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Why you shouldn't declaw your cat

November 17th 2013 7:57 pm
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I cannot stress enough how harmful this is to a cat, but the following graphic explains things much better than I ever can. Click-through to Bruce's blog post for the infograph and source link.


The healing power of purrs

November 1st 2013 5:39 am
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I'd seen this on several sites and was compelled to share here. Be sure to check the source links at the bottom of the graphic for more facts! (view the graphic here)


My cat is a GO-CAT

June 22nd 2013 7:28 pm
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I’ve posted before about GO-CAT’s Da Bird toys. They are an absolute favorite at my house; Bruce loves them! Every so often I treat him with a new toy for various accomplishments, and the last treat was an order of Da Bird refills. On a whim, I decided to try their Kitty Puff accessory. Read about it on Bruce's blog!


And again!

June 15th 2013 4:41 pm
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Who says black cats are bad luck? Bruce has picked again for Caster's Daily Diary Pick! 2 days in a row! Read more on Bruce's blog.


Oops he did it again!

June 14th 2013 5:12 pm
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I just got home from work and found that Bruce has been selected for Caster's Daily Diary Pick again! Read more on Bruce's blog.


Bruce's Fancy Tickled

June 9th 2013 5:26 am
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In my most recent grocery shopping trip, I was picking up Bruce’s usual cans of food when a display on the end of the aisle caught my eye. It was all brightly colored feathers. To be exact, it was all brightly colored Multipet Tickle My Fancy feather toys. Read more on Bruce's blog ...


New domain!

June 8th 2013 4:48 am
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I bought a new domain today for this site: So now, you can reach this site by using that URL, or the old one which will automatically forward to here. :)

(link to this blog post)


Bruce is selected as Caster’s Daily Diary Pick!

April 26th 2013 2:12 pm
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When I logged into my email early yesterday, I was greeted by an email informing me that Bruce's blog had been selected as Caster's Daily Diary Pick. What an honor! Read more on Bruce's blog here.


Are you enrolled?

April 22nd 2013 1:55 pm
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Recently, one of the blogs I follow from BlogPaws had turned me on to PetMD's new site. (If you haven't been by there yet, I highly recommend it. The symptom checker tool is NEAT!) While perusing the site's vast ocean of content, I noticed a button for PetMD University. Read more on Bruce's blog here!


Bruce featured on ‘Get Out of There Cat’

April 16th 2013 4:30 pm
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A while back I had submitted Bruce's "spy" pictures to one of my favorite cat Tumblrs "Get Out of There Cat" -- and today it was posted! ^_^ (link)

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