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December 20th 2012 1:15 am
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KK is doing remarkable well!
I let him out of his big dog crate for awhile, he came out and sat right on and then laid down on my lap.
I combed him with a flea comb and he just had a few fleas. I drown the fleas in a cup of hot water mixed with less than a drop of baby hair shampoo in it.
The shampoo removes the surface tension of the water and kills the fleas faster.

I'm sitting about 5 feet away from him now just giving him some space to see how he is going to act. KK is laying on a folded blanket that I placed on a chair. He has been there about 15 minutes now and is just chillin'.

Oh oh...He just slid off with the blanket onto the floor, he's fine, He did not run off trying to hide somewhere. Just stayed put and looking over everything like what happened?

He is doing just fine. I picked the blanket up, refolded it and put it on the chair. Right after I did that, I rubbed Squeekers my Tortie kitty under her chin/cheeks to transfer her scent onto my fingers, I went over and presented my fingers to KK and he sniffed them. He did not hiss or get agitated. I'm just trying to get him familiar with my other cats scent one at a time.

Ivan has been sleeping on top of KK's crate. Ivan is now awake and looking and hissing at KK sitting in the chair. KK does not seem to really care too much.
He is just chilling and occasionally licking himself.

It's late, I'm going to put him back in his crate and call it a night.
Actually, he just jumped over to his crate and went in on his own!

Overall I'm impressed with the way KK has adjusted to his new living environment.

I'm extremely please that KK is not challenging, charging or attacking my other Cats and he seems to be rather laid back. Maybe he is just being good while I'm watching him...
He still is sorta jumpy when my Cats or myself make certain movements or noises, but not real bad. He does not get spooked then run off and hide like some of my feral cats do.

The dominant Cat of mine "Tippy" I'm concerned about attacking KK. I'm keeping him upstairs. Tippy is the "Boss" of all the Cats here.
Tippy is a white shorthair with a couple lack patches on him.
Tippy will attack a Cat when anyone least expects it, He is very sneaky.

KK is nocturnal, He sleeps most of the day and now is wide awake.
He wants to come out of his crate again.

Squeekers is all hissy now because Ivan just jumped up on a platform next to her and me which is unusual. He usually does not come up this close to me on his own, Ivan is a true feral Cat. They all have been acting a little different since KK arrived.


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