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Bluebell's Secret Diary

it's raining, it's pouring!

April 29th 2013 5:59 pm
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ok, so last night it rained, no poured, and i was stuck outside! my fur clung to my sides and i was COVERED with mud. i think i might have smelled worse than sapphire! MOL!!!! but anyways, when my mommy was done with her "party" (a horrible thing where people get together and be loud, personally i'm glad she left me outside instead of keeping me in with all of those strangers!), she let me in and wrapped me up with a thing called a towel. boy do i hate those things, humans think that we felines can't clean ourselves so they create these cloth things and it usually ends up with our fur being more messed up then it was before! i was like "mommy, i appreciate the offer, but can't you see that i can clean myself? now PLEASE get that thing off of me!" but of course since she's a human, she can't understand the language of cats. so instead of trying to talk, i wriggled and squirmed until she took the thing off me. then i showed her that giving myself a tongue bath is WAY better than being dried off with some stinky towel!

but i still got to stay inside and sleep on my mommy's bed. the next day my mommy went to school and i got put out (as usual!) and so i decided to go on a morning hunt. well, i met up with my father on the way (he's a stray) and he told me that he heard that other cats heard that MY mommy was going to another house and feeding OTHER CATS besides me. he said it was called pet-sitting and when other kitties humans go away for a while, other humans "pet-sit" until they come back. first of all, i think that we cats can take care of ourselves and we don't need some other "pet-sitter" to come and take care of us! and second of all WHY do the humans leave their cats anyways? i just don't get it! MOL!!!!


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