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Uno Happily Irrepressible!

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First Time in MONTHS

June 26th 2016 9:44 pm
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This is the first time in MONTHS that I've been able to access my Catster account and then I still can only access it from my ancient laptop which barely works at all. Despite numerous emails to Catster asking them to fix the problem so I can log in to my account on my desktop, I still cannot log in on my desktop at all. I once again emailed Catster about the problem. I've been unable to enjoy my Premium account for almost 2 years now. I hope Catster will fix the problem and extend my premium account.

Luckily I have been able to stay in touch with some of my Catster friends via Facebook.

Hopefully Catster will get around to finally fixing the problem so I can log in on my desktop, which works well. (And I hope they extend my premium account since I've been unable to get into Catster due to THEIR problems for such a long time. Then I'll be able to catch up on a massive number of things here at Catster.


The Impudence of a Kitten

November 17th 2015 4:11 am
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As you already probably know, Mom took in two 4-week old rescue kittens a little over a month ago. She named them Calvin and Hobbes. She never even asked any of us cats how we felt about her bringing in newcomer babies. However, since Mom kept the kittens caged most of the time unless she was holding them or letting them sleep under her chin, they weren't much of a bother to us. They weren't in our way.

Both kittens came down with upper respiratory virus soon after they came. Probably they were already incubating the virus when they came and all the stress they went through would have been enough to make them break with it shortly after arrival. Little Hobbes had the virus worst and it eventually went to his lungs, causing pneumonia which killed him. Calvin's virus was much milder and he recovered except for some minor sneezing that hasn't cleared yet.

Now Calvin has been here with us 5 weeks today and he just turned 9 weeks old. Mom decided , or rather, Calvin decided for her by learning how to get down off the bed and run around the house, that he's old enough to have freedom of the house at least part of the time, especially since he comes back to Mom's lap when he gets tired and wants to nap. This new freedom of Calvin's means we adult cats are now subjected to his pestering. Previously if he pestered us on the bed all we had to do was leave the bed until he got put back in his crate. Now he can pester us nearly anywhere in the house except for a few high places he can't manage to reach yet.

Calvin has very little respect for us adult cats. Our tails, especially, are fair game to him. He loves to stalk, catch, pounce on, and even bite our tails. When we pointed out to him that he has his own tail to play with, he replied that our tails are much more fun to play with than his own. He also stalks us, bounces on us, swats at us and sometimes jumps up and nips our ears. When we hiss at him, his response is to arch his back, flatten his ears, and do a sideways dance in front of us in an invitation for more play. Does he not understand that a hiss means "leave us alone?" The answer is 'sure he understands, but feigned ignorance serves his purpose MOL."

Mom is aggravatingly lacking in sympathy for us. She simply tells us that he won't hurt us and that all too quickly, he will outgrow this kitten stage that astonishingly to us, she thinks is CUTE!


Mom Has New Facebook Account!

October 4th 2015 6:44 pm
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Today, Mom made a new Facebook account for us. It's Denise Ackley with Cat Whisperer in parentheses below it on the profile. She used the same photo of Lily for her profile picture and the same photo of me for her cover photo to make it easier to recognize us. While we hope Facebook finishes examining our documents and reactivates our Cat Whisperer account so we get our friends and our groups back, in the meantime we now have an alternative.

So everybody, friend us on Facebook!


I Didn't Do It This Time

October 3rd 2015 7:57 pm
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To all our friends...sorry we haven't been online in a while. Mom's laptop power cord had a problem...I didn't do it this time!!! It shorted out for some reason and she had to get another cord which took a while. Ask Mom if you don't believe me, my chew marks were only on the end of the cord that was NOT the source of the problem!

Facebook still says it's "reviewing our documents" and 'will get back to us if they need more info." In the meantime they still won't let us log in. I wish theyd hurry up and let us log in and get back to FB again, we miss Facebook.


Family Updates by Uno

September 19th 2015 6:17 pm
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We still can't get into our Facebook account. We just get a message saying they're still reviewing our documents. So please be patient, hopefully they will get things straightened out soon. In the meantime, please keep passing along shelter and death row kitty info to aid the ongoing effort to save kitty lives. I've been trying to convince Mom to let me have my own Facebook account but Mom says wait until they get her account straightened out first, then maybe she will let me. However, Mom said no to my request for my own laptop!

