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A normal day for Ebony.

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Enjoying Spring !!!!!

April 23rd 2016 11:30 am
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It's been a few months since I have written in my diary so I thought I would finally do it...The last few weeks have been awesome..You all know what an avid bird watcher I am and there have been SO many of them coming to visit me. They love spring time as much as I do :)

I sit in my window every morning feeling the warm sunshine on my face watching and listening to the birdies.. Mom says they are singing good morning to me..I do really enjoy them..

Since I wrote last I have gotten myself a boyfriend..His name is Homer and he is a Bombay cat just like me and he is SO handsome :) He also treats me SO special. I got SO lucky becoming his girlfriend. I am REALLY in love :) He is SO awesome !!!!!

Things at home have been good for me but a little rough for mom but noooooooooo worry's cause me and Mr. Kitty know just how to help mom smile and feel better mentally and physically. We are her helpers..Me, mom and Mr.Kitty have always known that we have some of the most bestest friends here at Catster but lately all our friends have really been there for mom and for that me and Mr. Kitty love you all.

Okay I have to get back to the birdies...They are calling my name...MOL...


Our new life !!!!

September 24th 2015 5:42 pm
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Hi everyone it has been so long since I have written..I entitled my diary entry "Our new life" cause my mom has finally had her last back surgery and is now on the "FULL" road to recovery and our whole life will be different now.
I had a BIG job the last few months being moms nurse and brother Mr. Kitty was moms other Doctor..MOL..We were both very busy taking care of mom cause see when mom feels good she like to play with me and brother and we love that soooooooo much...MOL...

Our life is gonna be better now cause mom will feel better and not be in pain everyday and that makes me and Mr. Kitty very happy.. Mom says that 2016 is gonna be our year !!!!! A year that will be full of smiles and happiness and lot's and lot's of play time...I can't wait..

Mom loves me and Mr. Kitty so much and we know that and we also know that she would do anything for us but we have shown her that we would do anything for her to...We have a pawsome family me, mom and Mr. Kitty and mom says she wouldn't trade it for the WHOLE world and I agree I wouldn't either..


It has been awhile..

September 4th 2014 2:54 pm
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Gosh it sure has been awhile since me and mom been on Catster..I am happy mom got thru with all these itchy fleas trying to stop us..:( We don't like them..
Well I have been real busy the last few months. As most of you know mom had this major spine surgery done and when she came home I had to take over. I instantly became nurse Ebby :) I stayed by mom's side and made things easier on her..I knew there were days she really wanted to play with me cause play time is a big thing in our house but she couldn't do it quite yet so I entertained her..MOL..I did the zoomies for mom those always make her giggle.. Zoom across the room, up on the table..Stop and roll on my back and look at mom with that "I'm cute huh" look and take off again..Wheeeee I go..Mom is laughing..Mom was like that for a few months where she needed my help but I came thru like the "Super princess Ebby" I am...:) Mom is still having some problems but she is doing better everyday and that is cause of me at least that is what she always tells me..
We really miss being on the games and groups like we used to but it is hard enough at times for mom to get on the computer then the darn fleas have to jump in and make it harder..Uugh :( We will start trying to get on here more we miss our friends and then there are some new friends to meet :)
I am off to the windows to do my afternoon sunbathing..That is my relaxation time after working so hard for mom..Hey being a "Super princess" can be tiring..MOL..Love and hugs to all :)


I'm back...

June 17th 2014 9:07 am
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Ebby runs in the room with her paw raised up waving hi to all her friends..Hey my awesome friends it's me Ebby and I am back....MOL...Me and mom had to be gone for awhile cause mom had this major surgery done and it has taken her awhile to get better but she has and most of it is thanks to me..MOL...Nurse Ebby !!!!! I took the best care of mom when she hurt..I mean who needs a Dr. or pills when you have me to help make you smile, laugh and just feel good inside :)

