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Bluebell's Secret Diary

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Mother's Day Fun and some Updates..........

May 12th 2014 3:19 pm
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ok, first of all, before you ask, one of many reasons that i haven't been able to write in my diary is because catster, for some reason, wasn't working for my mommy. i know right, it's crazy?! well its obviously working now and get ready because i got a lot o' updates! MOL!!! But anyways......... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you kitties that are hard-working mommies. I want to say a special thank you to both my human mommy and my cat mommy. i wanted to give my cat mommy a gift, but then she got all mad at me for something and attacked me! such motherly love..... NOT!!!! yeah, i didn't really get her a gift. my human mommy was super sweet to me though, even though when i was trying to be super affectionate to her as a mother's day gift she was to busy making HER mommy a mother's day gift. i decided to save it for bedtime. too bad i will never get a mother's day gift since i am spayed...... :( but now that i think about it, it was probably for the better because i would have to take care of a whole bunch of little kits WHILE taking care of my mommy. phew! that is too much work for me!

there was also another surprise that happened on mother's day. mayble (yeah she's on another account, but u can look for her on my friends list) she's a total scaredy cat, even afraid of birds and when she's not running away from things, she's napping. but anyways, she actually CAUGHT something for her mommy (with the help of blackie who is also on mayble's account) she actually caught a chipmunk! but just like me, she learned the hard way that humans don't like our kinds of gifts and so she had to stay outside all night (because she had chipmunk breath and that would not be cool if she went in her mommy's face....) but the night before mother's day i was able to give my mommy her gift of snuggles (which she LOVED) and i was able to give my cat mommy, well NOTHING! (which is what she deserved!)..... ok.... so maybe that was a little bit harsh. i'll probably give her a gift next year! MOL!!!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Mommy's Spring Break

April 17th 2014 10:57 am
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ok, so my mommy left me to go to some vacation AGAIN!!!! And yet she still gets on to me for leaving the house to go to one of my kitty parties for ONE NIGHT. she will go for a couple of days, and will usually bring me NO SOUVENIRS!!!!! I was glad that she didn't spend her whole spring break there. She came home, and since i had no parties to go to last night, i got to spend some snuggle time with my mommy! The only bad thing was that she kept on getting up and my brofur, Cupcake, kept on coming in and attacking me! He is sooooooooo annoying! My mommy thinks he's cute, and it makes me sooo jealous when she pets him. She tries to do it while i'm not looking but i still see her most of the times, and when she sees me watching her, she'll stop to come over and pet me. some kitties might call me a stalker but hey! it's an easy way to get pets,and i have to discipline her every once and a while! MOL!!!!


It's my birthday!!!! (or at least it was a couple of days- ago....)

March 27th 2014 1:39 pm
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ok, so first of all i am sooooooooooooooooo glad that catster isn't shutting down! me and my mommy were so worried, and now are super relieved. But anyways, the title in my diary says it all. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! YIPPEE!!!! Ok, so maybe it was a couple of days ago, but my mommy hasn't got on in a while (i blame it on school!).

So first of all, in the morning of my 3rd birthday, my mommy treated it just like a normal day, and since i don't really keep track of what day it is, i completely forgot that it was my birthday. But at night, my mommy scooped me up and squeezed me, saying mushy stuff like, "I can't believe my little baby is 3!" and, "Oh she's growing up so fast!" but all of the hugging and squeezing was worth it when my mommy opened me the fancy canned food and sang the "Happy Birthday" song. i was so happy even though my brofur, Cupcake was eating some of my food. it was the best birthday night ever (you know since i didn't know it was my birthday until my mommy surprised me.) hey wait a minute...... what if it was a surprise to my mommy too?! OF COURSE NOT!!!! it's not like my mommy would actually FORGET my birthday, right? or would she???????



Yaaaay! DDP!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 12th 2014 6:45 am
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ok, so i just want to say thank you to catster for giving me another DDP! I also want to say thank you to all of my catster furiends that gave me notes, comments and gifts! Thank you to Angel Buddie and Smiley Cassanova, for the awesome message. Thank you to Newman and DR. Freddie for the sweet comments, and thank you to the family of Alfie- Angel DB #14, Dave, Ollie, Buzz Beautiful Angel and the rest of your awesome family for the sweet gift you left on my page.

So you know how there's been snow? Well now there's ice. Yep..... another ice and snow storm..... and this one's supposed to be worse than the last one. I just want summer to come now because i am NOT a winter cat. First of all, during a storm, the cats will usually stay in, and that means more than one cat will be sleeping on my mommy's bed. And second of all, it is so darned cold that all of the yummy little forest animals are hiding. So yeah.... i'm SO ready for summer MOL!!!!


The Kitten Bowl and Snow

February 4th 2014 4:52 pm
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ok, so you know how most people either watch the Superbowl or the Puppybowl? Weeeeell, not my mommy. This year she watched Hallmark Channel's first annual KITTENBOWL! Oh yeah! It was very funny because my brofur, Cupcake, got jealous that the humans were watching other kitties besides him and so he sat in his basket instead of watching the show. MOL! My mommy was soooooo excited that the North Shore Bengals won, but i bet Cupcake would fit in with the Cedar Cove Cougars because he bites us kitties so much!

