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My first day with my new family

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its not so bad

June 17th 2013 1:02 pm
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Well I guess its ok not being a only cat... Maui has grown on me.. Its nice getting to show him the ropes.. I have so much to do.. he even pooped under daddys bed... He has a lot to learn... but i keep him in check... I even let him eat with me.... I guess I better go... Mommy has lots to do..

Tiger LIlly


Well I'm home

June 7th 2013 6:35 pm
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Well mom and daddy came home and got me... I was so happy.... And then I get home and smell something's off.. And what do u know... They got a new boy cat... He's just a baby but still.... I just hisssss & hissss at him... Hopefully he knows I'm the boss....

Hissssing mad
Tiger lilly


Hisssssing mad

June 4th 2013 3:52 pm
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Well I was hopping mommy was not leaving but something told me they were leaving so I was being super nice but she left anyway...I can't bleave it and she said she was going to bring me a friend home ". A fur friend like me or a mother 2 leg moster... I just hope they come home... I had to sneak in to find the computer,,, hope they don't catch me.., at least I'm where theirs a cat room OUTSIDE.... And not in a kennel... Maybe mommy will come home soon but I will still be hisssssing mad,,,,

Help me...
Tiger lilly


mean mean human mommy

May 22nd 2013 10:06 am
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I don't know to be mad or happy... But Monday Mommy took me to the VET at left me.. can you bleave it She left me... then the vet takes me somewhere else and puts me to sleep... I wake up thank GOD but I hurt and mommys still not there... then they take me somewhere else... and THE NEXT DAY.. can you bleave it 3 days in a cage... and Mommy finaly shows up...Thank Goodness but i'm still mad.. I don't know if I should be happy or MAD>.. I'm so happy to have my house back.. but does she understand what they did to me.. I can't ever be a MOMMY.. why don't I get to chose.. I may want babbies... to you know.. why do they think they can take all of our choices away from us.. just cause they think we are pets.. and now Mom is talking about getting a Boy Bengal.. what.. I may want to have his babies and now I can't way to go mommy.... SO I don;t know if I should be happy or MAD as hell... But I guess its ok.. At least I have a home.. I saw the tornado that hit OK.. and the poor people and pets that lost it all.. I guess i will be ok with it..

Latter purrs...


Growing fast

April 23rd 2013 8:53 pm
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Well I'm growing fast had to take a min to post moms always watching me... I'm growing so fast mommy and daddy got me a new cat tree I love love love it... It's so tall. I love to sit on it play on it and even sleep when the pesky feather tirers me out... Sometimes I even fall off it fighting the feather... Mommy even lets me go outside to play now that's its warmer... I love the tree but now sure of the green stiff mom calls grass... Good mewing with you moms on to me..

Tiger Lilly


Growing growing growing

March 27th 2013 7:01 pm
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Well I'm almost 5 months now and I am growing by the day almost 5 lbs I love my family but miss my fur friends mommy has pet fish I have learned to look at but once the rainbow shark scared me and made me fall off the stand but I got another fish back I scared him and almost got him to jump out of the tank to my waiting claws..... Daddy told mommy she needed to move my cat tower so I can't scare the fish again but she haven't yet,,, love my sweet mommy.,.. I am getting to explore the garage now and love sitting in the windows... Hope it gets nice out so mommy will take me for walks.... She's even trying to talk dad into getting me a ferbrother... That's all for now o ya thank goodness the family guest left,,, they had kids that just would not leave me alone... But I hid with dad no one would dare mess with me there...
But catch ya latter time for me to get this mouse off the iPad... Lol

Tiger Lilly...


Finally home again

March 13th 2013 7:23 pm
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Well it's been awhile...I've been busy busy... Playing but the. Mom and dad took me to my aunty robins house and left me... I was there with lots of other cats and get this a puppy.... But let me tell you those other cats were so nice and showed me so much I can do... It's great... But I'm so happy mom and dad came and got me.. They said they had so much fun but missed me... At least I scored big and they got me all kinds of new toys, ,I'm just happy they came and got me.. They didn't forget me...
The most loved kitty,,,
Tiger Lilly
Purr ya latter


It's looking up

February 14th 2013 6:49 pm
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Well things have gotten human daddy's home so now my pets are with me more... I follow them around and play by daddy's bed to make him smile... I am learning more and growing. I have learned how to fetch and play with some new toys mommy got me for something called v day.. It was fun,,. She's so sweet to me... Latter gatters... More latter...
Tiger Lilly


This week sucks

January 30th 2013 8:25 pm
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Well thus has been a crazy bad week... Everything was going good I loved it. The two legged pets were always playing with me... Then Sunday night daddy was running a fevor and then mommy left with daddy then some guy they called uncle came over to stay with us... Turns out daddy was sick and had to stay at the hosp.. So now the kids go to school and mommy goes to the hosp so I don't get my mommy time I want.. She leves me lots of food but its so lonly... At least the kids come home and play with me... I'm always mad at mommy when she gets home since daddy's at the hosp she lets me sleep with her so I forgive her... More latter.... Mewya latter


Adjusting to my new home

January 22nd 2013 2:20 pm
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Well today I would first like to thank caster for making my diary of the day that's meow awesome...
I like this new place it's rather nice not having to fight for attention and having these two legged boys fighting for me.,. I got a break from them today... My new mommy took me with her to take them to a place called school... I stayed on her shoulder the whole time.,, Then we come home and it was all me and mommy... She played with me and fed me and even let me explore the house some before letting me into her bed with daddy he seems nice but stays in bed all day... Mommy said we have to be careful around him cause he can't get sick due to he has stage 4 cancer,.. It's sad...but mommy had to leave me today cause she had to take him to the dr...So I was a little mad at her but not for long it was nice the 2 two legged boys got home and let me out of my room to play with them and I helped the oldest one with homework... So far this life is looking great I think it will be the cats meow... O ya also I am getting bigger and better at climbing and jumping every day,. Soon I will be everywhere....bawaaaaaa... Latter gatters.. Meow tiger Lilly

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