It has taken mom some time but she is finally back to her normal self and we are playing again...Yay Ebby is happy :) I love to play and so does mom but see I'm a zoomer I mean I love to run and zoom from room to room...Zooooooom Ebby goes up and down and all around the house she goes..Mom tries to keep up with me but I am running so fast she can't..MOL..So she just sits down and laughs while watching me and waits until I tire out..MOL..Then if I still want to play which I usually do I only need a 2 minute break she will get that feather toy and put it up by my scratcher and up I go climbing around my scratch post like it was a tree..MOL..I finally tire out and plop on the floor like I just ran a marathon and that's when I get the kisses..Oh mom not that again...Okay do it and get it over with so she proceeds to kiss on me and give me so many hugs..Wanna know a secret I act like I don't like it but I really do..Mol..

Well that's about it for now as I said me and mom are glad to be back on Catster with all our friends..Everything over here is peachy and me and mom are doing great together..Remember play time, smiles and lot's of laughter makes everything so much better...:) Love and hugs to you all....


My 2 year gotcha Day !!!

April 12th 2014 12:43 pm
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Well it's been awhile since mom has been able to write in my diary because of physical problems she has been having..We have missed so much on the programs but thanks to all my wonderful friends that understand and are there for us we love you ALL for being such wonderful people and friends..
Tomorrow the 13th is my gotcha day..Me and mom been together for 2 years !!!! Mom looks at me and remembers this little 7 month old sweet kitten that she just totally fell in love with and says she continues to keep falling in love with me everyday..Mom says we are best buddy's and we are.. I love my home with mom and she says she doesn't know how she was ever happy without me..Oh shucks mom I'm blushing...MOL...I am taking good care of mom and keeping her happy and her heart at peace, us babies have a special way of making everything okay :)
Thanks again my friends for being there for me and mom and if we have missed any special celebrations we are sorry but we will be back %100 percent real soon..Love you all got to go nap now...Meows and Purrs...


Christmas Time...

December 9th 2013 8:08 am
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Merry Christmas to all my wonderful friends.. Mom loves this time of year for what Christmas represents and all the beautiful colors.
This is my 2nd Christmas with mom, I remember my 1st it was fun and Santa was very nice to me :) I don't know yet what Santa will bring me but I do have my stocking all ready for him. It is bright red and has my name on it so Santa will know which one is mine..MOL.. I will admit I have torn him down a few times and even once drug him all the way into the room and left it on moms bed..
Mom also had and I will say HAD this little Santa hanging up well he is MIA and his disappearance is still a mystery..MOL...At least to mom, I plead the 5th..MOL.. I think it is wrong that because I'm a cat I automatically get blamed for things around here..It's a set up..MOL..
I am wishing all my wonderful friends and all their mommy's and daddy's a great holiday season.... Hope Santa is good to us all :) :)


Busy being Ebby :)

November 10th 2013 11:56 am
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Well it's been a month now since mom wrote in my diary, she can be slow at times no matter how hard I've tried I can't train her on everything..MOL..
Everything with me and mom are great..I just celebrated my 2nd birthday on Oct 1st and on Wednesday the 13th it will be me and moms 19 month anniversary together. I don't know how much you beliEVE in fate but me and mom were truly meant to be together..I don't know if she's like me or I'm like her but we go together like two peas in a pod :)
Mom tells me everyday that I bring smiles and happiness to her heart and her life well I wonder if mom knows I'm telling her the same thing every time I lick her face or when I want to be every where she is at :)
I been doing my usual nutty stuff going to the kitty races and wouldn't ya know it I have won first place every time..MOL..It's not hard when your the only one racing..MOL..Mom say's she thinks I will have the energy of a 2 year old forever...Yep probably will mom :)
Tomorrow is a day I ask you all to remember my BFF Poo.. Four months ago on August 11th he sadly had to go to the Rainbow Bridge :( I still get sad at times when I think about him but when my heart gets like that his spirit comes to give me peace.. He tells me he will ALWAYS be with me and I beliEVE him..
Well that's about it for now I should be happy mom did this much..MOL..Why can't cat's have working thumbs it would save soooo much time for us..MOL...
Love to ALL my pawsome friends :)


It's Birthday time !!!!!!!

