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KK has become so lovable!

February 7th 2013 10:14 am
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KK is now an officially certified lap kitty!

He jumps up and sleeps on my lap while I'm sitting here on the computer doing work or surfing.

Loves to have his head scratched and petted, pumps his paws and closes his eyes like he is dreaming...

He's getting along better with my other kitties. Still has his moments though.

When he hears I'm coming through the front gate at home, he sometimes sits in the window and waits for me.

He is such a lovable Cat and a Purrfect pal!



January 24th 2013 1:22 am
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KK has adjusted pretty well to being a 100% indoor Cat.
He still has his moments where he wants to go outside and he tells me all about it!
I refuse to let him out. Too many hazards that could get him hurt or become some other animals toy or dinner.

KK is sleeping on my lap as I write this. He is a very lovable and beautiful Cat once he trusts you.


Please read this linked story about displaced sandy Cats and- dogs.

January 3rd 2013 6:45 pm
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Please Catster people, if you can, help these Cats (and Dogs) in this news story,
(copy and paste the link below). isplaced-sandy-left-011354269.html



December 29th 2012 1:26 am
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KK has been doing very well!
He is laying on my lap right now.
However, One of my littlest Cats Cybil decided to jump up and lay right on my chest, directly between KK and my face.

KK has migrated to the community litter box. No more of his own with garden dirt sprinkled over the litter.

The other Cats here are still not 100% comfortable with KK and he seems to know it. KK tried to be pushy with my biggest Cat Lilo (Cybils big brother).
Lilo did not back off. They did not fight but they did give each other dirty looks.

All in all, KK has done pretty good. I'm just glad to get him out of the home depot before something bad happened to him.


MEOW Cat rescue visit completed!☺

December 21st 2012 3:53 pm
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KK was behaving very good during his visit at MEOW.
His blood test came back negative ☺ Yippie!!!

He allowed the staff at meow to handle him without biting or scratching anyone! He really was not that pleased about the visit but I explained to him it's for his and my other Cats benefit.
He still did not seem to happy about the whole exam thing.

When we came back home he did not want to stay in his dog kennel, even when I gave him a 1/2 can of tuna. He ignored the tuna? He was sticking his arms out clawing at everything he could and meowing loud. I felt bad and let him out thinking he would stay on his blanket as before, NOPE! He took off and is in hiding right now. I'll look for him in 15-20 minutes when he calms down a bit.
He is under the kitchen table hiding on one of the chairs.


Added a picture, Today he visits MEOW for his basic exam and- a few shots.

December 21st 2012 11:07 am
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The picture is of KK resting in his Cat carrier that is located inside the large dog kennel.

KK is doing really well, He is definitely getting tired of being cooped up in the dog kennel and is anxiously wanting OUT!
Remember he had 100,000 plus sq ft of Home depot to roam plus the garden center and alley.

Couple more hours KK and I will be going to MEOW in Kirkland for his basic exam and some shots.

After the results are verified ok and when we come back here, I'll let him explore his new home some more while I watch.
I have been letting him out of his large dog kennel for 10 to 30 minutes at a time a couple times a day,I monitor him very closely.

Right now he is outside of his kennel laying on the folded blanket on top of the tall chair but I suspect he is wanting to go explore as soon as I turn my back more than a few seconds.


Late noon

December 20th 2012 2:55 pm
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I went to Mudbay and purchased some higher quality dry Cat food.
I bought EVO CD Turkey and Chicken weight management, Yowsers! $24.95.
However, when I came home, some my Cats after a few minutes could smell this new food and started circling around like they were really hungry!

Well, I fed them some and what I fed them is now all gone.
They have been eating Purina dry and Friskies canned wet cat food.

I tried to sneek KK a catnip filled cigar type Cat toy, I did try, but Ivan was wise to it right off and now wants to go in the crate. I don't think that's a very good idea because I'm pretty sure fur will be flying if he does. Ivan is a pretty big Cat but lacks fighting experience because I adopted him when he was a big kitten.
I think KK has a lot of "Street smarts" and has quite possibly been in a few alley fights while he roamed outdoors at night behind home depot so I suspect he has a lot of experience and probably would win. I don't want to find out though so I'm closely monitoring KK when I let him out of his crate.

I did give Ivan some dry catnip I have in a jar, he seems content with that for now.



December 20th 2012 1:15 am
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KK is doing remarkable well!
I let him out of his big dog crate for awhile, he came out and sat right on and then laid down on my lap.
I combed him with a flea comb and he just had a few fleas. I drown the fleas in a cup of hot water mixed with less than a drop of baby hair shampoo in it.
The shampoo removes the surface tension of the water and kills the fleas faster.

