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>~ &%(!@!)V(@!)%#~< Farrah & The NEWCOMERS Hiss Me Off!

April 21st 2013 2:05 am
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As some of you may have heard, we have three newcomers in our kitty family. Mom was SUPPOSED to adopt only ONE, Gyselle. If only Gyselle had come, it would have been fine with me because she just stays up on the highest shelves out of everybody's way and wants to be left alone. She only comes down eat, drink, use the litter, sharpen her claws, and walk around a little. After that she goes right back up to one of the highest shelves, usually the one in the bedroom where she can lay out of everybody else's way and watch tv. Gyselle is ok, she doesn't interfere with me at all.

However, two other kitties decided they wanted Mom to adopt them too and they stuck to her like they were made of Superglue until Mom agreed they could come home with her too. Now these two newcomers and Farrah too, really are hissing me off because they keep spoiling all my fun!

Since Gyselle pretty much took over the bedroom highest shelf, Farrah moved to a new spot under Mom's bed. There's a lot of spots under Mom's bed Farrah could have picked, but NO, Farrah had to go and pick the spot right under where Mom likes to sit and work on her laptop. What's the problem with that, you may ask? Well, that spot is right by Mom's surge protector where she plugs in the laptop and the power cord for the usb hub.

When I go to have some fun with Mom's laptop cord or the USB hub power cord or just to turn off the surge protector to get Mom's attention, I can't get to it because Farrah's fluffbutt is planted in my way. I tell her get out of my way. Farrah tells me I have a whole house to play in and to back off before she smacks me. She says its enough that she's agreed to respect my Queen status in community areas such as where the food dishes, litter pans, and water dishes are.

Carina the blue and white newcomer, likes to hang out behind the computers which of course is by the shelf where the surge protectors for the computers, modem, router, etc are at. All the ethernet cords (so soft & delicious for chewing) are behind the pcs. Of course, the keyboard cords and other things that plug into the back of the pcs also are back there. If I go to have some fun chewing on those deliciously soft ethernet cables or to entertain myself by yanking the keyboard and USB cords out of the back of the desktop pcs or turning off the surge protectors, I run into Carina. Carina won't move either. She just tells me to hiss off unless I want her to put holes in me with her teeth (someone declawed her at some time in her past life so she's a biter.Whereas kitties with claws usually just smack you with their claws kept sheathed when you hiss them off, if you hiss off a declawed kitty they tend to just bite you which hurts a lot more than a smack or even a scratch!)

Kitty GaGa, the third newcomer with long hair, keeps laying on the bed right by Mom's laptop while Mom works on it. She will tolerate Buddha, Lily, Lefty, and Gabriel sleeping by her and of course she LOVES Mom but if anybody else of us tries to come close to her, Kitty GaGa hisses and smacks us if we don't back off! Whenever Mom's working on her laptop, Kitty GaGa is always sitting or laying right beside where the cord plugs into it. Mom sits near the edge of the bed so that the other side of the laptop where Mom plugs in the trackball or USB hub is right above where Farrah is laying. So if I try to have fun with the laptop cord where it plugs in to the laptop, Kitty GaGa will hiss, growl, and smack me if I don't mind her first warning hiss and back off. If I want to try to pull the trackball or USB hub cord out of the laptop, I can't because the spot I have to use to reach it is right in front of Farrah's nose and then Farrah will clout me.

Righty told me I should just come and join her and Skittles and everyone else on the new cat trees or the old cat trees if I prefer, and just give the newcomers more time. She says eventually the newcomers may start playing on the trees or with the toys with us instead of occupying all my favorite spots.

I don't WANT to play on the trees. I don't want to play with the toys. What I want is for Farrah and Carina and Kitty GaGa to get out of my favorite spots and STAY out of my favorite spots. And I want to have my usual fun with all those wonderfully chewable cords & cables!

I can't have any fun at all because of these >~ &%(!@!)V(@!)%#~< newcomers (Mom won't let me call them what I really feel like calling them, she doesn't let us talk like that!)


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