September 30th 2013 2:14 pm
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Well tomorrow is my special day...It's my Birthday !!!!! I will be 2 years old :) Mom wanted to help me type in my diary today cause she will be busy tomorrow out buying me presents..He He..MOL..
This will be my 2nd birthday I've shared with mom..I was adopted from the ASPCA when I was barely 7 months old.. Mom remembers when she brought me home I was so small and had this tiny meow and she has just watched me grow into this beautiful girl that is so smart and so loving and can have a very LOUD meow when I want..MOl.. And the most best friend someone could have :)
Mom said we are gonna have a special day cause turning 2 is a big deal :) I don't know what she has planned but I left a list of stuff on the table..He He..When she saw it she said "Ebby did you write this?" I told her "No mom the ghost must have left a list of what he thought you should get me for my birthday cause he feels bad for always setting me up"..Grin Grin :) Okay she says.. Here is my list from the store: TREATS...LOT'S OF THEM...Yes I wrote that in capital letters..MOL.. Then I must have a new toy something really cool that I can chase and catch and have fun with.. Then some of that real yummy organic kitty grass..Yummy :) After all that lot's of hugs and kisses from mom would be kinda nice :)
Well I hope all my wonderful friends get to share my special day with me..Bye..See ya later gator..MOL



My Adventure !!

September 13th 2013 1:58 pm
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Well mom hasn't had the time to really sit down and write for me in my diary but I told her it was time..
Last week I got to go on a new adventure.. Everyone that lives in our building had to leave the property for a few hours so mom put me in my carrier and off we went. Now at first I thought we were going to the vet and I couldn't figure out why there's nothing wrong with me. The car stopped and mom got me out I started smelling all these new smells and mom tells me "Ebby were at the park where there are birdies and ducks" WHAT MOM? Real live birdies..I stared meowing a little getting excited now I had to stay in my carrier cause I'm not used to being outside but that was okay it felt a little safer in there. We sat by the water and I could see these big white ducks, WOW it was sooooo cool. Mom kept on talking to me and that helped me calm down a bit to the point where I was just laying in my carrier just watching them..It was fun, different, even a little scary but in a good way..I knew I was okay cause when mom is there I know I am always safe :) I ended up falling asleep and woke up to being put in the car. We got home and I was glad to be in my familiar smells and places. It was a fun adventure that I enjoyed with mom :)
I wanted to announce that I was honored with a spot as one of the administrators on "Catstertown" when I heard that I was like WHAT...WHO ME :) Me and mom are still feeling so special cause of that :) Thanks everyone who helped make that possible..
Well today is me and mom's 17 month anniversary together. I was actually adopted on Friday the 13th :) My 2nd birthday is coming up on October 1st I hope you will all come celebrate with me..Well that's it for now..later gators...MOL..
Love to all my wonderful friends :)


What a week...

August 19th 2013 11:38 am
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Hi to all my friends..This has been a good and bad week for me. As you all know my bestest friend Poo fought a tough battle with Cancer and he had to finally surrender his sweet spirit to the Rainbow Bridge. Knowing he had to go saddened me and mom so much and what also was so sad was knowing what Poos mom and dad were going thru.
Poo's spirit comes to see me and shares his peace and it helps me be okay. I will always love my buddy and he taught me so much and still does.. Also this week me and mom have felt sadness over other friends of ours that are sick or dealing with something very hard.. Me and mom send love, hugs and prayers to all that need them..I love you all..
Well after a few visits from my buddy Poo I started being that fun nutty kitty that I am and started zooming around playing Race Track..Mom put some of my Cat Nip on my feather toy and round and round the table I go where I stop no one knows..I don't know what it is about that stuff but it's like putting zoom zoom fluid in me..MOL.. I love doing the races cause it's so much fun and whats even better is I always win..It's actually easy when your the only one racing..MOL..

One more thing before I go..Always keep in your heart that just because the ones we love have to let go it's only in body never in spirit or love..If you beliEVE they will live on forever..

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