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From the paws of Pepper

Snow...Snow...and more Snow...

February 3rd 2013 7:53 am
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Well it's day 4 of snowing around here. We were all so furry happy when it was in the 50's and mom could open a window. Now all we get to do is look out side and watch the snow flakes fall. Patches and Lucky both have taken to curling up in blankets or staying close to mom cause of the cold this storm brings in.I like to still run around and sit in the windows, hoping for some sunshine to warm my fur in. Mom says winter will be over before I know it, I hope she is right. The snow was pretty at first and fun to step in, but I am ready for some sunshine and open windows. Hope all our friends out there are staying warm.....

whisker tickles,



January 24th 2013 6:05 am
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Zoom Zoom....Flip Flop....Flip Zoom and Flop...a spin here and a dash there...this kitty is rocking...

MOL I have been a crazy nut as mom says... for the past few days I have had a bug under my skin that makes me want to run and play and do all kinds of crazy things. My brofur Patches just sits there and watchs me. When he gets tired of my craziness, he will jump up and tackle me. He will pin me down and nip at me till I claim down.

Once he lets go of me, I jump up and tackle him right back...then Leap as high as I can in the air and take off. Mom for the life of her can't even imagin what has gotten into me, but she loves it. She says I am so silly. What I don't tell everyone is, I am doing the kitty summer dance.... I am hoping if I try hard enough, the snow will go away.

Plus getting my brofur moving is always good. Don't tell him but I think he is a little tubby MOL. How are my kitty friends keeping busy during these cold winter days? What fun new things are you doing to get the summer ich out of you?

Whisker Tickles,


OMC I am DDP today ..

January 12th 2013 1:00 pm
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Thank you so much for picking me for a DDP, It has been amazing to be the DOTD and now to be a DDP...

Thank you to everyone for your lovely post and comments.. they make me so purry happy...thank you to Boni and family for my pink ribbon, Tabatha for my snowman, Boss Hogg Bush for my pink ribbon, Smiley Cassanova for my adopt a pet ribbon, And Jameson and KCK for my DDP picture. I wuv them all very much.

As for me, today has been really warm. Almost 70!!!! mom opened the windows and we got a chance to sniff and watch things going on outside. It might be winter but it feels more like spring and that is just find with me .... How are my other kitty friends? How is the Temp. by you today? Hope you got a chance to open your windows ...

I'm off for now, have to chase after my doggie sister Angel..her and I wuv to play..

Whisker Tickles,


Meow Wow DOTD!!!

January 11th 2013 6:24 am
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Wow, I'm DOTD, so excited!!!! My brother Patches was DOTD not to long ago and then he was a DDP and now I'm DOTD!!! How very wonderful, I feel so special. Mom says she can't believe it either.. More treats and cuddles to go around today :)

Thank you all for sharing in my special day and bringing lots of congrats. Thank you Manytoes for my lovely DOTD picture, we WUV it so much. Thank you Angel buddie for my lovely congrats you sent to me. Thank you Milo Blue eyes and family for my lovely pink ribbon and thank you Casey for my pretty rose. Thank you to Morticia for my wonderful trophy. I love them all.

Now it is time for me to run off and tell Patches my new..

Whisker Tickles,


Mom Gave in!

January 9th 2013 2:48 pm
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YAY!! Happy kitty dance!! Mom gave in and let us all have wet food for dinner. Lucky gave me a funny look but hey! I got some wet food tonight. Mom told us all that she is going to start doing that cause she doesn't want any of us to feel like she doesn't love us. Hey, it works for me, I get to share in the wet food and I couldn't be happier.

Whisker tickles,


Not fair!

January 9th 2013 5:41 am
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As you know my older brother Lucky is getting older. Mom went out and got him some yummy wet food and didn't get us any.. I say mom should get it for us all. Every time Lucky gets to eat, I just want to run over and chase him off to take his food. Mom lets us have some of the food after Lucky eats but I really want my own. Maybe if I pout enough mom will get me some kind of treat.

pouty face kitty,


Hello everyone

January 2nd 2013 2:07 pm
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Hi everyone,

I am new to catster and wanted to tell you some about myself. My meowmy got me from a friend when they had to move out of state. At first I was scared and didn't want to be around anyone. As I got more comfy, I started to talk to my new meowmy. Each day I greet her when she gets up with lots of chattering and I like to sway my head back and forth till she pets me. Everytime moewmy has to go outside, I wait for her by the door or look out the window to make she is still there. When she comes back in I rush to her to make sure she is really here and to make sure she pets me.

When ever my moewmy is on the computer I love to sit on top of the key board to remind her that I am more important. I also like to type at the same time she does or I will lick the keys , so that she has to stop and love on me. I am always around my meowmy, I follow her all around the house and help her get her work done.

At night I like to make my meowmy laugh by running around after things she can't see and wrestle with my brofur Patches. Sometimes I like to run up and attack my Meowmys feet and then run off and try to get her to chase me around. Oh, and while I am talking about playing, I LOVE my feather toys... meowmy likes to make me jump for the feathers and she is right , I will jump after them. She thinks it's so silly of me but really all I am trying to do is get those feathers. This would be so much easier if she would just leave them on the ground for me to get, but she nevers does.

But I think I need to go get some of those things around the room(meowmy never sees them). Hope every kitty has a great night.

whisker tickles,

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