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January 3rd 2013 4:40 am
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Since I am pretty much a bad ass, I have to go into my room every morning at 5:30. I do have the run of the house all night, which is nice. But at 5:30, I eat my breakfast in my room and chill in my nice cat tree in the sunny window until about 11:00 ish. Then mom puts Taffy back into his room and I plot how I can get in and kick his butt. I can see him under the door and we play footsies under the door, but I'm not allowed to be out with him because I go all Hanibal Lechter on his butt. So after about 10 minutes, I realize that A) I am not able to get into the door no matter how many times I head butt it and B) Greta, my doberman, will come over and gently chase me away from the door so that I leave Taffy alone. She is like the referee I guess. If I ever do get out and lay the smackdown on Taffy, Greta chases me back into my room. So usually, at some point, I head to my nice, new kitty play pen mom just bought me a month ago. She leave it in the sun by the back window and I like to nap all afternoon in there. Even though, apparently, I have major issues with my bad attitude, my life is good. I LOVE my daddy, and the best part of my day is when he comes home from work and I sit next to him on his comfy chair while he eats his dinner. Oh, another important thing on my daily agenda is to clean the dogs ears. Boy, are they ever gross! The dog lays her head across mom and dad's bed and I flip her floppy ear over and clean those gross things, and if she tries to get away from me I give her a light (no claw) smack and make her hold still til I'm done. Someone has to take care of those gross ears!

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