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Viola's Vocalizations

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Viola disappears! (Temporarily!!!)

May 6th 2013 9:21 pm
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As you furiends who have read Viola's earlier musings already know, she very much follows the Ocicat breed characteristic of following her pawrents all around the house, to the extent that one of our nicknames for her is "Shadow", for the way she shadows us. Last night she had been a bit picky about eating dinner, something very unusual for Miss Piggy, so I decided to check up on her. I went out in the hallway and called her, which usually brings her running. No Viola. I noticed the hall linen closet was slightly open (the latch is spring loaded, so a strong enough push or pull will open it), so I quickly checked the closet and no Viola. She had previously used all the nice soft bedding here as a comfy nap spot a few times. While this might not have bothered most cat pawrents, we were getting a bit concerned as this was SO unlike her. I made a few more loops around the house, and about the third time I find her in the hallway, the same one with the linen closet. We all go about our business, and about an hour later, same thing happens. I noticed that I had left that linen closet door open, so after a quick look inside, I closed it. More looking, more calling, and at this point meowmy and daddy are really getting concerned, again because this had never happened in the five months Viola had been in our family. I was standing in the hallway wondering where to look next when I heard a faint scratching from that durn linen closet. I open the door and out pops our little overgrown spotted kitten, as if nothing had happened! Daddy should have remembered how much she loves to snuggle UNDER the covers, I am sure that is what she was doing there.

Maybe daddy needs to put some real doorknobs and latches on our closet doors... or else train Saphira to be a search cat?


Viola and Saphira found a new way to wake up the pawrents!

April 21st 2013 8:47 pm
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Well, our four pawed alarm clocks found a new way to wake us up this morning, and they were at the other end of the house at the time! Our house has a security system, which we normally do not have activated when we are home, although meowmy sometimes does have the door/window sensors on when she is home alone. Even when the system is disarmed, we still get a triple beep on the control pad in our bedroom whenever any of the door or windows opens or when one of the glass break detectors, one each in the living and family rooms, activates. About six this morning the triple beep went off, waking both of the humans. I found both of the house felines in the living room, with doors and windows secure. Nothing was broken, but in the past the glass break detectors have triggered on something as small as a key dropped on the tile in the entry. Exactly HOW Saphira and Viola managed to wake us up will probably always remain a mystery, because so far neither of them is talking.


Viola the alarm kitty!

April 9th 2013 2:53 am
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I am usually very good about sleeping in with my pawrents and my sisfur Saphira, but some days I wake up a bit early and really feel like a very playful kitty. I was that way this morning, and woke up before anyone else. First thing I did was to drag a small rug that I usually use to sharpen my claws on across the room, making a lot of noise in the process. Then I started playing with one of my favorite toys, one of those thingies with a little ball inside a circular tunnel that I can bat around. This one is really cool, the ball chirps like a birdie whenever I move it. I thought it would be more fun to bat that ball around on the floor, so I, being a very smart and curious kitty, managed to get the ball out of that tunnel and had a lot of fun playing with it before daddy got up and put it back inside the tunnel and put an end to my fun. I gave up sadly and curled up in bed with daddy and went back to sleep. Already planning my next morning playtime!


We had snow! New thing for me... It's cool!

February 22nd 2013 11:01 am
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Tuesday night meowmy called to daddy and told him to bring the kids (us!) to the living room right away. We all trotted in there and meowmy was looking out the window. It was kind of hard to see since it was dark, but it was all white outside. Daddy said it was something called snow. He opened the front door to take a peek outside, and I saw my chance to go try to go get a look for myself. I tried to slip out the open door (remember that I am an indoor kitty, and I am imprisoned here 24/7), but got caught as daddy was closing it and had to back out quickly. In daddy's defense, he did not see me trying to sneak out, I move really fast and am a stealth kitty. We all went to bed, and in the morning we all went back to the living room to see all these white flakes falling, daddy said it was snowing! It really looked nice, and with the sunlight we could see that everything around was white, even our cars (the ones they use to take us for our pawdicures) were covered with it too. I sat on my favorite kitty tree by the window, and daddy took some pictures of me looking out at the pretty scene, and he also went outside and took some of me looking out at him and the snow. Daddy will try to post some of them here, but lately Catster seems to have fleas that keep him from being able to post cute pictures of us. I REALLY wanted to go out and play in the snow, but it all melted and went away.


