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Hazel Lucy loves Buddie!

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Hazel Lucy Returns!.

March 16th 2013 1:51 pm
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Today, being my 2-year Bridge anniversary, mom brought me back.
I'll write more later, but it feels real good to be here again.

happy furwife of BUDDIE
tiny gumdrop,
Hazel Lucy


Thank You for the Warm Welcome back!

March 17th 2013 8:38 am
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My heart is full and I'm humbled and grateful for your warm welcome back.
Of course I never really left, but now I have my page again. I'm copying from
Mazie's diary here for you:

Mom's looking at lot of photos and mementos and thinking of all the love and
adventures we shared through the years. Among the loving and beautiful tributes
is a treasure that Shelby's mom made. She began working on it months before
I crossed the bridge 2 years ago. I hope you enjoy it:
Hazel Lucy Memory Album by Nancy Smith (ShelbyDoodle Designs)

with a happy heart,
Hazel Lucy


Pet Food Recall

March 19th 2013 12:49 pm
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You know me, I'll do my best to keep everyone updated on recalls.

NATURA PET ISSUES RECALL of Specialized Dry Pet Foods Due to Possible Health Risk htm?source=govdelivery

And thanks to everyone for the incredibly warm welcome! I am humbled and grateful.

Hazel Lucy



March 20th 2013 6:53 pm
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I helped mom go through our Photobucket pictures for a background for Mazie.
She's happy with it I think.

Do your folks do this?
Mom saves every background code in a Notepad document. She found some
code and tossed it into the field and it worked first time! She resurrected our
Photobucket stuff and the simple banners we make using online.

I've received a lot of lovely notes from cats welcoming me back. Brings tears
to my eyes. I didn't expect such a sweet and warm welcome. Thank you everyone!
It didn't feel right, Mazie being here without me.

happy and thankful,
Hazel Lucy



March 25th 2013 2:02 pm
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Oh goody!
Somecat left me a boatload of Treats! (I think it was Margo RKN!!!) Break out the F5 key!

And Big Thank Yous to everyone who has left me Stars, Rosettes, and Gifts, they are wonderful.

I'm really glad to be back. Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome!

Mazie and I are trying to fix up our pages all pretty. Mom's studying up with the help of the
PAWSOME PAGES Group. HTML can be a pain, or a challenge, you know?

Gotta run, BUDDIE and I have are having dinner on Cloud Nine!

tiny gumdrop and happy furwife,
Hazel Lucy


DDP, me?

March 28th 2013 7:32 am
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Holeee Cow!
My mangoman told me I'm a Diary Pick today!
Do I believe my ears?
Thank you random diary pick generating machine!

Buddie and I are celebrating all day!

tiny gumdrop
happy furwife,
Hazel Lucy


RECALL of 5 Brands of Cat, Dog Food

March 31st 2013 2:56 pm
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Please share with your friends and your groups.
RECALL of CAT & DOG FOOD: Evo, California Natural, Healthwise, Innova, Karma .htm?source=govdelivery

Hazel Lucy


NEW RECALL of BRAVO! Cat and Dog Food

April 3rd 2013 6:00 pm
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Please share this information.


Hazel Lucy



April 4th 2013 3:36 am
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It's Cat-astrophic!
The email said I'm today's Diary of the Day!
Could it get any better???
Buddie and I are thrilled, we're going to have a champagne breakfast at our all-time
favorite place, Cloud Nine. I sure am having fun since coming back to catsterland!
Hope everyone has a fantabulous day!

tiny gumdrop,
happy furwife,
Hazel Lucy


My Favorite Thing For April

April 4th 2013 2:14 pm
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You might remember me talking about CALMING COLLARS a while ago.
Well, I'm thinking of starting a Calming Collar group here in catsterland.
We can share stories about them and photos too! What do you think?

Here is the link to their Facebook page too: CALMING COLLAR (Facebook)

Dogs love them, and people keep asking about them for their little kids!

Hazel Lucy

*Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments and gifts and pmails today!
You make this a really happy day! And I love the pictures too!

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