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Righty Undaunted By Her Partial Eclipse

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KCK Kitty of the Week

December 3rd 2013 8:46 am
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This week of Dec 1, KCK gave me the honor of being KCK's Kitty of the Week. That was a big surprise. Mom had connection problems so we were unable to be online much these past two days. We were worried what we might miss. Thankfully Kibbles let us know Righty was KCK Kitty of the Week and even gave us a very nice Christmas pic to commemorate the honor. Thank you KCK & thank you too Kibbles!


Wow! Halloween Cat of the Day

October 31st 2013 11:46 pm
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WOW! What an honor! I was absolutely thrilled when I woke up and found out I was Catster's Cat of the Day today. Thank you so much for the honor Catster!

The past couple of days, instead of hissing or smacking at Moo when he would bug me, I have been washing his face and letting him sleep by my side on Mom's bed. I felt sorry for him because his cold is worse than Jags, and yesterday Moo's cold was really bad. Thankfully, today Moo's cold is much better. Hopefully he's over the worst of his cold now and will quickly get back to normal again. Jag's almost over his cold now. To our surprise, Dova still hasn't caught the cold yet.

I asked Mom what I did to deserve COTD and Mom said maybe it was because I started treating Moo so nice especially when he's been so miserable with that rotten cold. She says do good things and good things are sure to come back around to you, she calls it the law of Karma. Maybe if certain others of us adult kitties would start being nice to the kittens and not hiss or swat at them, good things will happen to them too.

We were also totally surprised to see Angel Micah get DOTD today. We all, especially his brothers, still miss him but I guess he showed them today that an Angel kitty can write as well as his earthly brothers can.

Thank you Catster and thank you friends for all your pawmails, stars, rosettes, treats, gifts, pictures, comments, thoughts, prayers etc. Purrs to all of you!


Warming Up a Chilly Autumn Day

October 17th 2013 1:10 pm
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Today is one of those dreary dark rainy chilly autumn days with a sharp bite in the air that heralds the coming of winter. Even in the afternoon, it's dark enough it feels like evening.

We kitties are the lucky ones on a day like this. Unlike Destiny, who is only a dog, we don't have to go outside to relieve ourselves. Unlike Destiny, we don't need a human escort to go relieve ourselves either. We can go potty just fine all by ourselves, our toilets are all in the house and we have our human slave here to keep them clean for us. (We also have very effective ways of reminding our human slave to clean them if they ever get too dirty for our liking!).

There's only one problem. We kitties have a game we love to play on a chilly day like this. When Mom is on the bed, we like to see just how many of us kitties can join her. Those of us who get there first get to lay ON Mom. Uno takes her spot between Mom and her laptop. Just about the time we have the bed comfortably warmed up and well packed with purring kitties, Destiny decides to whine to go out and when she gets started, she won't shut up until Mom gets up to take her out Mom gets up, disturbing those of us who were comfortably laying on Mom. As Mom makes us move off of her, the effect is sort of like dominoes falling as we kitties move out of each others way. @#$% dog!

When Mom takes Destiny out, instead of hurrying up and relieving herself so she can get back inside, Destiny playfully jumps around grabbing wet leaves and slinging them around. Mom shivers in the wind, making a mental note to wear her hoodie next time she takes Destiny out. As soon as Mom gets back from taking Destiny out and settles down again, we kitties rejoin her and once again purringly make everything warm and cozy again.


Torture Day

August 11th 2013 11:45 am
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Yesterday I was talking about flea allergy. Today I thought Mom must have read my diary and decided to get even with me, because today she sneaked up on me, grabbed me before I knew what was happening, and swiftly applied my flea drops and gave me my heartworm preventative before I had time to even get started protesting. She proceeded then to sneak up on others of us and do the same thing to them. Then she really CHEATED bigtime! Our food dishes were getting low on food so Mom refilled them. Naturally that brought some of us running. As soon as we got into the room, Mom shut the door! Then she gave flea drops and heartworm preventative to those in the room who hadn't yet gotten their doses. I sat and laughed at them because some of them didn't know I already had had my dose. I tried to make them believe I was special and wouldn't have to have my doses. Then Velcro the smartypants pointed out to me that it was obvious from the little oily spot on my back that I'd already had my flea drops!

