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Xena the Warrior Princess

You say it's my Birthday, da da da da da da da da.

August 4th 2013 5:51 am
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2, Me the Princess is 2. Why I don't feel a day over 1. And I look marvelous. Better every day. So the skin people made a fuss over me yesterday. They fed me roasted chicken, yum, but I would have probably like raw better. I got to play with my balls and actually had a pretty good day. I trained my skin people well.

The time has flown by since my last entry. All 4 of the skin grandchildren were here this summer. I got mega attention, especially from my oldest granddaughter Mackenzie who adores me, and I deserved it. It seems quiet with them all gone now. Just the dog to pick on. I will adjust. Thank you everyone for leaving me good messages for my birthday. I am humbled.


I am so excited

April 22nd 2013 6:37 am
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Skin servant bought me a cat tower today. I deserve it of course. It has a fur lined box to sleep in, a round fur line place to lie and a fur lined platform on top for me to lay. She has been looking for one for a long time, one she could afford. She tried craigslist, freecycle, no luck. Went to ebay this morning and found out they are really cheap on ebay. Yeah. I can't wait until I get it. She didn't get Hoss anything, ha ha. They are always buying him things. To bad Hoss, I am the Princess!

There was one shaped like a castle but it didn't look comfortable to lay on and it is all about my comfort.



April 7th 2013 6:49 am
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Wow, my skin servant told me I was a Diary pick of the day. Thanks catster. I am honored. My skin servant added some new pics of me to celebrate.

Spring is here. The servants have been leaving a window open so I can look outside and watch the birds and rabbits. And I have seen the tom cat that might be my father hanging around. He used to attack me when I lived outside but one day I got my courage up and chased him out of my yard. That is how I got my name. I am the warrior.

Skin mom is getting a new job. Today is her last night at her old job and she will now be home every night with us so I can sleep with her every single night. I reward her with my presence for taking such good care of me.

Once again thanks everyone. Don't you think my eyes look lovely in my new pics. My skin mom took the pictures.


Another new food

April 1st 2013 6:53 am
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Yesterday my skin servant bought me a new food and this morning I tried it. I love it. It is called Freshpet and she got it at HyVee. It is a frozen complete meal and it is yummy. Thanks skin servant, I the princess approve.


Hoss is mad at me.

March 19th 2013 3:50 pm
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Now I know a time or two where Hoss has accidentally torn skin servants skin. It was an accident I tell you. We were playing! Heck, she isn't mad at me. But now since skin mom has an infection Hoss is blaming me. He calls me a dirty animal since humans seem to get infected sometimes when cats scratch. Well, Hoss doesn't even like to take baths! How dirty is that. I lick him all the time trying to keep him clean and is this the thanks I get! DOGS!


I am the Queen of all I can see

March 18th 2013 6:08 am
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I am so full of energy and have been driving the skin servants crazy being naughty. I am not naughty, I am adventurous and fearless. Yes, I can jump on that tall shelf after all and no, I did not deliberately try to break that plate. Can I help it if it wasn't glued down. No. How was I to know it was so old and so what anyway, it was just some old plate!

I have found if I run from the bedroom real fast I can jump on the dog and leap half way across the room before he can even react. I can be under the bed or behind the dresser before he can catch me. Ha, I am the warrior princess.

Yesterday I was playing with the female skin servant and accidently ripped her hand open. Blood all over, can I help it if she is so easily torn? No, but I got my nails clipped again.

2 days ago I jumped on the kitchen table and accidentally spilled soup that was hot! I was glad it didn't spill on me but sorry it fell on skin dad who did this weird little dance and made lots of noise for awhile. I decided a nap behind the bed was called for until he got over the drama of it all.

Skin servant female says she might have to crate me at night since I seem to like to break things in the dark. She is getting tired of waking up to a crash of one of her pretties breaking. I think she should just put them away so I don't have to worry about them.

I don't know why I have been so, how can I say this, bratty lately. I think it is the long winter. Skin servant is looking for a kitty tower for me. She is hoping I will climb on that instead of her china cabinet. It depends, it will have to be fit for a princess.


Wow, How exciting

March 10th 2013 1:43 pm
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I was very excited to find out I had made Diary of the day. Thanks Catster! The female servant has been working her night shift all week and didn't get time to check the computer much so we just found out. Thanks for all your comments on my diary also, I am deeply honored.

Usually as the Princess I try to stay aloof and regal, but dear subjects, I is pleased.

