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My Quest For Catnip!

Not Sure About This...

May 5th 2014 10:04 am
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Meowmy has betrayed me!

All right, so perhaps I'm being a little melodramatic, but you tell me... she leaves once a week, almost every week, to go visit OTHER KITTIES! She calls it a 'sanctuary' but I say it smells like, well, betrayal!

She tells me she's going to visit other kitties who don't have Meowmies yet, and I know what that feels like so I don't stop her... but then she comes home smelling like outsiders and starts asking me suspicious questions like, "What would you think about having a little sister or brother?" EXCUSE ME?! Surely by now Meowmy knows I'm the queen of this castle! I wait for the day she comes home with a new carrier and some interloper I have to growl at! Hrmph!

On the other hand... when she comes home, she always hugs me a little tighter, kisses my head a bit more, and makes sure she has extra cuddle time with me, so... I suppose it's not ALL bad. Just don't tell her that please because I'm working this whole situation for extra treats ;)



Furever Home Day...

August 8th 2013 2:18 pm
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Five years ago, my Meowmy came to pick me up from the shelter and take me home... back then, she had a small apartment (but it was way bigger than the room at the shelter!) I spent a few hours hiding in a walk-in closet while I got used to things, but then I was out and about!

Meowmy had left out toys for me to play with, even though the shelter people told her I didn't play much, but that was only because it was kind of scary and overwhelming in the shelter! I can be a nervous kitty, my vet says I get sweaty paws because I "internalize my stress". (So rude!) Anyway, as soon as I realized how much fun toys are, I've never looked back!

Now I live in a cute house with Meowmy, and have a sun room pretty much all to myself, where I can watch the backyard birds, squirrels, and other kitties who sometimes run through the yard, in peace. I have a warm, comfy place to sleep with Meowmy every night. I can talk to my heart's content (they called me Birdie at the shelter, and now Meowmy knows why!) I have plenty of food, a water bubbler, feathers and catnip and all the pets and snuggles I could possibly want. All my babies were adopted before I was, so I know they are all safe and warm and loved, too.

Meowmy told me she hopes we get many more years together, and I told her I hoped so too... I'm not sure she understood, so I purred and kissed her nose. Hopefully she got the message :)


What is this? Two posts in one day?!

May 8th 2013 3:55 pm
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But I had to do it! I had to thank everyone for the wonderful gifties, especially for the tulips because they were anonymous and I can't thank the kitty directly! I don't know how you knew tulips were my Meowmy's favorite flowers but they are! I think she's happier than I am! :)

Today has been such a lovely, happy day for me... thank you all for putting a smile on my Meowmy's face and giving me lots of extra reasons to purr!


Blush blush!

May 8th 2013 8:26 am
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Well, I can't really blush, but I would be if I could! I was so excited when Meowmy told me the news this morning... I'm so happy! She didn't tell me I'd get extra treats tonight when she gets home from work, but I betcha I will!

I'm just so bouncy that people actually enjoy reading about my catnip adventures... I feel so inspired! I shall be the next Claws Dickens! If I were a boy. And old. And wrote about depressing things.

Anyway, thank you very much for the honor and all the happy snuggles I've gotten! I love my Catster family! (Almost as much as I love catnip...)


May 4th 2013 8:35 pm
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So, every once in a while, meowmy puts me in a carrier and takes me to this white building where strangers poke and prod me for a while, and sometimes stick me with things.

OK, so I'm probably overstating it a little... The carrier is cozy and soft, the strangers are actually pretty nice, petting and cooing at me, and meowmy is right there scratching me. And the poking and prodding is more of a rub and peek into my ears and eyes and mouth. The sticking part still isn't my favorite, but even that isn't horrible--though I hear I have small veins. What does that mean?

The funniest part of the process is that meowmy thinks she's tricking me. Haha! The carrier only comes out for a certain reason, and then she puts it in the bathroom, acting as if I don't even notice! Then she all casually picks me up like I don't KNOW what's going on! But after all this time I don't fight with her too much getting in the thing. She's very determined, and it makes her upset when I give her a hard time, and really, the sooner I get in the thing, the sooner I'm out!

Meowmy was laughing about how still I was for the strangers while they clipped my nails, since I'm so squirmy with her, and the strangers said it was because I was so scared. They said I have sweaty paws. Sweaty paws! How rude...

Anyway, clean bill of health for me! They did talk about my teeth a little and said I had some mild tartar. They want to check it out again in six months to see if I need a cleaning but I'll show them... my teeth will be so clean they'll wonder where I got a toothbrush! Hopefully...

My rabies shot made me a little bit sleepy so I'm heading off to curl up on meowmy. (A clever ploy to get some tummy rubs, but don't tell her that!)


Am I Missing Out?

March 11th 2013 9:45 am
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So, I feel like I might be missing out on something... so many other kitties seem to love boxes. Getting in them, scooting them around, squishing into them... I like rubbing my face on them, but other than that, I just don't see the appeal! I far prefer burrowing. Especially under the sheets or the perfect, sheer thing meow-my throws on top of the bed that I can hide under AND see through! Makes being ninja that much easier... (though meow-my's hands look like toys from under there, so that's been a little awkward...)

Anyway, to each kitty her own, but if there is something I'm missing by not being a box cat, I'd sure like to know!


More Weird White Stuff

March 8th 2013 6:36 pm
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I don't really know what it is, except that it covers up the bunnies and birds and grass and other cats (and sometimes dogs, ugh) I usually see running around... But, on the upside, it meant Meowmy wasn't going anywhere! At least for a while. She thought she was leaving in the morning for an appointment but one look at that white stuff, and she was back in bed with me for a few more hours!

Meowmy works really hard to keep me full of kibbles and toys, but I do miss her sometimes! So when she can stick around and snuggle I take full advantage.

Hopefully this white stuff goes away quickly, because it makes the view from the sun room kinda boring! Maybe Meowmy will take pity on me and give me catnip treats... ;)



March 7th 2013 9:11 pm
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I have been talking to my meowmy for years now, trying to explain to her the wonder of catnip, and why I need to have it all the time. Sometimes I think she gets it, especially when she found these little catnip treats, but then she clearly doesn't understand how often I need to enjoy them. Sigh!

But I have a lot to say, and now, at last, a place to say it! I chat with meowmy in the morning, when she comes home, when she's anywhere near the treat jar, especially when she's walking into the dangerous water chamber of doom, but most of the time her reaction is just to pick me up and rub my paws or smooch my tummy... which I don't really mind... but it's not the same as catnip treats.

Surely there are other kitties here who understand my plight!

Just to be clear, though, I do have other interests than catnip. There's sleeping in the sun room, burrowing under the bedsheets, lying on meowmy or whatever she's working on, keeping an eye on the great outdoors, chasing that infernal tail... and napping, of course.

I just hope she doesn't mind all the extra cat hair on the keyboard!

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