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Diary of Meiko:Cat Days

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April 30th 2014 9:59 am
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*Rolls out the red carpet, pushes up crown*

Grams left today (pouts),I love my Grandfurma. She tells my maid I need more food and attention….. also, she pets me under my chin it’s the best thing everfur. We tried to cheer her up, my great poodle Unkie B.J. is sick, something like Auntie Mia (poodle) had. Grams is very worried. We gave her lots of love and purrs. Keep purring for them and Grams like headbonkes.

Our garden is looking great, maid got me a bench with nice blue cushions on it. Kinzy tries to take over the King’s Garden and I have to hiss at her to leave. She puts dirty paw prints on my nice new cushions.

Weather has been great. I have been able to hang on the catio a lot with the maid not having to work her second job.

I got to show my Auntie (hooman) how good I sing in the morning. She told the maid I have great tone and I can carry notes really good. She does think I should win Cat Idol, this season.

We missed you all while Catster was being treated for fleas.

Kinzy says hello and she will post pictures soon of her adventures at the lake.


King Meiko


King Meiko's Random thoughts

April 23rd 2014 8:55 am
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*Prances in* Hello my dear furs, *pushes crown back on head*
Thanks DDP Ladies or dood for picking me for my DDP honor today.
I do have a lot to tell all my furs and was waiting until the Catster fleas have been treated. My V.E.T. will handle it, for 2 arms, a paw and some legs(per my hooman)…. MOL. Has SayMedia not heard of Frontline. It works for Kinzy and I.

I see some pals sent me pmail, but can’t access it. If you sent me roseys/gifts THANKS YOU so much... ((hugs)).

So, as most of you know, I had to punish my hoomans for going horsey back riding and coming home smelling like a barn. Don’t feel bad if you have to punish your hoomans, tough love is tried and true. It really works.

Kinzy is doing better, she is on all wet food diet like me meow. I have been chasing her away from mom lately, I just think Kinzy needs to grow up and stop following mom everfur where, I mean she is 1 yrs. Old now. I have to follow mom, ONLY for hooman research.

I do have great news grandfurma will be here today!! So, excited. I lovers her, she brings toys and treats and understands that I need my space. We are having a pawty at my Auntie Kindll and Kinzy and I get to go and hang on the catio. She lives way up high in the trees lots of birds to watch.

In the KCK group we all went to Africa and took pictures with seals. Rex is a great photograph and pilot (Smiley Wiley is too). Hobo, Luigi and Jax take good care of my sisfur who I am sure drives the guys crazy. Thanks pals for payin wif Kinzy, I know I grumpy but I lovers her very much.

I will let you know if I catch a bird!!!

King Meiko


DDP today

April 17th 2014 11:25 am
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*Prances around, Head up High*
*Singing* DDPPPPPeeeee *low deep meow voice* DDPpppeeeeee.

Well, if you haven’t heard by now, I am DDP today. I do have to say it’s cool to share this with my good furend Milo Blue Eyes.
Thank you all for reading my diary, even after the maid stopped typing for me for several months. She is back on her job again, and has been doing okay.

I have learned that meowing a lot is a great way to get your hooman moving, anytime of the day. So, get your meows going this week and find out how many more treats you get, how many more toys the hoomans pull out from under your favorite hiding place.

Happy DDP Day too mee!


Todays Lesson

April 10th 2014 6:14 am
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Todays Lesson: Make sure your hoomans know their place. Yet, complaint their hard work.

"Maid, this Tuna is good."

"It's not tuna Meiko, it's Chicken."

"Why isn't that everything tastes like chicken but chicken, which tastes like fish?"

"I don't know, but you need to stop calling me maid, I am your mommy"

Mol.. "I am Da Boss, bosses don't have mom's they have servants."


Caturday Hooman Training Tips

April 5th 2014 6:39 am
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Training hoomans can be purrty easy.

If your hooman feels your rules aren’t working for them, here’s a few easy tips (from my Hoomans 101 class):

1. Big eyes (normally works fast),
2. Tummy roll (most hoomans turn in to putty),
3. Do not let allow your hoomans to watch My Cat from Hell. Jackson will brain wash your hooman into thinking they have the right to redirect your behavior. (I will teach a special class on this later in the month).

Today’s Tip:
Ignoring your hooman drives them nuts. Ignoring is best used if you want a treat or extra attention.

Let me know how these tips work for you.

I have to go inspect the maids work.

Signing off,

King Meiko
Summer classes start June 1, cats of all ages are welcome.


King Meiko's Birthday

March 25th 2014 3:14 pm
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I first want to thank everyone for the wonderfur Birthday wishes.

I haven’t written on Catster for a while to the whole Catster debacle. Mom has started creating me a blog on another site and hopefully she will have it up and running soon. More to come on that. I now have my own FB page, so look me up King Meiko.

This is my second Birthday with my hooman, a lot has happened over this year with her, we got Kinzy, the man is now a catdad and I still haven’t taken over the world. It’s kind of hard with a little sisfur always running around trying to get in my lab. I have requested a lock and a door, so far my requests have been unanswered by the hoomans.
Mom is donating to the prison I was saved from for my birthday, it will help other cats and dogs find forever hoomans. I really would like a plaque, I won’t hold my breath on mom donating that much money. Yet, I am excited to help animals in need.

I don’t want to ramble, just want to thank you all for the birthday wishes and let you all know I am still around.

Lets eat!