I'm sitting about 5 feet away from him now just giving him some space to see how he is going to act. KK is laying on a folded blanket that I placed on a chair. He has been there about 15 minutes now and is just chillin'.

Oh oh...He just slid off with the blanket onto the floor, he's fine, He did not run off trying to hide somewhere. Just stayed put and looking over everything like what happened?

He is doing just fine. I picked the blanket up, refolded it and put it on the chair. Right after I did that, I rubbed Squeekers my Tortie kitty under her chin/cheeks to transfer her scent onto my fingers, I went over and presented my fingers to KK and he sniffed them. He did not hiss or get agitated. I'm just trying to get him familiar with my other cats scent one at a time.

Ivan has been sleeping on top of KK's crate. Ivan is now awake and looking and hissing at KK sitting in the chair. KK does not seem to really care too much.
He is just chilling and occasionally licking himself.

It's late, I'm going to put him back in his crate and call it a night.
Actually, he just jumped over to his crate and went in on his own!

Overall I'm impressed with the way KK has adjusted to his new living environment.

I'm extremely please that KK is not challenging, charging or attacking my other Cats and he seems to be rather laid back. Maybe he is just being good while I'm watching him...
He still is sorta jumpy when my Cats or myself make certain movements or noises, but not real bad. He does not get spooked then run off and hide like some of my feral cats do.

The dominant Cat of mine "Tippy" I'm concerned about attacking KK. I'm keeping him upstairs. Tippy is the "Boss" of all the Cats here.
Tippy is a white shorthair with a couple lack patches on him.
Tippy will attack a Cat when anyone least expects it, He is very sneaky.

KK is nocturnal, He sleeps most of the day and now is wide awake.
He wants to come out of his crate again.

Squeekers is all hissy now because Ivan just jumped up on a platform next to her and me which is unusual. He usually does not come up this close to me on his own, Ivan is a true feral Cat. They all have been acting a little different since KK arrived.


Tuesday 12/18

December 18th 2012 7:57 am
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This morning KK was fully awake and gently meowing at me.
I shared some albacore tuna with him that I fed my other Cats.
Don't tell them, but I bought the tuna for KK.
I feed them tuna a couple times a month as a treat.

He finally used the litter box overnight. His stools are really hard, I think from eating dry food.
He is not drinking a lot of water compared to my other Cats.

I sat down next to the kennel table and opened his door, he came out after about a minute pumping his paws and looking like he is a little more content. He then laid down on my lap pumping his paws and looking up at me, It's amazing he looks right into my eyes.

I feel a little guilty having him penned up even though it's temporary after he has had pretty much full run of the 100,000+ sq ft Home depot store and garden center and the alley.
I have to keep balance though that the Home Depot store is an industrial type facility and really is not 100% safe environment for a Cat ( industrial chemicals and equipment) and one or 2 guys not liking KK.

I don't think KK fully realizes it yet but there are 4 other Black kitties and one Tortie here from Myra's litter, Ivan, Jumpers, Lilo, a very tiny girl Cybil and a Tortie Squeekers, Squeekers is Orange and Black like camouflage. She is VERY lovable and mellow. However she does not put up with anything from the others, she can get very nasty. They all are over 10 years old. Cybil is VERY small, like big kitten size. She would probably not lasted very long in the wild. She has just come around to wanting to be held in my arms and relax like her brother Jumpers. It has taken about 10 years to get to this point with her. She just recently decided to do this. Jumpers was an easy Cat, He was VERY lovable from the begining, Lilo and Ivan barely allow me to pet them.
All these guys are from the same litter rescued about the same time in Bellevue, outside of the Harley Davidson facility (Old Compaq computer building).

Overall KK is adjusting a LOT better AND FASTER than I expected, He appears happy and talks to me. I am no longer considering him semi-feral, He is just a house Cat not sure yet what is really going on.

Once he gets his MEOW visit and blood test done and possible followup Vet visit, I will let him roam (supervised) around. I think he will do fine with my other Cats once everyone sniffs butts, hisses a little bit and gets down to getting acquainted,


KK is soooo lovable!

December 18th 2012 12:53 am
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Tonight I opened his kennel gate and he came out on the table.
He pumps his front paws like he is content and happy.

I tried to check his litter box but I made a little too much noise and he jumped off the table and started to head towards the bathroom.
I was able to slowly go after him and picked him up.
Carried him back to his kennel without him trying to get away.
He did not bite or scratch at all.

I'm a little concerned that he has not used the litter box yet.
He has sat in it like he is going to use it but just sits.

I put regular cat litter in the box then covered it with clean garden dirt.
There is both dirt and a little litter exposed.
I assume he is used to using dirt for litter.

Right now he is gently meowing at me laying down in the litter box like it's a bed looking at me and meowing softly.
I'm going to keep monitoring him closely.

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