Oh yeah, you probably also saw the thing in the title about snow. Well yes, there was snow (and lots of it) and no, i did NOT want there to be snow. I definitely hadn't missed it. But for some weird reason, the humans LOVE to play in it until their human paws freeze! Humans are weird..... i'm just glad that my mommy got to stay home from school for a little while. And it is kind of amusing to see humans hitting each other with snow, like i said WEIRD..... MOL!!!!


Contact me!

January 30th 2014 6:54 pm
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ok, so my mommy finally got to making an instagram just for us cats. If you want to follow me, my instagram is called cat_luv_01 and it is a page only for us kitties!

Well anyways, it snowed during the school day so my mommy got to stay home for the rest of the week! That was AWESOME. Me and my mommy finally get to sleep late again! My brofur, Cupcake had an adventure on his snow day. He got out in the snow and left for 7 HOURS at least! He was very bad and he got a big scolding when he got home. The humans were also very glad to see him, especially my mommy. I was mostly mad at him because he made my mommy so worried, and right when i decided that i was happy he was home, he jumped on me and attacked me! I mean how RUDE is that?! Well, that's Cupcake for ya! MOL!!!!!

Oh and remember, my instagram is cat_luv_01 if you would like to stay in touch. Well, I got to go.... Cupcake is being bad again! MOL!!!!


What???? No more Catster????

January 16th 2014 4:53 pm
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ok, so i have only been on catster for two years and now they are shutting down?! I am so upset. This is my favorite website and i'm sure it's a lot of other krazy cat lover's favorite website too! This is like a huge letdown.i have made so many catster friends, gotten dotd, cotd, and multiple ddp's and now i can't do this any more! I have so many fun groups, sweet furiends, and now i won't be able to see this anymore! this is so sad and upsetting. i have told friends with pets about it and they love the funny language we use like MOL, purrfect, etc. and this is like the only website where i get to express my love for kitties. I don't know how catster could do this when i have gotten so close and have had so much fun with my catster friends. if i can do anything about this i would be glad. i would even pay to stay on catster! This website has let me show my love for cats, and i am so sad that i can't get in touch with my furiends. This website has made me feel special, it's so sad and if there is ANYTHING i can do to keep the website up, i will try.


A Meowy Christmas and a Happy Mew Year

January 2nd 2014 7:04 pm
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Ok, so you know how Christmas was purrfect and my mommy actually stayed home and stuff? Well, that was NOT what it was like for Mew Year, or New Year as the humans like to call it....

It all started on New Year's eve when I saw my mommy packing. (Yeah, my mommy's done it so much that I already know what it looks like when she's about to go on vacation!) Well, I, of course, wanted her to stay so I was super affectionate, but she still went and stayed ONE WHOLE NIGHT! I slept on her bed to keep it warm for her and when she came home she brought back this thing wrapped in a scary rustling bag. But she gave me hugs and kisses so I forgave her. MOL!!!!



December 26th 2013 6:25 pm
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Ok, first of all I want to say that Christmas has been awesome this year! It started when me and my mommy woke up and we waited until all of her sisfurs to wake up so they could go open their presents. Of course, Cupcake HAD to be in there too and chase me under the bed, but my mommy called me out and put me on the bed. When her sisfurs woke up they walked down the hall excitedly and I walked calmly behind. Ok maybe I was a little bit excited. Or a lot!!!! MOL! I couldn't wait to see what Santa Paws had brought me and I also couldn't wait to see Cupcake's face when be got coal! But believe it or not, Cupcake actually got something! I was so surprised. I got an awesome thing of canned food, salmon flavored! And the rest of the cats got it too. Sapphire didn't like it so there was more for me! MOL! After the humans ate and opened their presents (my mommy got a tiny, rectangular, magical box that she constantly pokes with her fingers.... humans are weird....) we opened the rest of our presents. Mommy got me a pillow that also functions as a toy so I can use it when I sleep and play, and she got all of the kitties this mouse thing attached to a string that was super fun. I finally decided to give my mommy love and affection instead of a piece of prey (mostly because it was cold outside!) And I think she really liked it! And it was awesome for me too because I could finally have snuggle time with my mommy AND not go out in the cold! Whoop whoop! MOL and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


The Right Christmas Gift

December 23rd 2013 3:57 pm
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Ok, so i have been searching and searching and searching for the right gift for my mommy. It would be a lot easier if humans weren't so picky about EVERYTHING! Like when i go in the forest to hang out with my kitty furiends, they say that their humans pitch a fit whenever they bring in the tastiest, most juicy forest prey they can find. And even here at my mommy's house, whenever we bring our best prey for them, they just throw it away! I mean, how UNGRATEFUL is that?! One of my other kitty pals suggested that i bring her a live animal, so they could learn how to hunt, but i shook my head because i remember one time when i brought her a live mousie for her to kill and eat and right when i brought it to the door, she held me down and let the stinkin' thing go. And i spent all day on that too! I'm thinking maybe a little love and affection should do the trick, but i think i will still stick with my idea of getting her fresh prey to try and see what she thinks.... I'm sure she'll love it this time! MOL!!!!

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