The mystery of the expanding fuzzy mouse population...

February 15th 2013 2:26 am
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Saphira and Viola's dad again, adding the same entry to both diaries since I am not sure who is responsible, quite possibly both are involved. I think we have mentioned (multiple times!) how much both of our spotted girls love to play fetch, and how we keep a stash of fuzzy mice on our bed where they are easily available to toss for them to retrieve. They usually toss them around a bit for themselves before they return them to us. The both also sometimes pick them up from the bed and take them to other parts of the house to play with. Over time we have bought dozens of mice, at least fifty or more, but due to the way some of them get stolen and hidden, we were down to about a dozen on our bed. For some reason, over the last week they have suddenly started reappearing! The count went from 12 to 14 to 16 and finally peaked at 21. The number is down a bit, but I really think it is kind of cute how they are returning their toys now. Meowmy says that having two Ocicats is like having a couple of two year olds. Not quite, when our kids were two they NEVER picked up their toys without being told, many times!

As we started saying soon after Saphira (our first Ocicat ever) joined us, she is probably the most interactive and amusing feline we have ever met, and two of them are even more so. They are both just absolute joys!


Yet another DDP! How pawsome is that?

February 8th 2013 2:35 pm
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Thanks again Catster HQ top cats, I feel so honored, and so is the rest of my family, both two and four pawed. I am starting to feel a bit like that great writer, Ernest Hemmingway, who loved kitties with extra toes (daddy calls them "polydactyl", but that is a really big word for a little kitty to say.

And thank you to all my furiends here on Catster who have send me best wishes and pawmails about this. Purring thank you!


ANOTHER DDP??? This is just TOOOO much!

February 2nd 2013 4:49 pm
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Thank you again to the Catster top cats and all my furriends here. Such an honor, again!


Viola demonstrates static electricity

February 1st 2013 12:44 pm
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This entry is from daddy, since this story involves some electrical stuff that most kitties don't understand.

The other night I was doing some work on the desktop computer in the den, where we also keep some boxes that we use to store things in. One of them had been used to ship a small radio, and still was full of those expanded plastic pellets, AKA "popcorn". I heard a noise coming from that box, and then saw Viola's head poke out. I reached into the box and gently pulled her out. Now anyone who has ever petted a cat when the humidity is low knows that this can generate a lot of static electricity. Well, pulling her out of that box did the same thing. As she came out of the box, the entire rear half of her body was covered in that popcorn, big time static cling! She looked SOOO funny, half chocolate spots and half white popcorn pieces!


OMC! ANOTHER DDP! This is just too much!

January 31st 2013 3:00 pm
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Another DDP! And only ten days since my first DDP! This is just so purrrfect! Purring a big THANK YOU! to all my furriends for their nice pawmails and gifts.

As long as I have your attention, a little update on goings on here in our cathouse (where we DO allow our pawrents to hang out with us)... My sisfur Saphira and I have been playing together a LOT recently! Chasing each other all over the house is so much fun! Meowmy and daddy really think it is cute, except maybe when we either run into one of them or tear across their bare feet (our sharp little claws can hurt, so they say). But we make up for it at bedtime, when each of us curls up with one of our humans and goes to sleep with them. I particularly like crawling under the covers and sleeping by daddy's feet, it is nice and warm down there.

Daddy always says that I finish off a Fancy Feast meal in less than two minutes, turns out he was wrong. He actually measured it this morning, took me eighty seconds, not counting licking the plate afterwards.


OMC, little ol' me a DDP!

January 21st 2013 1:49 am
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I was so surprised when daddy (the big two pawed kitty who lets me crawl under the covers with him) told me that I am a Daily Diary Pick today! It has only been a few months since the pawrents adopted me into their family and added my Catster page. Once my sisfur Saphira learned that I am a pretty nice little kitty and fun to play with, we have been having a great time chasing each other all over the house, and we both love playing fetch with all the nice fuzzy mice they keep for us to chase.

Thank you to the Catster Top Kitties for this pawsome honor! We are all purring happily!

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