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Uno Happily Irrepressible!

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My New "Twin Sister"

June 19th 2014 5:59 pm
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Guess what? I now have a "twin sister." She looks just like me except she's just slightly taller than I am. Oh, I almost forgot...she also still has two eyes. Her name is Polly because she's a polydactyl, the first polydactyl Mom has ever had. Mom adopted her from a kill shelter where Polly has been for about a year. When Polly and I are curled up asleep together, it's hard to tell us apart!

When Mom got Polly home, she found out Polly had major coordination problems. Polly has a lot of difficulty walking although she somehow manages to get where she wants to go. She can't jump although shes a very good climber. Although she was able to make it to the litter pan in time when she was caged, when she's loose in the house she has trouble making it to the litter pan in time. Mom put some pee pads down around the house for Polly and she's thinking about having Polly wear diapers. She also took Polly to the vet to see what was causing Polly's problems. The vet diagnosed Polly as having cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). The vet said Polly should live a normal lifespan. Mom's never had a CH cat before Polly so she (Mom) has been spending a lot of time lately learning about living with CH cats.

Polly has a beautiful cheerful sunny personality. She gets along with everyone and the "washing cats" love to wash Polly. Polly is very affectionate and loves to curl up and sleep on Mom's shoulder, which incidentally, is one of MY favorite spots to sleep. However I've learned to accept her stealing Mom's shoulder. After all, my most favorite spot to be is on Mom's chest or lap. I especially like to lay on Mom's lap right between Mom and her laptop. When Mom's not laying down, Polly prefers to lay in a cat bed at the foot of Mom's bed. Mom thinks Polly likes the support that the sides of the cat bed gives her.

Since Polly's no threat to my position as self appointed Queen of the House, I like her!


A Scare & A Big Relief

April 29th 2014 1:06 pm
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Catster gave us all quite a scare yesterday when Mom got a 404 error yesterday when she went to pull it up. It was even scarier because a couple of days ago Dogster community did the same thing. It was a big relief today when she tried it again and Catster community came up normally again just as it usually does. After Catster came up normally today, Mom went to check Dogster again too and to our relief, the Dogster community page is back to normal too. Whatever happened, we're glad Catster and Dogster communities are back to normal and here to stay!


Uno Bites Back

April 4th 2014 4:23 am
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Dova, you may like to look at yourself on Mom's laptop screen, you may open and close windows, start programs and games, and do other things with Mom's laptop but I'm the one that knows how to get Mom's instant attention when she's on the laptop. I also am the only one who figured out how to get Russ's instant attention when he was playing XBox! It only takes one well-placed chomp!

Mom sometimes forgets to put the Bitter Apple on the cords and when I don't smell it there, I know I can get away with chomping on the cords and not having to taste that stuff. I only go for cords that I know will get most attention, such as those on the laptop, the trackball, the cellphone charger, and the XBox! Mom says its dangerous to chomp cords, that I might get an electric shock. I tell her I've been doing it ever since I can remember (when there isn't any Bitter Apple on the cords) and never got shocked yet. I'm smart enough that I've never tried to chew any of the really heavy duty cords like the TV cord or the surge protector cords. I leave those alone.

I can't help it, I'm a bit proud of myself that Destiny is a big dog and has powerful jaws and strong teeth, chews an extra large Galileo bone because regular Nylabones can't stand up to her chewing, and yet its ME who has chewed up the most stuff around the house. Its sort of like a David outdoes Goliath thing to me MOL.

And Mom, I'm not just writing this because I'm jealous of Carina's DDP. I'm writing this because Dova was boasting about his computer skills and I just had to put him in his place a little.


Little Helper?

March 20th 2014 4:11 pm
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As I sit here catching up to my pawmails, acknowledging birthdays, etc, Uno lays here in her favorite spot onv my lap wedged between me and my laptop. I start to type a pawmail when suddenly my cursor takes off and flies up to an icon on my desktop. I look down. There lays Uno, stretched out, eye closed, apparently asleep. But we all know that cats are masters at only pretending to be asleep!
I go back to typing my pawmail. Again my trackball cursor takes a sudden journey, this time hitting the icon to minimize the page on which I am typing! I look down again, just in time to see Uno's paw move off the trackball. Her eye may give her the appearance of sleep but her paw certainly was wide awake!


It Never Ceases To Amaze Me

March 15th 2014 12:29 pm
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It never ceases to amaze me just how loyal and loving a little cat can be. I see people claim that cats are self-serving, that dogs are loyal and loving, that cats are independent and don't care, that cats only pay attention to you when they want something from you, and many other such statements. I can only conclude that people who say such things either never had a cat or never tried to form a positive relationship with a cat.

