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My Gotcha Day

February 12th 2015 5:57 pm
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Thank you to everyfur who remembered me on my Gotcha Day. This was my first one at the Rainbow Bridge so it was hard for me and I know that Mama J was sad and especially missed me that day.

I never dreamed how busy I would be at the Rainbow Bridge! I am on the official greeting committee and I get to fly new angels to the Master Wingmaker for their custom-designed wings. They we head to the Butterfy Meadow for flying lessons. When we finish it is always exciting to watch our new angels head back to earth for their first visit with their loved ones.

Remember that your angels are always with you in spirit. We leave you little signs that we have visited - so keep your eyes open!



Meowlo From the Rainbow Bridge

September 7th 2014 9:40 am
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I have been at the Bridge over three months now and I've seen so many of my friends here!

Once I got my wings I was able to fly down and visit Mama J. She loves it when I fly through the wind chimes in the backyard and say Meowlo to her. I run through the house too and a couple of times she has seen me!

I was warmly welcomed into the Pink Angel Brigade by Tallulah, Nat Cat, Bella, Avail, and Stripey. We all have pink wings and we sprinkle pink angel dust on our earth friends and family who need comfort and healing. Each kitty on earth who is fighting mammary cancer has a member of the Pink Angel Brigade assigned to be their Pink Guardian Angel. Sadly we are very busy because mammary cancer is the third most common cancer in cats. I just got assigned to a new kitty today. Her name is Lisa and she is recovering from her second mastectomy.



My Tenth Life

May 24th 2014 3:51 pm
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Dear Friends,

On May 22, 2014 I made my crossing to the Rainbow Bridge. From the moment Mama J had noticed my labored breathing nine days earlier we had hoped and prayed that the cause was something that could be managed or even cured. But that was not to be. So Mama J and Daddy B made the hardest decision that our parents ever make, to give me that final unselfish gift of love.

My crossing to the Rainbow Bridge was very peaceful. I was in our home where I have always been safe, loved, warm and protected. Mama J and Daddy B were with me. Mama J wrapped me in her arms and Daddy B and Dr. Calvin stroked my fur. The last words I heard on earth were Mama J saying, "We love you." Then I began my journey to this beautiful place where there is no pain, no cancer, no cruelty, only light and love.

My time on earth is over but my 10th life has just begun. My mission to raise awareness of breast cancer in animals continues. I hope you'll join me in my mission my friends.

XX Sugar


Asking for Big Purrs Tomorrow

May 9th 2013 1:57 pm
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Hello my friends. It has been sometime since I've written here. It's hard cuz the news I have to share is not what I'd like it to be.

About 2 1/2 weeks ago Mom gave me a Sugar Rub! and she found a lump in the very same place as the first one. Well she was so upset and disappointed too since my prognosis after my unilateral mastectomy had been so good.

I went to the oncologist the next day and two days later I had surgery to remove it. Turns out is was a local recurrence and there was some good news, it had not gone into my lymph nodes and my lung x-ray was clear.

The not so good news is that now I have to have chemotherapy. My first treatment is tomorrow.

Please purr for me that the chemo will get rid of any cancer cells that may still be there *and* that I tolerate it well.

And please be sure your humans give you your Sugar Rubs!! Both of my lumps were found by my mom!!



An article in the Catster Magazine! Thank You Castster!

April 4th 2013 12:45 pm
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Me-wow yesterday Mom's article about me and feline breast cancer was in the Catster Magazine! How pawsome is that??

We sure do appreciate that Catster is helping us get the word out about animal mammary cancer!

In case you were busy catnapping and didn't get a chance to read it here's the web address of the story: -cats

Thanks again to Catster and all of my purrtabulous furiends who are part of the Sugar Rub! mission.



A Serendipitous Opportunity!

March 28th 2013 5:30 pm
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Hello Catster Furiends!

Well you may have heard there is a contest going on for Modern Cat Magazine. Mom has entered me cuz it's for the Fall/Winter cover and since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month she thinks it would be pawsome if I was the cover cat!

So that's the serendipitous part!

It would be a purrtastic way to get the word out about animal breast cancer that's fur sure!

We'd appreciate a vote from you. You can actually vote every 12 hours. But here's a catch, if you are a subscriber and logged in, you can only vote once. So Modern Cat suggests not being logged in when you vote.



Every Day is a Gift!

March 23rd 2013 6:59 am
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That's why they call it the PURResent!

Happy Caturday my friends. Don't furget to give someone a *nosekiss* today!

SWANK (Sealed-With-A-Nose-Kiss),


Living with Cancer

March 20th 2013 12:44 pm
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I was diagnosed about two months ago and Mom is still getting used to it. You see even though the lump and the mammary gland chain on my right side (where the lump was) have been removed, I still have cancer. It's just that I don't have any obvious symptoms right now. I am in remission. And I feel great. I'm my same old sweet self, doing all of the things I love to do, eat, sleep, play, eat, love on Mom, eat, wrestle with Little Bit, eat, sleep, eat *giggles* you get the picture.

But there are no guarantees that it won't re-surface. My oncologist told Mom & Dad that based on the size of my lump, the fact that my lung x-ray was clear, and that there was no evidence of the cancer in my lymph nodes, the expectation is for me to have two more years here on earth. That's an average of course, it could be less or it could be more. It's cancer and and there are no guarantees.

Mom is trying very hard not to live in fear of my cancer coming back. She loves on me and my sisfurs so much and she cherishes every moment. But sometimes it gets the best of her. She loves to lay her head on my side and hear my purr. Sometimes she watches me sleeping or lying in the sun and she can't help but cry.

I guess that's the yin and the yang of it all. Bad things remind us to cherish the good things.

So, yes I am living with cancer. And the important word is "living".



COTD and I had a PURRfect day!

March 19th 2013 7:14 am
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Me-wow what a lovely surprise to be Catster Cat of the Day yesterday. Thank you for selecting me Catster!

Mom was really surprised when she got that wonderful email and then I started getting pmails and rosettes and the fun just kept on from there! We enjoyed all of it so much especially the loving and heartfelt messages. They mean so much to us.

I will thank each of you individually, but for now please know how much Mom and I appreciate your support, encouragement and kindness. We feel the power of your love and we BeliEVE.



Animal Breast Cancer Awareness - The Sugar Rub! Mission

March 14th 2013 8:31 pm
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Thank you Catster for selecting me as a Daily Diary Pick today. It truly is an honor!

I really appurciate it cuz it helps me with the Sugar Rub! mission:

1. Raise awareness that pets get breast cancer.
2. Encourage pet owners to do regular breast exams on their pets.
3. Raise funds for animal breast cancer research.

Mom has been working so hard to get the word out. She set up the
Sugar Rub! website and my Facebook page.

She's got a few other things in the works, but we don't want to let the cat out of the bag on those just yet MOL!

In closing I just want to meow a big Thank You to all of you who have been so supportive of me and my furmily! And thanks to these purrtastic kitties who concatulated me today on my DDP:

Natasha & Furmily
Smiley Cassanova
Dusty the Dogcat & Furmily
Mac & Furmily


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