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The Poetic Life of Kaylee The Cat

Kittens Driving Me Insane (Poem)

December 2nd 2012 4:03 pm
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I am sitting
just chilling
with my snuggie
keeping me warm

LeeLee and Kaylee
run like crazy kittens
up under the snuggie
and use my legs
as a scratching post
as they fight

I am screaming
They are clawing
I am bleeding
and the kittens
are not caring

Lord have mercy
I start to pray
Then the fighting stops
Kaylee runs
LeeLee licks my wounds
As I go insane


Kaylee (Foxy Lady) (Poem)

November 27th 2012 8:11 pm
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Kaylee is growing into a
beautiful cat
She has a long body
with beautiful long fur
Her tail looks like that
of a fox
She is as sweet as
an angel in disposition

She still follows LeeLee
in doing things that are bad
but she stops when
you tell her no
And just chills out on
the back of a chair
or the hardwood floor

Kaylee has one bad habit
I would love to break
She love to jump on your back
from the floor when your
not expecting it
Oh do her claws hurt
when she does this

Kaylee we call foxy lady
She knows how to sway her
body as she runs and walks
down the hallway
She loves our older cat
Sammy and she shows it

Kaylee is my baby
she follows me around
I would never give her
or LeeLee up
For they are both
my pride and joy

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