Later I checked the calendar and realized today was Torture Day-meaning the day when Mom hunts us all down one by one and gives us our flea drops and heartworm preventative. Once a month Mom does this to us. A small consolation is that we all get to laugh at Destiny because she has to have flea drops, heartworm preventative, AND drops on her ears so flies won't get on her ears when she's outside. The best thing about all this'll be a whole month before this happens to us again!


Does Anybody Else Here Look Like Hell Right Now?

August 10th 2013 11:44 pm
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Does anybody else here look like hell right now? Mom says Uno and I look like hell because we both have flea allergy worst and we've lost alot of hair. Even though Mom puts flea drops on us monthly (which we hate and unsuccessfully try to avoid), a flea must bite the cat to ingest the flea drop substance that kills the flea. It only takes one flea bite to set off the cycle of scratching, itching, and hair loss that is so typically seen in cats with flea allergy. Most cats have flea allergy to some degree. Flea allergy generally causes hair loss on the rump, down the hindlegs, on the back, on the belly, and may also cause hair loss on the cat's sides. Most flea allergic cats also tear hair out of themselves and even cause sores on their skin by scratching. The vet can give a steroid injection or prescribe steroid tablets that help relieve the itching-scratching.

Mom also regularly sprays the house with Enforcer Flea Spray that she gets at the hardware store. In addition to killing adult fleas, it has an insect growth inhibitor in it. It also kills other insects. Its effects last for several months and during that time there will be no ants, etc in the house either. Mom thinks that the reason some fleas still get in the house and find us is that they can ride in on clothing etc, its impossible to spray absolutely everything in the house, and its always possible for some fleas to have developed a degree of resistance to the insecticide.

Whereas Uno and I are very flea allergic, other cats here show no flea allergy at all and some show only minor flea allergy effects. We all wondered if Uno and I are the only cats who get flea allergy this bad so I just had to ask...

Does anybody else here get flea allergy really bad, lose hair, and end up looking like hell in summertime because of it?


Clever Righty

May 1st 2013 12:40 pm
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Today I set a small fan in the bedroom window that Righty loves to look out of. Showing me how clever she is, Righty jumped up on the shelf by the window and sat at a 90% angle from the fan, just so she could catch the breeze with her nose without the fan blowing air on the rest of her. She sat there for quite a while, her nose twitching as she inhaled all the myriad fascinating outdoor scents.

Shortly after that, proving that cats can acquire and utilize a good idea when they see one, Skittles joined her.


Caramello's Five Things I Like About Spring

April 15th 2013 11:46 pm
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Caramello Plays Spring Tag

This diary entry is for Caramello

who doesn't presently have computer access but who wanted to play spring tag. Righty agreed to post Caramello's five favorite things about spring for her.

Caramello's Five Favorite Things About Spring

5 Things I Like About Spring

1) Watching all the birds, there are so many!
2) Darting outside with Mama and Papa and brofur Mango
3) Laying on the couch and dresser in front of the open windows smelling all the spring smells through the screens
4) Watching and smelling the rain, then running from the thunder
5) Sleeping in a sun puddle with a breeze coming in the house

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Clark Kent
Little Willie
Bad Boy


Cmon Join In on the Spring Tag Fun!

April 3rd 2013 1:18 am
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My fun furriend Anna Dreamgirl #20 tagged me - I name five things I like about Spring & then I tag some furfriends to pass along the fun!

5 Things I Like About Spring

1) Watching the robins under the trees in front of the window
2) The chorus of the frogs and toads singing in the swamp
3) Laying on the shelves in front of the open windows smelling all the spring smells through the screens
4) The excitement that us kitties feel in the air before a spring thunderstorm
5) Mom's catnip grows fast enough again for us to get fresh catnip all the time

I am tagging:
1) Caramello - 1271358
2) Kiara - 1288450
3) Moppie - 1193389
4) Riley - 102133
5) Beep - 1280510
6) Pounce - 1197689


