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Diary of Meiko:Cat Days


March 18th 2013 12:32 pm
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I found out my hoomans are outside hoomans. I am an inside cat… I am sure you see the issue.

Sunday night, mom thought it would be a good idea to be outside, she said it was a nice night. She put on my leash (I hate it) and she set me on the lounge chair and I hated it.

I wanted to go inside. I meowed to let her know I was really mad.

Then I smelled it… I had to investigate.

I walked around smelling this and smelling that… outside, there is a pool, and rocks and trees, and all this tall grass stuff…. I was outside in the back yard… mom was so excited.
We went in I was so sleepy. I slept until 6:30 am… I had to eat brunch…MOL

Purred by: Mietzi Katze♥ (Catster Member)

March 18th 2013 at 7:19 pm

Hi Meiko,

Isn't outside just the best thing ever????? I LOVE outside. I was outside today for 3 seconds. Darn Iowa. It's 25 degree here. I can't wait for spring. I hate being on a leash. Mom just follows me around. The neighbors probably think she's crazy.

Mom says your Mom should be happy that you're not an outside kind of guy. Or you'd be begging to go out 25 times a day, like I do when the weather is nice.
Purred by: King Meiko (Catster Member)

March 19th 2013 at 5:22 am


Here in Texas we have had some really cold days (50s, cold for us MOL), the last several days its been in the mid 70 to 80.

It's like spring here.

My mom follows me around the yard too. I kept looking back thinking can she get some business of her own. She also used the no no word not that plant, don't roll on the ants MOL .

I am not sure she gets that I am a cat!
Purred by: littleboy (Catster Member)

March 19th 2013 at 9:37 pm

MOL is a great place to be we are Texas kitties too and the weather is prrrfect here in our part of the state. I might like a leash she tried it when I was little but we never got brave enough to let me try it in the real outside, so now I just enjoy the enclosure and the balcony. Your outside world sure sounds like fun!
Purred by: Mietzi Katze♥ (Catster Member)

March 20th 2013 at 4:05 am

Hi littleboy *waves paw*
Texas sure sounds nice. I think we need to move their. Right now it's 17. The high today will be 27 :(
I wanna go outside and see the birds and the bunnies :(
Purred by: King Meiko (Catster Member)

March 20th 2013 at 9:52 am

Littleboy, you’re a Texas kitty too… well, mom says its going to get hot, so I have to enjoy it now…..hhhmmm.. maybe I will jump in the pool..MOL .....NOT!!!

Mietzi, you will have all summer, be patient. The birds and bunnys might be hiding right now. In the spring they will be everywhere and you can have your pick… You’ll get more then you can handle…


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