Even now as I write this, Uno lays on my lap between my laptop and me. Lefty is curled up in her usual spot behind my head. Lefty is nearly as devoted to me as Uno. Buddha, Gabe, and a few other cats lay scattered around my bed.

All during my convalescence from my surgery, Uno lay on me or beside me. When I get up to to go to the bathroom, she gets up, follows me, waits for me outside the bathroom door, follows me back to my bed, and resumes her place on my chest, lap, or beside me. She prefers to lay on my chest or lap and only lays beside me instead of on me when I insist on it. Wherever I go in the house, she follows me. When I take Destiny outside to relieve herself, Uno waits by the door, then follows me when I come back in and waits for me to sit or lay down again so she can again resume her place on me. About the only times she's not on me or beside me is when she lets other cats have their turns to lay on me and beside me.

It never ceases to amaze me just how loyal and loving a little cat can be.


Mom's Home!

January 19th 2014 7:30 am
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Mom came home from the hospital late Monday afternoon after her THR surgery and short hospital stay. We kitties sort of went on a rampage here while Mom was gone, knocking stuff over, etc to show our displeasure at Mom being gone. (Mom's taking over the laptop for the next part of this pawmail)

About a half hour before I called Russ to tell him the hospital was ready to let her go home, Uno started acting really strangely. She started circling and pacing between the bedroom and the back door, meowing and meowing. After U had called, Uno went and sat on Russ's lap then returned to going back and forth between the door and the bedroom again, clearly looking for me. Russ said it was clear that Uno somehow sensed something and was looking for me. Since I've been back home, Uno's spent most of her time sitting or laying on me. If I get up she follows me to see where I'm going. When I left for physical therapy today, Uno followed me to the door and was waiting by the door when I got back home from therapy.

Here's how Russ tells it in his own words: Half hour before Mom called to let me know she was coming home. Uno hopped on the bed and know started meowling at me. Didn't know what was going on and I followed her when she jumped off the bed and meowed clearly wanting to follow. I got up and she was at the door mewing in her voice that sounds very creepily like "MOOOOM" after she went onto the cat tree and looked out the window. I sat down and then Mom called. Uno must have known what that meant cuz she came back up after and started pacing. When I started to leave she followed me to the bathroom door and then i got Mom.


Tomorrow: Our Mission

January 9th 2014 7:23 am
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Tomorrow's our human Mom's surgery day. Russ will be here to take care of us while she's in the hospital and for awhile afterward until she's back on her feet again.

Our Mission: Get Mom back home as soon as possible.

All RIGHT! Tomorrow=time to see how much we can get away with!

1. Make sure to get into and onto everything we're not normally allowed to get on. That means the kitchen table, countertops, sink, etc are no longer off limits. Those of you who can open cabinet doors, go for it!

2. If you see anything that looks like it can be knocked down or knocked over, knock it down, knock it over. Make sure you have your escape route and hiding place planned in advance.

3. Anything interesting and small enough to be carried should be taken from its place and stashed somewhere more appropriate to a cats tastes. Ink pens for example, can be shoved underneath a bed or the couch.

4. Whatever mayhem you can think of to cause, go for it as long as you know how to keep yourself from being caught. Remember there are empty crates available and if you get caught being really bad you might find yourself crated.

5. Always put on your sweetest most innocent looking face in the presence of humans.

This means you can't spend the whole time Mom's gone by watching TV, watching Russ play X-box, looking out the windows, lazing around half-asleep, or being otherwise well-behaved. If we create enough havoc, Mom will have to hurry back home to restore order and return things here to normal again.


What a Wonderful Christmas Present...and a Request

December 24th 2013 9:23 pm
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What a wonderful Christmas present and way to end the year! KCK (Kewlest Catster Kitties) group has honored me by making me Kitty of the Week this week. I am so proud, humbled, and thrilled to have such an honor. To all kitties, this should show you that positive things can happen and wonderful things be achieved by any and all kitties if given the chance. To all humans I want to say this should show you that us special kitties (kitties with disabilities) should be given the chance to live and know the delight of having a wonderful loving forever home. Never underestimate us special kitties. We will surprise you with how well we can learn to adapt and compensate for missing eyes, disabled or missing limbs, deafness, blindness, and other disabilities. I hope if a special kitty comes your way and needs a good forever home, you'll see it in your heart to give that kitty a chance.

