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OMC, so surprised at my DDP pick! Thank you HQ kitties

July 23rd 2013 9:01 am
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Daddy said I am a diary pick again today! So surprised at this honor, I guess maybe my sad story about my swishy tail being caught in the door may have tugged at their kitty heartstrings. Purring happily that no real damage was done, my tail is still as beautiful and swishy as ever, and I have forgiven daddy, after all it was just an accident, not a cat-astrophe. In fact, I am curled up on his legs napping right now!



July 19th 2013 8:33 pm
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The other day meowmy and daddy were getting ready to go to something called a concert, they said it was where someone named Alan Jackson would meow some pretty songs. They were getting ready to leave and already had Saphira in their bedroom, so daddy picked me up off of my favorite cat tree by the window in the living room. As he carried me into the bedroom and closed the door, I SCREAMED and leaped out of his arms! He had caught my beautiful striped swishy tail in the door! IT HURT! I was lucky, he had not closed the door very fast nor hard, so no real damage was done. Meowmy was worried that my "swisher" was broken. I usually swish my tail back and forth when I am really happy, which is most of the time. They think it is really cute. They soon saw that I was OK, and my swish was still there.

Daddy really needs to be more careful about my swisher!!!


My film debut!

July 13th 2013 4:58 pm
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Well, I have made my filn debut, daddy just posted my first video here. It is actually three short clips combined, all starring MEow playing catch with daddy. He says that it is not perfect, but considering the subject, I think it is just purrrrrrfect!


How pawesome is it that Catster HQ picked me for DDP!

June 17th 2013 11:49 am
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Daddy told me this morning that Catster HQ selected little ole' me as one of their Daily Diary Picks today! How pawesome is that! I am so honored! Even before breakfast this morning daddy played fetch with me with one of my favorite mousie toys. I just love tossing them in the air and then trying to catch them. Then my sisfur Saphira and I chased each other around a bit to celebrate!

Thank you Catster diary people, and thank you to those who have already sent me pawmail concatulations and gifts.

Now I need to go track down another mousie!


I get a new toy! (Well, it is a kitty drinking fountain, but- I will let daddy tell you about it!)

June 11th 2013 6:11 pm
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Hi Catsters, Viola's dad, think I need to tell this story for her. We had read that lots of kitties like to drink from running water, like running faucets and special kitty fountains. Having lost two much loved Egyptian Maus to kidney failure in the past, we like the idea of them drinking lots of water. We had noticed Viola and her sisfur Saphira drinking from the little ornamental fountain in our living room, so they clearly like running water too. Yesterday we received a kitty fountain we ordered from Petco, it was very inexpensive but received very good reviews. Both kitties behaved like typical Ocicats, very curious about the big new box and "helped" me open it and assemble it, very simple to do. I filled it and started it up, pretty quiet, nice thing since it is in our bedroom. I got back on the laptop and then a little later I heard the sound of water splashing! Wondering what could be going on, I looked over to see Viola playing in the fountain with her paws! Adding a picture I shot after quickly grabbing the camera to her profile, it was just too cute! This was not just a tentative paw in the water and back out, she had splashed water all over the place! The next day she jumped in bed with me and her paws were wet, so I knew where she was playing again! I think she likes it! I even see her drinking there once in awhile!


Caught in the act!

June 9th 2013 2:48 pm
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Last week I was doing what any curious young Ocicat does, checking out any space I can crawl into where there is something interesting. In this case, daddy had left the top drawer in his nightstand open a bit, and since I know this is where he keeps a big stash of kitty treats, I climbed right in to see what might taste good. I was minding my own business, peacefully ripping open a nice bag of my favorite Temptations, when I was startled most unceremoniously by this very bright flash of light! I looked up, not too happy about having my quest for goodies interrupted, and then another flash! Daddy had caught me, there he was with his camera gathering evidence against me! He even added one of the pictures to this page!

After he was through documenting my attempted thievery, he did something even worse, he made me get out of the drawer (over my vociferous protests!) I suspect that in the future he is going to be more careful about keeping that drawer closed. Durn it!

I am going to have to be a much more careful kitty next time!


Our two pawed sisfur Melanie is a doctor!!!

June 9th 2013 1:44 pm
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The Pawrents left us alone for two whole days! They told us later that they were in a place called Arizona to see their human daughter Melanie receive something called a PhD. Seems she is now some kind of doctor, but not the kind that takes care of sick kitties or even sick humans. They say that she will now be teaching something called criminology at a university in a place called Reno. It gets even colder and snows more there than it does here. BRRRRR!

Melanie is very special to my sisfur Saphira and me, she is one of the nice people (along with their other daughter Nina) who gave the Pawrents the best Christmas present ever, Saphira! And they loved her so much that they wanted another Ocicat to keep her company, so they adopted another wonderful Oci, ME!

So concatulations to Dr. Mellie (as we call her around here now)!

I guess we forgive them for abandoning us, just as long as it does not happen again!


Sorry about the lapse in diary musings...

June 9th 2013 1:33 pm
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Sorry about the lapse in updating my diary musings, daddy has been kind of busy lately, so he has not been helping me tell you guys about all the happenings around here. He promises to help me catch up right away!


A late reminder...

May 28th 2013 11:12 am
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Since daddy was away most of yesterday and was not here to help with my diary, I did not get to help remember all those in our military services, two and four pawed and even some with wings, who died to win and preserve the freedoms all of us and our humans enjoy today.

Purring sadly in memory of all these heroes.


My Second Birthday Today!

May 27th 2013 11:26 pm
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I was SO excited this morning when meowmy told me it is my birthday today! I am a two year old kitten now! Then I started getting nice purresents from the other nice kitties here on Catster! And then to make my day purrfect, daddy came home today! He was away at some kind of meeting about something they call "astronomy" for the last few days. I think it has something to do with stuff like stars and the moon and planets, but kitties like me don't know too much about that, we spend our time playing fetch, chasing our other kitty friends, and of course our favorites, napping and grooming!

Thank you to all my Catster furiends for their nice gifts and birthday wishes!

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