Thanks to all who gave stars, rosettes, and hugs to Angel Wiggles. She rather unexpectedly went to the Rainbow Bridge on 9-13-15, apparently due to acute liver failure.
Lily, the mother of Angel Whoops & Angel Wiggles, will turn 17 on Dec.6. Like Mew, who outlived her daughter MewTwo by several years, Lily too has outlived both her daughters by several years now.

This has been a bad year for fleas. Mom's had to spend a fortune on flea control products this year! We're looking forward to cold bugs! Mom says she prefers weather that doesn't require heat or air conditioning, she worries too much about the bills. We, being cats, leave all that stuff up to Mom to deal with.

I for one, like it that Mom's letting me be the "spokescat" for our family lately!


Facebook Problems-HELP!

September 10th 2015 4:33 pm
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This is Uno's Mom writing this.
Every day, I try to log into Facebook and it says "Thanks For Your Help
We’ll take a look at the documents you submitted and get back to you. If we need more help confirming your name, we’ll reach out for additional documentation.

Log Out

There seems to be no customer service phone number or email, no way to get help at all. I don't know whether to make a new Cat Whsperer Facebook account or what. Cat Whisperer is a real nickname/hobby-business name of mine, it's not a fake. If I use my legal name, nobody will know me! If I make a new account, I'll not have any of my friends on it and have to try to regain all my friends. Facebook says they will get back to me, but I've heard nothing at all from them yet.

If anyone has had this happen or has any idea what to do about it, please let me know.

Again, I ask my Facebook friends to please share notices of shelter kitties, death row kitties, etc needing adopted. I feel really bad about not being able to get on my Facebook account to share these important messages and try to save lives.


Attention Facebook Friends

September 8th 2015 12:53 pm
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For some reason, Facebook has decided they don't like my Cat Whisperer facebook name. They demanded me send them legal documents with that name on them, such as drivers license, etc. I wrote to them explaining that Cat Whisperer is my name for my business (hobby really) of helping people with their cat problems and it is my nickname, and that on Facebook, my mission is to help shelter cats try to find forever homes and also to help cat owners with cat problems for free, as well as indulging in enjoyable communication with other cat lovers. They gave a statement that they would examine the document I sent and get back to me if they need more. BUT THEY WON'T LET ME LOG IN TO MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT IN THE MEANTIME.

I don't know why they have any problem with my Cat Whisperer name. After all, there are many people who use nicknames, business names, their pets names, etc on Facebook.

Has anyone else had this happen to them and if so, how does one get Facebook to accept their chosen Facebook name?

I also would like to ask my friends on Facebook to share the posts on shelter cats needing homes and trying to save kitty lives, since I'm not able to be there at this time to share those posts.

Thank you!


Stretching My Patience

August 28th 2015 3:50 am
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As you may already know, we have a newcomer kitten around here. He's tail-challenged, having only a short little nub of a tail. As a result, he's playfully obsessed with my tail and those of the other cats around here. His name is Bobby. The only tail Bobby doesn't like to pounce on and attack is Comet's tail. Comet carries his tail curled tightly over his back like a husky dog. He can stretch his tail out normally when he wants to but most of the time he is carrying it in a tight curl over his back. His tail is long too, it reaches to his withers when it's over his back. But a tail like this isn't much good for chasing, pouncing, and attacking. It doesn't wave tantalizingly or twitch at the end or creep across the floor in such a way that Bobby can't resist attacking it.

Since I'm one of the younger cats here and I love to play, Bobby tends to pick on me to play his tail chasing, stalking, attacking games with my tail. While Bobby respects the older cats when they tell him off for abusing their tails, Bobby knows I have a playful temperament and so he ignores it when I try to tell him to stop messing with my tail. Only if I give Bobby a swat on the head, does he get the hint and leave my tail alone. But it's usually not long before Bobby is back at trying to play with someone's (usually my) tail again.

