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Diary of Meiko:Cat Days

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Catster Daily Diary Pick!

February 9th 2013 8:01 am
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Thank you Catster! I am sure Meiko will be sending his thoughts a little later, he's napping. He was up playing I spy the dog next door all night. So, he will be sleep for awhile.


Meikos mommy


Dad vs Mom and my thoughts

February 8th 2013 8:56 am
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Coming home:

Dad: Hey buddy
Me: Hey dad
Mom: oh my baby I missed you so much, I hate to leave you all alone in this house. Mommy is so sorry she had to work late. I love you baby boy.
Me: aaawwww right there, oooo that’s the spot.

UPS Delivery
Dad: your mom ordered something from Amazon
Me: A box.. YAY!
Mom: Oh Meiko, baby looky what mommy got for you.. isn’t this so neat, its (I didn’t hear anything else she said)
Me: YAY a box!

Dad: Here you go buddy
Me: YUCK! Is that canned cat food mixed with water?
Mom: Cat Soup
Me: YUMMY! You’re the best mom.

Dad: Meiko, you’re going to have to move.
Me: Okay, I will sleep on mom’s pillow
Mom: Baby, can mommy have a little bit of that pillow, just move over a little
Me: Okay just a little.


Cat Soup

February 8th 2013 8:27 am
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Mom wants me to get better. I have not been eating and I have to in order to take my medicine. Mom has been struggling with what I will eat, and getting me to keep down food and/or medication.

So, MY MOM (yes, very proud of her) invented cat soup (or at least we think she did).

Baked skinless boneless chicken breast,
Tune (in water),
Brown Rice,
Warm Water,
Blend until it is a liquid, toss in meds and blend again.

I love the taste and I can’t even tell there is medication in it

She is the best.


Spolied brat

February 7th 2013 7:56 am
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Last night mom slept in my room. She is sick with a bad cough and she is keeping dad up. So, mom slept in my bed with me. I normally sleep in the king bed in her room, but last night she slept in my little queen bed. Since it’s so little I had to make sure she know which areas she could sleep in. After all it’s my room.

Mom, told me to give her a little more room, but I like to lay long ways, and stretch my whole body out. Mom ended up sleeping at the end of my bed. Dad came in to check on mom and told me I was a spolied brat.

Her cough woke me up every 5 mins. UGH! I am so tired.

Then when she was getting ready for work, I was trying to go back to sleep she kept going from room to room. As soon as I was comfy she left and went to the next room. I have to follow her everywhere, to make sure she is safe.

I did'nt want to eat breakfast, so mom sat on the floor with me until I ate a little bit. She hugged and kissed me, so not in the mood to be hugged. I need sleep.

I am glad she is gone, I need to rest.


Mom may be on to me

February 6th 2013 7:26 am
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This medication is gross. I fight mom. I will not take that stuff. She has to be crazy.

To think, baby talk works on dogs…I always knew I was the superior animal.

I happen to really like this lady, yet, if she keeps pushing me we are going to have an upset.

She tells me “….it’s good for you”

“so, you take it” I say.

“Meiko, baby, mommy wants you to get better”

“Look lady, if Dr. Jessica couldn’t do it, what makes you think you will be able to,…….... hahaha find me.”

The getaway.

I can hide so well. There is a lot she needs to learn about cats. We are hard to catch, we don’t care about baby talk, and I can hold out and not succumb to the pressure of a treat.
Everything else she said is a blur, I doze off in my quite place.


“Yes, I need to make another appointment for Meiko.”

Oh hell, I think. This means Dr. Jessica. That lady does not know her bounds. She put the meds in my butt and holds it there. Crap this back fired.

I come out purring, she rubs my head and says, “Gottcha”.

HHHHMMMM, maybe she is a quick learner.


Training my human

February 5th 2013 3:59 pm
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“mom, mom, mom”

“yes, Meiko”

“mom, mom, mom”

“ugh, I am sure you have some food”

She gets out of bed to check to see if I have food, I run in front of her so I can yell “gottcha”

LOL… yes I love training my human.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” she is so cute worried about me. See this is funny to me, since she has always had dogs. I am her first cat. Some reason she is convinced I am a new born human baby. I am 3 years old; in cat that is an adult.

She lays on the floor, we cuddle and she scratches my chin and rubs my ears. I just think to myself, “WOW, she was the fastest human to be trained “I think I should start a circus of trained humans”

Welcome to Meiko’s Circus LEGENDARIUM, where you will experience the nostalgic thrills of bygone Big Tops and get a first-hand view of humans, Daredevils, and Clowns …..

“Meiko, I am going back to bed, you fell asleep, I am starting to think you are playing games”

Ah, you gotta love newbies….


New beginnings

February 5th 2013 7:58 am
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Hello my name is Meiko, well my new mommy named me that. I was born with the name Screech. My original family gave me to the SPCA, for reason I don’t want to dwell on.

Yet, things are looking pretty good. My new mommy is a push over. I purr a little and sneeze and she is up making sure my ever need is met. I have her going to Petco almost every day, bring me toys, new food and I have been to the vet twice, since I have had a upset tummy.

My mommy found out I have high white blood cell count, now I am starting to think my original family knew I was sick. Good thing I have my new mommy. She takes good care of me. I have a new dad to, he is great. I get to wake him up every morning. He said because of me he doesn’t need any alarm clock. I am just trying to save on the energy bill.

My new parents got me January 19, 2013 and I have no doubt the rest of my life is going to be perfect!!!

I am still having some trust issues; yet, they have been patient with me and give me my space. This morning I kept mom up because I was sick and vomiting, she just made sure everything was ok, cleaned it up, scratched my head until I went back to sleep. So, about an hour later I was feeling better, and wanted her to know how much I appreciate her, and tried to lick her face. She told me it was okay, so we cuddled instead. I gave her exactly 5 mins. Then off I went to sit at the window.

Well, I need a nap before mommy gets home wanting to play mouse with me, it’s her favorite game. I try to do my part to be a team player.

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