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Diary of Mr. Blue Eyes

Hobbes the Cat (Poem)

December 2nd 2012 1:46 pm
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Hobbes is a human friendly cat
He is so sweet
He hates the heat
And when he gets too hot
He doesn't eat

Hobbes likes to jump on the table
When he is able
He even watches shows
On Cable TV

He likes Planets Funniest Animals
Watching all those mammals

Hobbes is a rather sickly sort
With that Irritable Bowel Disease
And kidney failure
He is never at ease

I love my Hobbes the cat
No matter what
He is mine
Until the end of time
Or his death
To his last breathe


How I Met Hobbes the Cat

December 1st 2012 9:29 am
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I wrote this poem 4 years ago not long after Hobbes passed at 16 years of age due to cancer. He was our most human friendly cat out of all of them.

Hobbes was found by my sister
and her husband back in 1993
His leg was broken
so they took him in until he healed

They wanted to find him a home
so they brought him up to where
we live to see if we wanted him
I instantly fell in love with Hobbes
the first time I saw him

I loved his blue eyes
and his grey and white fur
He would follow me and mom around
He was attached to us immediately

I begged my parents to let him stay
I thought they would say no
But when I got home from school one day
Hobbes was still there to live with us

He was the most human friendly of our cats
Before he got sick he would always
sleep on the bed with my mom
with his head in her armpit

Hobbes loved to play fetch with his
favorite little soft ball
We would play with him
hours on end
Throwing the ball and him bringing it back

Hobbes has now been gone for
about 3 months
But I shall never forget
how I met him to my dying day

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