I get no sympathy from Mom either. She just tells me that Bobby is a kitten and will outgrow a lot of his antics the same way I outgrew many of my antics. Patience! Mom tells me to have patience with him. Kittens grow up too fast, Mom tells me. I have my doubts. After all, I left kittenhood a few years ago and I still love to chew cords if I get the chance. Mom says I've chewn up more cords and stuff than both dogs put together. I must admit that deep down, I'm kind of proud of outdoing two dogs in the chewing department. Mom claims that's nothing to be proud of. I just tell her we should agree to disagree on that point.

The other newcomers around here don't bother me at all. They're adults already and either they haven't adjusted totally yet or they're rather sedate by nature. Smokey and Boots like to lay around mostly. Comet likes to hang around the back bedroom, which is the quietest place in the house. I don't mess with them much because to me, they're sort of boring.

Bobby however, well, he really stretches my patience. Mom tells me that sometimes I stretch her patience the same way, particularly when I chew things. She said maybe Bobby is teaching me a karmic lesson!


Twilight & a Comet

July 30th 2015 5:20 pm
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Angel Twilight now his his own page on Catster! Not only that, we have a new family member who Mom also just now put on Catster. Mom named this newcomer "Comet."

Mom got a call from a friend asking if she would take in an unwanted cat. She said yes. Shortly after that, the cat arrived. He is a big lean black smoke cat with a white bib. He is a very sweet cat, so sweet he got along with us cats and even the dogs so quickly he only had to spend a day caged when he came. His previous owner had gotten him from a shelter and for some unknown reason, decided she didn't like him and didn't want him. She pitched him outside (he was declawed in front too, and a declawed cat shouldn't be allowed outside) & stated she was going to have him put down because she didn't want him. My friend who was there then called Mom asking if she would take the cat. Thus, Comet arrived here.

Comet, like the space object he's named for, got his name because like a comet, his most striking feature is his tail. His tail is quite unusual. In all Mom's years of having cats, showing cats, judging cat shows, rescuing cats, etc, she's seen thousands of cats and she's never seen a cat like Comet. Comet carries his tail curled over his back like a husky dog. In his profile picture, it shows how his tail curls over his back all the way to his withers! He can straighten his tail at will but prefers to carry his tail curled over his back.

As for personality, Comet is extremely sweet, very laid-back and mellow, very outgoing, readily befriending the other cats and the dogs in our family. As time goes on and Comet settles in, Mom says she's sure she will only see even better, sweeter, more loving traits emerge in Comet!


No Bird!

July 23rd 2015 5:46 pm
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Ever since a scrawny half-naked baby of the sparrow variety arrived at our house, we cats have heard waaay too much of these two words "'no bird!" Now some of us (Lily & Buddha are two of them) used to live with Mom back in the days when she had an aviary and cats had free run of the aviary and knew to leave the birds alone while any mouse that dared come in to get a free meal was fair game. The rest of us however, only learned to leave bigger birds like Charlie the blue-front amazon parrot and Percy, the cockatiel alone. BTW Percy turned 21 this spring, he's now of legal age but Mom won't ever let him even try any alcoholic drink!

Back to my gripe...most of us consider the sparrow fair game, especially now that the sparrow has learned to fly about in his cage. Mom has him in a cage with bars too close together for a paw to slip through but some of us still sneak up by the cage to see if there's any way we can reach the bird. That's when we keep hearing "No BIRD!" as Mom moves us away from our advantageous positions by the cage. Mom can't understand how fascinating and irresistible to us this litte bird is as he hops around his cage and flies. He (Mom thinks it's a he but isn't 100% sure yet) cannot perch because he has a twisted right leg. His twisted leg may have to be amputated so he will learn how to perch on his good leg. In the days of the aviary Mom had a finch whose right leg had to be amputated and the finch subsequently learned to perch with her good left leg.

In my humble feline opinion, this sparrow is more trouble than he's worth. He has little interest in bird seed and prefers for Mom to handfeed him even though he's plenty old enough to eat on his own. Why, being made mostly of hollow bones & feathers, this little bird wouldn't even make a decent meal for a cat! Yet Mom handfeeds this little bird and whenever we sneak too close to the bird, we have to hear those dreaded two fun-spoiling little words "No BIRD!"

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