2 days ago it was nice out. The female was happily going on about her daffodils were coming up. Yesterday it rained. The yucky snow melted away and I can see a lake in our yard. Then last night more of that snow and wind and we are covered again. For pete's sake. I want to go outside in my kitty tent and enjoy the warm weather and watch the birds. Last year a bird landed right on top of my tent. I crouched way down and snuck up and bam, scared it to death nearly. Boy was that fun. I think my female servant should figure out a way to put food up there so I could do that every day.

Thank you for every one who invited me to be friends and join in groups. When my servant is finished working her work I will have her figure out how to accept and start visiting your diaries also. Thanks again everyone.


Eating the Raw

March 7th 2013 7:41 am
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A while back the female servant read that dry food isn't good for cats like she thought it was. Personally I don't know anything about it, I love the dry she gave me. But she decided to get me switched to can or raw food. That's when I had to live up to the names people have for cats. Picky.

She brought home 3 different types of wet canned foods that where recommended from something called the Whole Dog food journal. The first one smelled good, I took a small dainty bite. Yick. Not my cup of tea. Same with the 2nd and 3rd. Hey, I am not the one who wants to trade food here. Give me my rabbit kibble back. I love the smelly stuff.

We tried about 5 more cans. Man servant was getting tired of buying food I wouldn't eat and woman servant was tired of me following her around demanding my old food back. Hoss, my dog friend loved it. He got anything I didn't eat. He isn't as picky. He will eat almost anything.

Female servant kept trying. Next she decides a prepared raw diet might be something I would eat. It comes frozen in little balls. Believe it or not I do try and make them happy so I tried it. Hummm not bad. Not bad at all. I could eat this one. I eat it and then still demand my dry because, well I am a demanding master.

I got both for awhile but slowly female servant stopped giving me the dry. That is kind of sad because I do really like that one. But she got me some rabbit treats so I am happy. Still get my rabbit and this raw food doesn't come in rabbit where my servants get my food.

So it has taken me about 4 weeks to get switched over completely. I tell them I am doing it for them but the truth is, it isn't half bad. OK, they win this time.


Driving them CRAZY

March 6th 2013 12:47 pm
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I have been picking on my servants today. Want to see how far I can push them just because I am bored. Because of Hoss all my toys have to be in the back room because he chews on them and may choke, poor baby....

I decided to claw on the couch. I like laying on my side and then using my claws to zoom along the floor the length of the couch, what fun. Female servant told me to knock it off. Swooshed me away. I wait until she is busy again and do it again. She stops me and tells me again to knock it off. So I go behind the couch and claw my way to top. Xena, stop it. Next thing I know I am being squirted with that green water bottle. Ha. That can't stop the Warrior Princess.

I tear across the room into the kitchen and then speed back, back to the back of the couch and claw up right behind her neck. Gotcha! She grabs the bottle and I taunt her, just try to spray me and am out of reach before she can spray. She watches me, daring me to move, I sit and sweetly lick my paw. She sits and I am off again. Zip along the front of the couch. She leaps up. Xena, how would you like to live without your toes she asks me.

Little worry about that. She is like Hoss, all bark, no bite. I am the Warrior Princess, no one can catch me.

That is getting a little boring. Jump up on the book shelf and wait until she looks. Daintily knock off the picture of Hoss to the floor. Speed out of her reach and under the kitchen table. Spy a piece of Hoss's kibble I stole from his bowl earlier and start batting it like crazy around the room until I bat it under the fridge. My servant doesn't know it but I have enough batted under there to feed Hoss for a week.

All this fun has made me hungry. Turn on the Warrior Princess's meow to full volume and start demanding something to eat. I follow her all over, into the bathroom, into the bedroom, getting louder and louder. As she walks by I grab her pant leg. She looks sweetly down at me, picks me up.............. and takes me into the bathroom and clips my claws.

Oh crap. I had just gotten them sharp again. Oh poor me. Such a poor little kitty. I give a very sad little pathetic squeak and look at her with my biggest saddest eyes. Her eyes get all soft and she gives me some rabbit treats. She is so easy to manipulate.

All this training of them has worn me out. Time to nap. I have to be rested for the middle of the night training. I have been judging it for days. I am pretty sure I can jump up to that 4th shelf where she keeps her pretty marbles. They will be fun to bat around in the wee hours.


How I found my family to serve me.

March 5th 2013 10:09 am
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I was cold, hungry and scared. How did I come to be a abandoned kitty? I was cute, sweet, lovable, and here I was, homeless and hungry. And lost in the woods. I tried my best to catch birds and mice but I have to admit, a natural born hunter I wasn't. Things were getting bad. I was getting very very skinny. I needed to find me a home.