I'm the smallest adult kitty in my family, weighing barely 5 pounds. I have only one eye. I was more dead than alive when I was rescued after being dumped at a sanitation plant at only four weeks old with my litter sister, Righty and Lefty, and Righty and Lefty's two litter sisters (Righty and Lefty and their sisters were 6 weeks old.) Righty and Lefty's two litter sisters had normal eyes and vision and got adopted, my litter sister lives with Mom's best friend, and as you know, Righty and Lefty live here with me. Despite my bad start in life, I not only survived, I thrive. I never have let these things slow me down or get in my way. (Mom and her best friend claim most of this is because I'm a very determined strong-willed little kitty.) Just whip out a piece of cheese for me and I'll gladly demonstrate how I can beat all the other ktties to detecting that you have it and finding a way to get a piece of that cheese for myself before any other kitty hardly even knows its there (unless I decide to be nice and let one of the kittens have the first bite which I sometimes do, just to prove I'm not totally selfish MOL.)

Now I want to ask you to say a special prayer for our human Mom. She's going through a lot right now, enduring constant pain, and has to have major surgery January 10th. So please say a prayer that our Mom's surgery goes well and that she has a quick full recovery from it. I thank you in advance for thinking of our human Mom and praying for her.

Let me close by saying Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays whatever your beliefs or religious faith is, and may the New Year bring all the most positive best things possible to you and your families human, feline, canine and otherwise.

And see? I do have a serious side to me too. I'm not always a wild crazy mischievous little brat!


A Castle Out of Control

November 26th 2013 11:19 pm
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Zoom! Zoom! Zooom! and occasionally thud, crash, kaboom!

Through the house with the speed of light a trio of tiny tornadoes streak, jumping, bouncing, pivoting on a dime to reverse direction, only to fly through the house in the opposite direction. Quite often they manage to knock over the trash can or jump up on something that's not solid and bring things down with them as their failed jump lands them back on the floor where they started.

I'm supposed to be the Queen of the house but these three interlopers have totally upset my castle. I must admit I'm floundering a bit in my attempt to regain control. The kittens have absolutely no respect for my status. Gasp! There have been some kitty whispers around here that the real queens of the house are Splats and Carina and that I'm only a princess waiting in line for their shared throne.

Walk through the house at your own risk, for lurking around any corner, under any table, in any doorway is likely to be a miniature tiger flattened out in a crouch, eyes intensely full of anticipation, rears occasionally quivering with excitement, all ready to explode in a mock-fierce lionlike charge toward the prey. By the way, the prey is any cat or human who happens to come along at the right time.

Like releasing a coiled spring, a kitten launches himself at a moving human leg, forelegs poised to embrace the victim's ankle. The kitten grabs the ankle, gives a nicely inhibited playful nip at it, then races off in the opposite direction thinking he's going to manage to hide before the human sees him. Should the victim be feline, the kitten launches himself at the victim's neck, playfully wrapping his forepaws around the neck and biting at the side of the victim's neck in an attempt to pull the victim down. The result of such a mock attack on a feline victim is that the attacker either gets hissed at and swatted or should the victim be tolerant, he/she may merely shake the kitten off and stroll noncholantly on as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, even if you hiss at the kittens the next time you stroll through the house you're likely to be a target of their mischief again.

I'm finding it hard to outdo the kittens in the mischief department! Although I still hold the record for being able to scissor a cord in two with my teeth in milliseconds (providing Mom hasn't cheated and put Bitter Apple on it), the kittens now are trying to chew cords too. Go get your own acts, brats. Chewing cords is MY claim to fame (or infamy).

When I go to beg or attempt to steal food from Mom, I usually also have to fight off at least two of the three little terrors and sometimes they steal the tidbit from me. I'm a lady in that I may hiss and swat air but I won't actually hit a kitten unless it hurts me first and even then I'm careful to keep my claws sheathed.

Worst of all, when I have to suffer the indignity of being hounded by these three juvenile delinquents, certain other cats sit, watch, and actually SNICKER at me, "Hey Uno, remember what they say about paybacks?"

Now what reason would another cat have to say that about me?

How can I regain proper control of my castle?


Three Little Kittens

October 20th 2013 11:21 pm
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Three little kittens,
To adult cats are pestilence,
As they run, jump, bounce, and play,
They stalk us across the floors,
Ambush us behind the doors,
And they keep getting in our way!

Those three little kittens are taking entirely too much attention away from us civilized grown-up cats. Today that little black and white monster named Moo even tried to copy me by trying to chew Mom's laptop cord. Go think up your own ways to get attention, Moo! Don't copy mine!

Mom has no sympathy for us either. She says we were all kittens at one time and quite bratty kittens too. She told Righty, Lefty, and me that she even had written her own Three Little Kittens rhyme for us after we grew up. It goes:

Three little kittens lost more than their mittens,
Each could only partially see,
One 2 weeks, two 4 weeks,
How lucky they turned out to be,

Rescued just in time,
They learned how to cope,
to live life to the fullest
& they happily grew up just fine!

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