Earning Brownie Points aka The Feline Art of Redirecting- Human Attention

March 18th 2013 7:24 am
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As I suppose others of our family have already told you, Mom bought us a big new cat tree a few days ago. She also had to buy a new camera because for some reason her camera, a Canon s5is, lens stuck open and won't retract. When she turns the s5is on, it gives her the error message "lens error, please restart camera." She's tried everything suggested on the web to try to fix it to no avail. When she asked at Best Buy how much it would cost to have them fix the s5is, they quoted her an estimate of around $150. Since it cost so much to fix the s5is and a new camera similar to the s5is cost only 30 dollars more, Mom bought the new one, a Canon sx160is-the new model most similar to the s5is they had available. Once Mom gets time to really experiment with the new camera, she will take some pics of us on our new cat tree for everyone on Catster to enjoy.

It was funny when Mom's son brought her new cat tree into the house for her (it's so easy for guys to carry in big heavy awkward things that are a real struggle for women to carry!) and set it down. Mom said it looked like a cat sized version of a swarm of school kids on a new playground toy! We were all over that tree checking it out. It's been awhile since we got a really elaborate new cat tree. We recently got a floor to ceiling pole style cat tree with four shelves but this newest tree is one of those really cool ones with the sisal wrapped posts we love to scratch so much and one of the shelves is a little house with two entrances that make it easy to play hide & seek in.

The arrival of the cat tree also helped me make sure Mom caught me doing a good deed. I needed to earn some "brownie points" from Mom anyway because a couple of days ago I accidentally left my pawprint in the cream cheese on top of one of her bagels. Next time I'll make sure to lick the bagel too and erase all my pawprint evidence after I swipe cream cheese from it Anyway, back to my story.

When everybody swarmed the new cat tree, Lefty wanted to climb it too but she was nervous because it was new and she had no idea yet of its size, shape, how many shelves were on it, what heights, etc. She was also afraid to try to climb it when everyone else was on it because admittedly we were having fun and pouncing on each other playing king of the hill. Lefty HATES the king of the hill game because every time she ever tried to play it, getting knocked off scared her.

I suddenly got an idea and whispered to Lefty to be patient and wait until the traffic got off the tree and then I'd help her learn to navigate up and down the tree. Being a cat, I excel at the art of "coincidental timing." After the tree was mostly empty of feline family members and Mom was in the kitchen where she had a nice clear view of us, I led Lefty over to the tree. I'll let Mom take over now and tell what she saw us doing.

Mom, "When I looked up, I saw Righty lead Lefty over to the new cat tree. Righty stopped and stood up and put her forepaws up and touched the edge of the first (lowest) shelf. Lefty did the same. Righty jumped up onto the lowest shelf giving Lefty plenty of room to follow her, which Lefty did. Bit by bit Righty escorted Lefty up the new cat tree and down it a few times. That was all it took. Since then, Lefty now goes up and down and plays on the new cat tree at will. Again the kitties make it clear just how intelligent they are and how rich and complex the communication and cooperation between cats can be."

And Righty succeeded at making Mom forget cream cheese pawprints and bagel theft, at least until Mom makes another bagel with cream cheese on it!!!


Last Not Least When it Comes To Attention-Getting

February 17th 2013 5:50 am
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Procrastination may not have been quite right,
But everyone else was in the limelight.
For sole attention Righty decided to wait,
And give her Valentine thanks a little bit late.

Last is not least, Righty says. Her excuse for procrastinating is that by being the last of my cat family to thank her kitty friends for their Valentines, her thank yous will be more likely to stand out apart from everyone elses and get more attention. MOL just like a cat, isn't it! When a cat wants attention its sure to find a way to get that attention and it will persist until it receives enough attention to be satisfied. Yet if that same cat doesn't want attention, it can manage to disappear and seemingly become invisible even in an empty room! I'm sure I'm not the only cat owner who has ever tried to find a "missing" cat and has gone all over the house looking for and calling the cat to no avail, given up, then suddenly found that "missing" cat sitting motionless somewhere in relatively plain sight, and get the distinct feeling that cat has been sitting there laughing at you while watching you get ever more worried as you searched for it!

Thank you to all Righty's kitty friends for your love, thoughtfulness, caring, and generosity in giving her treats, stars, rosettes and Valentines.

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