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Buttons Speaks Up

A Wonderful Reunion

November 28th 2014 3:22 pm
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Several months ago, for the first time ever in our lives, my brother Velcro was suddenly unexpectedly taken away from me. Being that I am shy and not that confident, and my brother is outgoing and has plenty of confidence for us both, we were very close until he suddenly went away. I felt lost without him and I turned to our human Mom for comfort. I wanted to be by Mom's side as much as possible. Now I'm just a little kitty so I don't know why I felt that way. There's a lot I don't understand about any of this. All I understand is that I missed my brother very much, I was lost without him, I wish he hadn't gone away, and I was somewhat afraid the one other living being I depended upon (Mom) might leave me too.

Time passed. When Mom had to be in the hospital and others came to care for us in her absence, I would spend my time hiding under the bed. I was afraid, afraid of these other people, afraid something might happen to me, afraid Mom might not come back. However to my immense relief, Mom always came back.

Finally a little over a week ago, I got the biggest surprise of my life. Russ came to take care of things here while Mom had her most recent and hopefully last! surgery. He also brought a cat in a crate with him. Mom put the cat in the big cage in the living room where she usually puts newcomers so they can adjust. As I always do when there's anyone in the house except Mom, I spent my time hiding under the bed except for the necessary quick sneak trips to the food, water, and litter. After two days, Russ opened the cage and the cat came out. The cat hissed at us other cats. Then tbe cat sneaked under the bed where I was hiding.

The cat immediately started licking my cheek and I instantly realized this newcomer was no newcomer at all. It was my brother Velcro! Why he left, what happened to him, why he came back, I know none of these things. All I know is that Velcro and I are happily back together again. Mom came back from the hospital, Russ left, and now Velcro and I have been spending lots of time washing each other and purring on Mom's bed!


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

November 13th 2013 3:32 am
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"Hey Mom LOOK! You gotta see this!"

Mom mutters something unintelligible from the depths of her blankets. I shoo some of the other cats off Mom's blankets so she isn't quite so warm and comfortable and then I poke her with my cold nose.

"Wake UP Mom, at least for a minute. You simply HAVE to see THIS!"

Mom sleepily mutters, "What?"

"You're not gonna believe this Mom." (Aha now she's beginning to wake up!)

"Believe what, Buttons?" Mom asks me.

"I got another Daily Diary Pick today, second place pick! How about that?"

"You serious or am I dreaming?" Mom asks me.

"I'm serious. I was the one who thought I was dreaming yesterday when I got the ultimate thrilling shock of my DOTD. Now you ask me if you're dreaming!"

"Nothing wrong with a little role reversal when I'm half asleep anyway," Mom replies. "Now may I catch a little more sleep before Megamouth (Destiny) wakes up?"

"Sure Mom, just as long as you leave the laptop open so I can type!"

As Mom rolls over to go back to sleep and kitties settle down again around her, I began typing this diary entry. Let me now close by saying once again, thank you for today's honor that tops the thrills of the previous amazing honors. A DOTD and then a DDP the very next day! Four diary awards in seven days! Thank you so much Catster Diary Person, thank you, thank you, thank you. And again thank you to everyone else for your appreciation of me and my diary.

Isn't it AMAZING what good things can happen to a quiet little kitty who unlike some of our other family members, do my best to stay out of trouble?


Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better

November 12th 2013 8:03 am
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Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than two DDPs in a row, I woke up today, checked diary central, and found the biggest surprise of all waiting there for me. I looked, blinked, looked again. Then I woke Mom up and told her to look at the diary central page.

"Am I dreaming?" I asked Mom. "Or does it really say I actually got DOTD today?"

Mom yawned, looked at the page, and told me, "No Buttons, you're not dreaming. It really DOES say you got Diary of the Day today. Wow way to go boy. I'm proud of you! Just for that you're going to get some tuna today!"

"Thanks Mom," I replied, grateful that kitties have plenty of fur on their faces so humans can't see them blush. "Wow Mom, maybe you should pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming."

Just then Moo attacked my tail and gave it a good nip. "MrrOW!" I told him. "Not so rough!"

"Now you know you're not dreaming!" Moo sassily retorted as he deftly slipped out of reach before my swat could land on him.

Thank you Catster Diary Person for giving me, Buttons, one of the quietest kitties in my family, the ultimate honor of DOTD. Thank you also to everyone for your stars, rosettes, pawmails, comments etc. and for your caring and appreciation of me and my diary. And NO thank you to Moo for biting my tail!


Thrill Topper

November 9th 2013 9:26 pm
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I was absolutely thrilled when I got my very first DDP ever. But this was topped by the most incredible thrill of all when I got another DDP the very next day. Now I'm the first & so far only cat in my family to ever get DDP two days in a row. Thank you Catster Diary Person and thank you everyone else for appreciating me, the quiet brother, and my diary.


My Very First Ever DDP

November 7th 2013 4:55 pm
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Hi, I'm Buttons the quiet brother (Velcro is the mischievous brother!). I was so awed and thrilled to get my very first DDP today. Thank you Catster Diary Person for honoring me with my very first DDP.