Coffee and Wine

January 21st 2014 2:48 pm
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“Meiko, I have been hiding for an hour. You’re not really paying wif me are you?”

Meiko giggles to himself.

“Kinzy come in to the lab.” Kinzy looks around at all the blinking machines and buttons. Meiko smacky paws Kinzy as she starts to touch stuff.

“Look, I trust you, so, don’t tell anyone okay?” Kinzy nods yes, as she looks around in amazement

“So, what are you working on today, Meeks?” Kinzy says while picking up a pen. Meiko smacky paws it out of Kinzy’s paw.

“I have the best way to train hoomans, I can’t believe I never thought of this before.” Meiko is so proud of himself he risks it all and tells Kinzy his secret. “What are two things mom can’t live without?”

“US!” Kinzy screams because she knows she has the right answer.

“Well, true, but what other two things?” Meiko knows she will get it this time

“uuuuuummm Bubble and Gum!” Kinzy giggles

Frustrated “Noo, Coffee and Wine.” Meiko said still beaming with pride on his idea.

“HAHAHAHA, oh yea.” Kinzy walks like a zombie imitating her mom in the morning

“I buried all the coffee supplies and wine in the house.” Meiko grins an evil grin

“Why, mom says she cant think without coffee and cant live without wine.” Kinzy starts to push a flashing button, Meiko smacky paws her again.

“That is why! She will be forced to obey our rules, then we will get everyone in Texas, then we will get all the cats and dogs to hide all their hoomans coffee and wine. Once they are all begging us, we will give them our demands.” Meiko laughs hysterically

“Meiko, don’t you think that will make them not like us?”

“I don’t care if they like me I just want to rule the WORLD! Don’t you watch CNN?” Meiko says clicking the TV on

Kinzy sneaks out to go find some wine for her mommy…..


Wasted Day

January 20th 2014 4:08 pm
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I am in my secret lab working on a new kitty litter that creates a smell that only hoomans can smell, and it is triggered by a meow. Once a cat meows, the hoomans will go into automatic obey mode.
This would be great because our hoomans are almost already trained. Then the plan is for our hoomans to carry litter with them and sprinkle it everywhere they go.
As I was putting in the final touches to my plan, Kinzy comes in talking about how her soft paw nail just popped off and now she can scratch me before mom gets home to see. She swiped at me, I dodged and ran, and I still have my vial full of my final ingredient and jumped on the table and knocked over all the pictures. My vital flew out of my hand and hits the floor and breaks.
“Meiko, you’re in so much trouble.” Kinzy pranced off with a smile.
I stood there in shock at my day of hard work on my secret potion has spilled over the floor.
“MacKinzy An, do you realize what you just did.” I was so upset.
“I think so, but, if change the name of Happy meals to Sad Meals, who would buy them?” Kinzy files her nails on the hardwood floor.
“Now I must start all over again tonight”. Meiko heads up to his secret lab.
“Meiko, do what again tonight, and can I come help”. Kinzy runs circles around Meiko in super zoomie mode.
“MacKinzy, you do realize if I take over the world you will be the Worlds Rulers sisfur, you will be more famous than, Kim Kardashian”. Meiko sees that this grabs Kinzy’s attention.
Kinzy starts to cry.
“What is wrong?” Meiko says
“You think I am a dumb.” Kinzy cry’s hysterically.
Hugs his sisfur,”No Kinzy I think you’re as smart as a tree stump.” Meiko says
“Really Meiko, you mean it”. Kinzy cheers up
“Yes, Kinzy I do, I mean it.”
“So, you want to wrestle.”
“No, I have to work in my lab.” Meiko heads up the stairs
“Can I help?” Kinzy says excitedly
“Who will great the hoomans when they come home?”
“MEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!” Kinzy says excitedly
“See, you are a HUGE help.”


Today is National King Meiko Day! (Gotcha Day)

January 19th 2014 9:10 am
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Today is National King Meiko Day! (Gotcha Day)

Today all hoomans will eat in our cat/dog dish. We will have them open the China Cabinet, eat on the "good" dish hoomans never use.

We will tell hoomans to be quiet if they talk while we are watching TV.

All cats will have Cat TV.

We will go to Jackson Galaxy's House and teach his cats how to train him.

We will eat Fancy Fest today!

We will spray our hoomans with the spray bottle when they sit on the furniture.

No shower box for hoomans. They will have to leave the house with our scent. (This is doing them a favor on this one.)

Kitty glitter (cat fur) on all clothes!

All curtains will be open today. We don't care if the neighbors can see in. I need my sun paddle. Peeping Tom is looking at Kinzy NOT you mom!!

We will get to start our cat party at 3:00 am.

Sandpaper kisses,

King Meiko

Oh! My mom can not say King Meiko in that sarcastic tone!!!


My Sisfurs Letter to Santa Paws

December 17th 2013 7:55 am
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Meiko: [Reading Kinzys letter to Santa]

"Dear Santa, Hello, haha, this year, Santa, I ask for nothing, but I wish to tell you about my dear Brofur, King Meiko. He is honest and very hardworking, and only wants what's best for the world. But he gets no reward - he's only greeted with defeat. He never gives up, but I know it must be very hard. So please, take anything you have for me and give it to my best Brofur in the whole world. By any chance, do you have in that big old bag of yours, the world? He would be a great ruler."

[Looks sadly over at Kinzy, who is crying due to not having given the letter to Santa when he had the chance]



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