I stopped by a house and talked to their outdoor cat. He said he wouldn't share his home with me but if I could make it through the woods there was a family that always feed the stray cats, I could get a meal there. So back into the scary woods I went. I met some big turkeys and tried to catch one to eat but they all chased me. They are much bigger up close. I ran and ran.

Finally coming through the woods I see a house. Is that the one? There is a man out there working on some machine. I go up to him and start to give him my loudest purrrrrrr. Hey kitty he says. Boy, you look skinny. Hummmm, he seems friendly, now for the next step. I go up and rub against his legs purring the entire time. He reaches down to pet me and says again. Man, you are really skinny. Hold on, I have something for you and went into the house. Then he comes out with a bowl with some food. Cat food, and he isn't even owned by a cat. Wow.

I ate and ate and ate. Then he gave me some fresh cold water. Heavenly. Drinking out of mud puddles is gross, this is so much better.

When I was full I went to their lawn chair and took a nap. He didn't know it yet but I was claiming him and his home as mine.

Later on the woman came out. What cat is this she asked the man. Another stray. Pretty thin, did you feed it she asked. Time to win her over also. So back to rubbing against her and purring, following her all over the lawn and doing my best to look adorable and cute. When she picked me up she said it was like picking up air. I was that skinny. Under 5 pounds.

So for the next week I hung around being sweet and adorable. They tried to find my owners but no one was looking for me. No one at all. So they tried to find me a home. No one wanted me. I am hurt about that. To know me is to love me.

This family had a very old sick dog. The dog was scared of cats because their son has a mean old cat who attacks and wounds any dogs it sees. They don't think it would work for me to stay because of their dog. Heck, I can win that dog over, just give me a chance. So every time they came out with the dog I went to greet her. Purring loudly I followed the both of them around until the dog started not being as nervous about me. The man started leaving the garage open for me to sleep in at night and I could tell they were starting to see what a great cat I was.

I was feeling pretty good about the family I had chosen. They were kind and fed me regularly and played with me. Their granddaughter was in love with me. Next thing I knew they put me in a box with holes and stuck me in a noisy machine. I could tell it were moving. Oh No. Had I misjudged them?

We went to a place that smelled like a lot of animals. They told them I was no name because they were going to try and find me a good home if I was healthy and after I got fixed. A lady looked me all over and they stuck a needle in me and took some of my blood. My woman servant was petting me and telling me it was going to be OK. That is when they found out I was a girl kitty and estimated to be about 9 months old. Old enough to have babies of my own. The lady put some oil in my ears and told my new servants that I was healthy. And happily they put me back in the box and took me home again. Wow, that was close. I thought I was going to be dumped in the woods again.

A week later they stuck me back in that box again and back to that ladies I go. Now what. But they had given me my own name. The day before a big old tom cat came into what I know think of as my yard. He tried to steal my food. I was up to 6 and half pounds and this cat looked like he weighed 20 pounds but I wasn't going to give up all I had worked for. So I chased him all the way out of the yard and into the woods. My woman servant said I was like Xena the warrior princess. And that is how I got my name.

Anyway, all I know is that when I woke up I was missing a lot of hair on my tummy and something hurt. Ouch. What did I do to deserve that?

When we got home they put me in a large cage in their living room. I had made into the house. This was kind of scary. And in a cage! But it had water and food, they had bought me a soft bed and there was a place to go bathroom. I was so tired I slept most of the day. That night I woke up scared and started to yowl as loud as I could. And because I hurt I kept it up for 3 days and 3 nights. When they let me out of the cage I ran and leaped at the windows and doors. Let me out of here! Back in the cage. Don't hurt yourself the woman said. You have to be careful. She gave me some stuff that made the pain better and petted me.

After 3 days I felt better and could tell my new servants were really tired. I had better get back on track and be good before they changed their minds. So I quieted down. They let me out and I went back to endearing myself to the dog. Put I couldn't resist that tail, man was that fun to chase and play with. I laid on their laps and was sweet and cute and got to stay in the house where it was warm. All I had to do was get real pesty and I got food, there was plenty of fresh water in the dogs water fountain. And they gave me toys to play with.

So here I am. Sadly my friend the ole dog died from the cancer that had made her so sick. That really made me sad. I really had gotten fond of that big ole dog. And the guinea pig I learned not to try and eat got old and died also. He was 9 years old which I guess is really old for a guinea pig. All of a sudden I was the only pet. It was nice but not nice. But that didn't last too long. My servants came home with another dog. A big dog. I made sure right from the get go he knew who was boss and now we are good friends. Bad thing is he hasn't got a tail. But we can't have everything. Well, wait, I think I did find everything.

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