BTW I don't write as much in my diary as some of our other family members because while they are rambunctious, mischievous, talkative, outgoing, creative, and clever; I'm quiet and a bit bashful. My favorite things to do are helping Buddha wash other kitties and snuggling up with my brother Velcro.

Thank you for your appreciation of me and my diary. I have to go now, Moo is headbutting me and sticking the top of his neck under my chin which means he wants me to wash him. I like washing other kitties and making them happy.



November 2nd 2013 1:45 pm
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As I sit here on the bed, I'm surrounded by cats. Farrah, Gabriel, Lily, Lucy Liu, Lefty, Righty, Buddha, Dova, Moo, Buttons and Jag are all piled up together around me. Uno occupies her favorite spot on my lap between me and my laptop. Little Skittles lays above me on the headboard. Buttons is washing Jag. Most of the cats accept the kittens now.

The kittens first came 9-14-13. It has taken this long for the majority of the adult cats to accept the kittens. It can take even longer for a new adult cat to adjust because a new kitten will usually get over its fear far faster than a new adult will. The biggest mistake people make when bringing a new cat or kitten into the household is expecting adjustment to happen too quickly. Sometimes, as in the case of Buddha, a resident cat will accept a new kitten quickly. However, most of the time it takes a minimum of two weeks to two months to integrate a new cat or kitten into the resident feline family. With a new adult cat, it can take even longer, particularly if that cat is fearful. Classy is a good example of this. After a short period of freedom of the house, her fear of the other cats gets the best of her and she either returns to the security of her crate on her own or if she's in another room afraid of walking past other cats to get back to her crate, I will take her back to her crate. Aurora on the other hand, is a bit more confident. She's not afraid of the other cats unless they get close enough to actually touch her. Then she hisses and swats at them. The other cats just back away out of her reach when she does this. I haven't seen anyone even attempt to swat her back.

When you bring a new kitten or cat into a household with other cats, be patient and allow plenty of time for the newcomer to adjust. I tell people to allow a minimum of two weeks to two months for a new kitten or cat to adjust and not to be surprised if it takes longer, especially for a new adult. If adjustment happens sooner, then you got lucky.

As I sit here finishing up writing this, Dova gets up and in the process of leaving the bed, he steps on some of the other cats. They just give him dirty looks then settle back down to their naps. Buttons continues washing Jag. Moo headbutts Buttons and Buttons turns and starts washing him too. It's a nice peaceful kitty afternoon.


A Word From The Quiet Brother

July 15th 2013 8:21 pm
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Hi, in case you didn't know, my name is Buttons.
Although both my brother Velcro and I are part Maine Coon, I am a shorthair brown classic tabby. He is a brown mackerel tabby. He's also the one who looks like a Maine Coon with his abundant long hair and large size. On the other hand, I'm small, as small as some of the girls around here.

Mom tells me I'm a really sweet kitty. I tend to be quiet and stay out of trouble, unlike my brother Velcro MOL. She also likes it that I've been emulating Buddha in befriending and washing other kitties. Buddha is braver than I am when it comes to Destiny though. He will let her sniff him. I get scared and hiss at her. Buddha says she won't hurt me but she's like a giant compared to me. Just one of her feet looks almost as big as my head!


Buttons In Buddha's Pawsteps

April 24th 2013 8:16 pm
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Buttons is Velcro's litter brother and in a way the two are exact opposites. Velcro shows his Maine Coon blood in his coat, appearance, and massive size. Buttons is medium sized and short haired and hardly shows his Maine Coon blood in his appearance at all. Velcro is a brown mackerel tabby. Buttons is a brown classic tabby. Velcro is doglike in his ways, Buttons is unquestionably feline in his ways. Velcro loves water, enjoys baths, likes to swim, and laughs at spray bottle discipline tactics. Buttons hates water except for drinking. Just picking up a spray bottle is enough to convince him to stop naughty behavior or vacate a place (such as the kitchen countertops) that he knows is supposed to be off limits to cats. Velcro likes to challenge the rules and get into mischief.

Buttons however, is taking a different course in his life that's most interesting for me to watch. Once he outgrew most of his kittenhood brattiness, he started following Buddha around and emulating Buddha's actions. Buddha is the most exceptional cat I've ever known. He lives up to his name every day of his life. I can't even remember when I last heard him hiss or growl or show any anger at all. More and more, Buttons is emulating Buddha in attitude.

Most of the other cats come to Buddha to get their ears, backs of their necks, tops of their heads, under their chins, etc hard to reach places washed. Buttons quite often will be right beside Buddha, helping wash the other cats.

Buddha is over 10 now and he's showing signs of age. His chin is grayed, he's lost some teeth, and he shows age in his muscle tone. In some ways, Lily who is 14, seems younger than Buddha is. Her teeth are in amazing condition for her age, comparable to those of a 3 to 4 year old. I always hoped Buddha would age slowly. Sometimes I wonder what Buddha knows that I don't, if he foresees a future beyond what I'm able to see, and if there's a hidden purpose and intent in his mentoring Buttons. Only time will reveal the answers to these painful questions I ask myself.

In the meantime, I'm glad to see Buttons following in Buddha's pawsteps.

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