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"This beautiful Gotcha Day pic was made for Gabriel by our good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you very much Meezers & family!"

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Age: 10 Years   Sex: Male
This Happy Birthday pic was made for Gabriel by our good friends WeBeesSiameezers
Thank you Meezers & family!

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"This Happy Birthday pic was made for Gabriel by our good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you Meezers & family!"

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"This sweet pic was made for Gabriel's DOTD & the KCK Group by Jameson- DIT #26! & family. Thank you very much Jameson!"

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Gabriel, Gabe

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-pound cat-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
May 9th 2012

April 1st 2004

Cream Point

Laying right in my spot on my bed & going limp when I try to move him

When he bullies a certain other cat & gets in trouble for it

Favorite Toy:
Catnip mice

Favorite Nap Spot:
My spot on the bed & after I make him move, his next favorite nap spot is on my legs

Favorite Food:
Whiskas meat flavor dry food

He has a cute way of getting attention where he stands up on his hind legs, holds his front legs together, and paws the air with his front legs. He's the first cat I ever had who does this & it's adorable.


Arrival Story:
Gabe & Noon both were unwanted & ended up at Animal Control at about the same time although they apparently came from two different homes. Noon was dumped at Animal Control with her 6 kittens. Gabriel was already neutered and had been declawed in front. The local petshop was able to help Animal Control place Noon's 6 kittens but nobody wanted either of the two adult cats. The Animal Control man didn't want to have to put them to sleep so he asked me if I could take them. Of course I agreed & Gabe & Noon joined my feline family here on 5-9-2012 which coincidentally was my grandmother's birthday.

Gabe is a cream point cat who looks white in some lights except for his tail which is obviously cream under most lighting conditions. Gabriel was named after the white longhaired cat Gabriel in the movie "The Crow."

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9 of 9

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3 Cats now! Need help with #2 and #3 getting along!

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March 6th 2013 More than 1 year!

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Gabriel's Gems

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays to All

December 24th 2013 8:54 pm
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From all our kitty family to our families and to our friends past present and future, we wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays whatever your personal beliefs are, a Happy New Year, and a better year ahead than the one you are leaving behind.

Headbutts, purrs, and kitty love to all!


Scary Halloween Cat

October 23rd 2013 12:36 am
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First of all, thank you KCK Group for honoring me with Cat of The Week this week!

Second of all, Mom if you read this, the last line is a joke.

Although in the USA, I'm the wrong color, I still am a Halloween cat. You see my name Gabriel came from the name of the white longhaired cat in the movie "The Crow." The Crow was a movie about events that all take place on Halloween. To me, that's enough to make me a Halloween cat and I can keep having fun acting scary. Most fun of all is scaring Gyselle. There are only two problems with this.

Problem #1 is that Gyselle REALLY hates it when I chase and scare her (Mom calls it "bullying"). What makes it fun though, is that Gyselle runs from me. Mom says if Gyselle would simply turn around, face me, and give me a good swat when I first started to try it, I'd quit doing it. Don't tell her but Mom's right, if Gyselle didnt run, chasing her wouldn't be any fun.

Problem #2 is that Mom ALSO really hates it when I chase and scare Gyselle. However, unlike Gyselle, Mom doesn't run. When she catches me even acting like I'm getting ready to chase Gyselle, she rebukes me for it. Worse than that, if I chase Gyselle too often or get too rough on her when I corner her, Mom will lock me in kitty jail for a month, at least the first time was a month. I don't know how long a second kitty jail sentence would be, I just try not to get caught. (Mom, don't read this!)


Daunting Distractions

September 5th 2013 4:06 pm
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I sit on the bed, trying to catch up on Catster and Dogster things. It's a daunting task because of all the uninvited "help" I'm receiving. Destiny has deposited a number of her toys on the bed and alternates between jumping on and off the bed, throwing toys at me, and dropping toys on my laptop keyboard in attempts to get me to stop typing and throw her toys for her to retrieve them.

Suddenly Destiny stops playing, jumps on the bed, sits in front of me, and whines. I ask if she needs to go out. She promptly runs to her crate, then to the opposite end of the room and lies down, her way of telling me that no, she doesn't need to go out. Then she goes to a spot at the foot of the bed near the center, lies down, and whines. I understand. I go get a flashlight and look. There under the bed just out of her reach, sits her favorite toy, her treat ball. I fish out her treat ball for her and return to my laptop.

Laying in front of my laptop, where he has been since I sat down to catch up on Catster and Dogster, lies Gabriel. In spite of Destiny's bouncing on and off the bed, throwing toys, dropping them on us, sticking her nose in his rear, licking his face, and sniffing him, Gabriel has refused to move from his spot between me and my laptop. However he too has been busy contributing to making my catchup tasks daunting. He has managed to yet again for the nth time, wind my trackball cord around his legs and repositioned himself so I now have to dig my trackball out from underneath him and close a few windows he's somehow accidentally opened. At least he hasn't shut the window in which I was sending a gift to a friend.

Laying nearby me on a pillow is Buttons. Destiny suddenly decides she wants to stick her nose in Buttons face. Startled, he hisses and bops her on the nose. She jumps backward in surprise, knocking my laptop over backwards as she goes. I reposition my laptop, tell Destiny to leave Buttons alone, and attempt to return to catching up.

Like a flash of black lightning, Uno leaps out of the sky and flies across my laptop keyboard, which adds all sorts of interesting characters to what I'm trying to type. Barreling along close behind her comes Destiny, hoping to get at least a good sniff or lick in on Uno before Uno gets out of her reach again. Uno leaps to the headboard, kicking a stack of books down on my head in her wake. I pick up the books, again fish my trackball out from underneath Gabriel, and yet again return to the task of catching up.

Suddenly Destiny decides that she really does need to go outside. I get the leash and take her out. Upon my return, I find that once again Gabe has rewound the trackball cord around his legs, has the trackball under his chest, and is moving the ball itself around with his forepaws. I again have to reclaim my trackball and its cord from Gabe. I try to move him away from my laptop. Being a true Ragdoll, Gabe immediately goes limp, turns into a dead weight, and makes it hard as possible for me to move him. I finally get him moved and Destiny comes and drops her treat ball on my keyboard, wanting me to throw it for her. I throw the treat ball. Gabe immediately returns to his chosen spot between me and my laptop and of course he twines the trackball cord around his legs again in the process. This time he left the trackball and enough of the cord free that I'm still able to use the trackball without having to disentangle it from him so I let him stay there. Now except for occasionally having to throw a toy for Destiny to retrieve, I'm managing to make progress on catching up without too much interruption.

Oh well, on the positive side of things, at least Destiny and the cats and their antics and adventures give me material to write about in their diaries!

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