster communities will be safe with our new partner, hey is there really a new partner or did I dream it!

Hazel Lucy


Summertime means more Catster Fleas! MOL!

June 21st 2014 5:58 am
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Yep, it's warm. Thank Cat there are no fleas in my house!
But poor Catster, fleas everywhere all day long. Some are really BIG fleas too!
It's really hard to do stuff, sort of hit or miss, but I'm hopeful.

Meanwhile my beloved furhusband mangoman Buddie has a lovely day planned for us. We are going berry-picking with our neighbors! Then we'll take our haul to the Heavenly Hash Cafe where the chef will make deep-fried peanut butter waffles, and in the center of the rolled up deliciousness will be our berries! Can you say YUM!

tiny gumdrop and happy furwife,
Hazel Lucy



June 1st 2014 2:57 am
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Wowee, what a way to end the month of May!
I hope everycat is thrilled we have our pictures back! Now catsterland is filled with color again!
Buddie and I will skip paw in paw to our favorite place and eat you know what!
Three zealies to the first cat who gets the place and menu correct!

Today we're going to peek in on DASHIELL to see how he's doing after his eye surgery. He is eating now and that's good but he need to drink water too, so please purr for Dashy.

I'm grateful for my mangoman furhusband Buddie who is always by my side. There is no better friend to anycat who needs comforting.

tiny gumdrop,
happy furwife,
Hazel Lucy


Hurry Up Already!

May 26th 2014 11:29 pm
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Mewing Out Loud! Yes I am!
Let's meet that new partner already!

Hazel Lucy


Attack of the Ransom-Demanding Hacker!

May 24th 2014 4:46 am
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Oh no! Not again!
Send the CIA to get that guy so he stops messing with our catsterland!

I'm sorry we didn't respond to some of our pawmails and honors but we couldn't get into Catster. Pictures are not showing up and we can't seem to accept friend requests but at least we can log on in a roundabout way so that means the tech people are making progress. From Heaven, Buddie and I look down at Earth and wonder why some people enjoy wreaking havoc. Go wreak somewhere else I say!

We're glad that MAXWELL THOMAS has a page again. He lived with mom before me, I knew him for only two months before his little heart gave out. Max was a sweet cat and mom's soul mate. She couldn't look at his picture for three years without sobbing.

We're purring for DASHIELL who is having surgery next Wednesday to remove his bad eye.

Now I must run and put on my new summer frock so that Buddie and I can mosey on down to the Heavenly Hash Diner for, you know what! First person to give the right answer wins a whole entire zealie! What are Buddie and I having for breakfast?

Hazel Lucy


A Bit of History

May 17th 2014 6:31 am
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I've been asked to give the history of the Get Well Purr List and Thread.
It started a long time ago.
The day was December 26, 2006. "The Get Well Purr List", or the "Purr List" for short, was created. I thought it would be a good way to consolidate purr requests in the Get Well Soon Forum. There were a lot of requests and I figured a little bit of organization might make it easier to give purrs and support.

The Purr List grew and grew and it was longer and longer and often mom and I worked 10 hours a week to keep it updated, to post comments, to send notes to sick cats, and to help cats with similar ailments network. It was a labor of love. It was for the love of Catsters everywhere.

When I joined Catster in 2004 there were about 4,500 cats here. I figure there were about 35,000 cats here when I started the purr list. Now there are over 245,000 cats!
There are over 8,000 posts in the Original (now closed) Get Well Purr List
After 3 years, 2 months, 11 days and 8,238 posts, on March 4, 2010 I turned over the Purr List to Boxie Brown. My heart ached from worrying and purring for so many wonderful cats, it literally gave mom chest pains. Boxie started a new thread and named it "The New Home of Hazel Lucy's List for Kitties in Need of Purrs, in honor of me. I was deeply humbled by the honor.

I know it helped cats get purrs of love and support, and helped them feel connected to the Catster family. There was tremendous family feeling throughout catsterland.

love, love always,
Hazel Lucy


Pet Food Recall and Warning!

May 15th 2014 4:51 pm
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Please share and alert your friends, neighbors, groups.

Rubber Found in Natural Balance Dog Food

BRAVO Pet Food RECALL-Cat & Dog Food

Hazel Lucy


My Birthday in Heaven

May 1st 2014 10:46 am
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Today is the day mom chose as my birthday when she joined Catster all those years ago. This is my third birthday since coming to the bridge. Mom is really feeling it. Since she's moving photos from one old computer to another old computer, she's been looking at hundreds of my photos. Every photo is a pang of joy and a little stab of longing.

Last week I visited mom in dreams two nights in a row. It was glorious being together!
We had fun and laughed and snuggled.

I'm really glad the nasty botpeople have bitten the dust, for good I hope. And I am eager to meet the new partner, just as everyone is!

Can you guess what BUDDIE and I are having to eat today and where? 5 zealies to the first cat who guesses correctly!

I love everyone!

happy furwife,
tiny gumdrop,
Hazel Lucy

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