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Uno Happily Irrepressible!

The New Queen Ascends the Throne

January 28th 2013 4:39 pm
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I've told of Hallie's passing in her own diary. Hallie's passing affected all my cats for she had been the undisputed Queen and ruler over all the cats in my house since the day she first had healed enough to be allowed freedom of the entire house. When Hallie came through a hallway or doorway or other narrow area, any other cat would literally get out of her way when they saw her coming. If another cat was laying or sitting in a spot Hallie wanted, they would vacate that spot and give it up to her without question. Whenever I shared any human food with the cats, if Hallie came to get any, the other cats would hang back and stay out of her way until she departed before they would try to get their share. Whereas other cats frequently shared food dishes (I free choice dry food but when I'm refilling the dishes the cats usually all have to come check out the food) no other cat would bother Hallie when she was eating. Litter pans were no problem, except for young kittens, I've never seen two cats try to use the same litter pan at the same time even though I have some huge pans that are at least twice the length and width of normal litter pans and would easily accommodate two cats at once. I've found that cats like plenty of room in a litter pan and that many of the litter pans I see offered for sale at petshops, especially covered litter pans, are too small for an adult cat to comfortably stand, turn around, etc in.

After Hallie's passing, the other cats acted sort of "lost" without her. They were so used to watching for her and yielding to her, they were still on the alert and prepared to yield but now there was no queen of the cats for them to yield to. None of my other adult cats had the strong willed, dominant, determined to get her own way "Queen of the cats" temperament that Hallie had.

As I stated in Hallie's diary entry about her passing, the answer to who would take her place as ruler and Queen of my feline family came from the most unexpected place.

Only a short time after Hallie's passing, one individual took the initiative to step up and take over the ruling position as Queen of my feline family. This individual was the only one of my cats who really had the dominant, strong willed, determined to get her own way no matter what kind of temperament that had made Hallie the undisputed Queen and ruler of my cat family.

As a small kitten, this new Queen had already made it clear to the other cats to yield to her, let her be first, and not interfere with her when there was food involved. It used to be both amazing and amusing at the same time to see this tiny kitten always beat my other cats to a treat and swat at even the biggest adult cat who made any attempt to get too close. Any one of the adult cats could so easily have swatted that impudent little kitten right off her feet had they chosen to do so. But as is usual with most adult cats except perhaps for outdoor unaltered males, the adult cats showed infinite patience with the kitten and let the little kitten have her way.
Thus even before Hallie's passing, a pattern was already being formed which cleared the way for the new Queen to take her place as the new ruler of my cat family.

To look at her, the new Queen of my cat family would appear to be the unlikeliest candidate for becoming the ruler of my cats. She was barely a year old, undersized for her age, lean, lightweight, she had only one eye, and along with Lefty and Righty, she had just finished recovering from being spayed. But the new Queen of my cat family had never let anything stop her yet from doing what she intended to do (as long as it was safe and there was no need for human intervention of course!).

Thus it was that Uno, the smallest and youngest of my cats, stepped up and took the role of ruler, Queen of my cat family. The others accordingly gave Uno the same respect as they had given Hallie, but with a difference. Hallie was an old arthritic cat who had suffered much in her life and was often irritable and wanted to just lay around and not be disturbed. Uno on the other hand, was very young and playful when she took over as Queen. Whereas Hallie was usually slow-moving and demanded the other cats get out of her way, Uno is small, young, and very quick and easily gets where she wants to go and rarely ever has to make another cat get out of her way except for when it comes to things such as treats. Uno always has to be first when it comes to treats etc..

Hallie for the most part wanted the other cats to just get out of her way and leave her alone although she would let other cats sleep near her and occasionally she would enjoy playing with the younger cats. Uno on the other hand, being the youngest, is much more amiable with the other cats enjoys their company, enjoys playing with them, and likes sleeping together with other cats especially Lefty and Righty. Like most of my younger cats, Uno still goes to Buddha to have him mother her, wash her ears, etc.

When I give the cats treats, Uno being Queen always has to be first and the other cats stay back and wait on her just as they did for Hallie when Hallie was Queen. However, when Hallie got a treat, she was rather slow eating it and not inclined to exert the energy to try to take treats from any of the other cats. Uno on the other hand, is lightning fast at taking a treat, carrying it away from the other cats, and eating it and the other cats must be quick at eating their treats too or else Uno will steal their treats right out from under their noses and eat their treats as well as her own.

Uno's absolute favorite treat is cheese. There are times when she was at the opposite end of the house or sound asleep on my bed and I've tried to see if I could sneak cheese out of the refrigerator without her catching me and somehow she always knows and is right there before I even get the refrigerator door shut, demanding me give her a piece of it. Yet she doesn't do this if I'm getting anything else out of the refrigerator. How she knows when its cheese I'm getting out of the refrigerator, I don't know. When I have cheese, Uno is right there trying to convince me to share and if any other cat tries to come close, as fast as lightning Uno will smack at them with her forepaw. BTW when Uno and other cats smack at each other this way, they don't use their claws at all, they keep their claws retracted.

I like Dannon Activia blueberry and strawberry flavored yogurt and often eat it. Uno also likes yogurt and when I'm done with it, I'll set the container on the floor for her and she'll use her forepaw, usually her right forepaw, to scrape yogurt from the insides of the container. Then she'll lick the yogurt off her forepaw. Although some of the other cats like yogurt too, they will wait until Uno is finished before they try their own luck at the yogurt container.


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