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Bluebell's Secret Diary

no more spring break!!!! why???????????????????!!!!

April 14th 2013 4:50 pm
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Uh, ok, spring break is alomst OVER! It's NOT FAIR! during this week my mommy has been staying home from that awful place called school, but she's about to go to school tomorrow! i know because i heard her complaining about it a lot today. my question is, why do you go if you don't want to? i mean, that's what cats do, you don't see cats going to some place called "school" every day, wasting time scratching on paper with some stick the whole time!

what school means to me is getting up at 7:00 every morning and being put out in the cold, sometimes rainy, deck! Then i have to sit and wait for 6 whole hours to be let back in when my mommy comes home, and sometimes i even have to wait longer than that! talk about TORTURE! i mean WHY would anyone ever do something like this to a cat? it's animal cruelty! even DOGS hate it when their owners go to school! (and don't ask me how i know that either!)

but anyways, it started to rain today, and everyone got all wet, so mommy let all of the cats in for a glass of milk.i wasn't out there when she first gave it to them, and i was VERY upset to see that there was only a little milk in the bowl left for me! uh, i mean hello? i'm beautiful! i should get first picks! but pearl was all like "you snooze, you loose!" now i understand sapphire getting to have the milk first because, well, the rain TOTALLY made her fur extra dirty and she smelled SUPER bad! it was absolutely a horrible smell! but then cupcake got to have some, then pearl (my kitty mommy), then me! i was totally offended! well, atleast i GOT some! my kitty mommy is an awful food hog! MOL!!!!


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