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Picture of Noon, a female Turkish Angora/Domestic Long Hair

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"Noon says "More treats please!""

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Age: 6 Years   Sex: Female
This lovely pic was made for Noon

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"This lovely pic was made for Noon's Gotcha Day by our good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you Meezers & family!"

This party picture was made for Noon

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"This party picture was made for Noon's birthday by our good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you Meezers, we saved a bit of the birthday cake for you too!"

This radiant pic was generously made for Noon

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"This radiant pic was generously made for Noon's DDP & the KCK group by Jameson- DIT #26! Thank you very much Jameson & family!"

This sweet pic was made for Noon

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"This sweet pic was made for Noon's DDP by our good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you very much Meezers (& dont worry Chickadees, Noon won't eat you!)"

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Noon shortly after she came.  Notice the positive difference in her coat & condition in the other photos after she

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"Noon shortly after she came. Notice the positive difference in her coat & condition in the other photos after she'd been here awhile!"

Noon before she had the chance to run away (she

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"Noon before she had the chance to run away (she's camera shy!)"

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Noon below, Gabe above, Marilyn right upper corner

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"Noon below, Gabe above, Marilyn right upper corner"

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Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-pound cat-disabled -cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
May 9th 2012

July 14th 2008


She hasn't yet shown any obvious likes or dislikes.

She hasn't yet revealed any to me.

Favorite Toy:
The only thing she plays with yet is the Turbo Scratcher occasionally.

Favorite Nap Spot:
An out-of-the-way spot at the far end of the long hallway

Favorite Food:
Whiskas meat flavor dry cat food

She hasn't yet revealed them to me. Maybe being mysterious is her special skill!


Arrival Story:
Noon & Gabe both were unwanted & ended up at Animal Control at about the same time although they apparently came from two different homes. Noon was dumped at Animal Control with her 6 kittens. The local petshop was able to help Animal Control place Noon's 6 kittens but nobody wanted either of the two adult cats. The kittens had all been placed a week earlier and Noon remained alone with engorged breasts, sad, miserable, missing her kittens, and unwanted. I felt so sorry for Noon being there uncomfortably engorged with milk, sad, alone, unwanted. The Animal Control man didn't want to have to put Noon or Gabe to sleep so he asked me if I could take them. Of course I agreed & Gabe & Noon joined my feline family here on 5-9-2012 which coincidentally was my grandmother's birthday. Noon is a quiet, gentle, sweet, rather shy cat.

Midnight had just crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, April 17, 2012. Midnight was black. The new female cat was white. Both were long haired. Thus, my son decided to name the new female cat "Noon" since she was the opposite of Midnight. This is how "Noon" got her name. Noon is a sweet shy cat. She will cringe when a human comes toward her & then get out of your way, BUT if you stop, reach out your hand, and talk to her softly she will come up to you. Then you reach your hand out to her very slowly and pet her on top of her head. After this gentle petting, Noon then will act like she's so delighted with being petted & keep trying to get you to pet her more as if she's absolutely starving for affection. However she never solicits petting. She stays out of the way unless the human first invites her to come up to be petted. She is the only one of my cats who is afraid to come up on my bed. In fact, she's a bit fearful to even come into my bedroom and only occasionally will come in and sleep on the floor by the foot of the bed. However if I get up, she will run out of the room as if she's afraid she's done something wrong. In fact most of the time she acts as if she's afraid she might do something wrong even though she has never done anything to get in trouble at all ever since she's been here. She's never yet needed any kind of discipline. I wonder what has happened to her in her life before she came here, to make her so unsure of humans. Noon is a cat that makes me wish it were possible to simply tell her that it's ok for her to come into the bedroom, to solicit petting, to get on the bed etc & stop worrying about getting in trouble for such non-issue things. Hopefully in time Noon will learn it's ok to relax, enjoy life, come up on the bed, come up and solicit petting, & do other similar positive things that the rest of the cats all do with confidence. It's impossible to accurately assess her personality when it's clear that Noon's personality as it is now reflects her past experiences and is not indicative of her actual personality. For this same reason it's equally impossible to know yet just what she likes most, what her pet peeves are, etc. I hope in time she will gain confidence enough to relax & become her true self. I hope that I'll have to change her personality indicators on her profile to higher levels of activity, curiosity, friendliness, vocal qualities, and intelligence & that I'll be able to accurately tell what she likes most, what her pet peeves are, etc. Right now although she's not physically disabled, she's definitely mentally disabled, inhibited by anxiety, lack of confidence, fear, & uncertainty. Hopefully in time she will overcome these problems, relax, & learn that it's safe to enjoy life.

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My Conversation With Dova

October 30th 2013 1:48 pm
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I can't help it. After seeing how well these kittens write, I just had to ask.
"Dova, how did you little guys learn to write so well?"

Dova replied, "You know when most everyone's hanging out in the kitchen?"

"Yes," I replied. "But what does that have to do with writing?"

"Well," Dova said, "While Uno and Buttons are sneaking and laying on top of Chloe's (the bearded dragon) terrarium and everyone else including YOU, is hanging out in the kitchen, we kittens like to take turns perching on Human Mom's shoulder and watching while she's writing. We're busy learning how to write and other useful stuff.

"MOL," I answered. "You also know that you're still too little to make it to the top of the terrarium or the top of the refrigerator and you know that if any human food or canned cat food becomes available, the adult cats hanging around the kitchen will make it to the food and have it eaten before you kittens get a chance, unless Mom is willing to let you eat while she fends everyone else off."

"True," Dova admitted. "Still, we kittens spend most of our time learning. We're like little sponges when it comes to learning! You just watch and see how much more we manage to learn!"


My Newly Discovered Playmate

June 6th 2013 12:47 pm
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Sometimes, you want something and then you find out you have that very thing you wanted, right there under your nose. You simply hadn't yet discovered this fact!

I am an elegant, quiet kitty. By nature, I tend to be slower moving and less boistrous than my "wild child" family members who race through the house and up and down cat trees at breakneck speeds, wrestle vigorously as if they were on a WWE stage, fly across rooms/over objects, and rebound off of walls like tennsi balls. But my middle-aged and older family members are too inactive, too boring. I've been wanting somebody to play with who was sort of active, but who liked to play more slowly and gently the way I like to play.

Today I discovered my ideal playmate. She's not new here. She's not new to me. I simply didn't know she was exactly the playmate I wanted, because we never played together until today. We got to talking and it turns out she felt the same way I do. She doesn't play much with everyone else either, because they are either too wildly energetic or else they are too inactive and boring. So we decided to play together!

After we had played awhile, we both agreed that at least at this time, we are ideal playmates for each other. We share a similar activity level and a liking for gentler play.

It's wonderful when you discover that something you really very much wanted, is already here for you, right under your own nose just waiting for you to notice it, appreciate it, and enjoy it!

Guess who my new playmate is?


Exciting vs Boring Lives

May 27th 2013 1:52 am
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Some of us kitties lead exciting dramatic lives like:
1. Lucy Liu whose progress in recovering from injuries after being hit by a car, has already exceeded expectations (although there's more she still has to try to achieve)
2. Uno, who devotes her intellect and effort to conjuring up all sorts of mischief
3. Velcro, Little Skittles, and others of us who get caught up in Uno's schemes

Those of us who are creatively mischievous "wild child" kitties lead exciting dramatic lives have a lot of diary stories to tell.

But those of us who are quiet, shy, reclusive, well behaved, and choose to stay out of the storm centers swirling around the instigators, troublemakers, and wild child kitties, have much less to write about. I guess you could say that the lives of us peaceful quiet well-behaved kitties is kind of boring.

What is it that makes bad behavior exciting and good behavior boring?

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