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The Wild Antics of Freyja the Maine Coon

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Its been awhile.....

January 13th 2014 3:35 pm
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The last couple months have the furless mom would say "CRAZY BUZY." I've been busy napping, attempting to clean the Mister's ears, sleeping some more and destroying the carpets.

We got a new tree in June and it is HUGE. SO MANY PERCHES. SO MANY PLACES TO SCRATCH. But I still prefer the carpets.

Mister cat...hes taken some getting used to. He sleeps almost all the time now and gained alot of weight. Furless mum tells him hes floofy but I say hes fat. ;) Not that she listens to me. She complains to me about his vet bills but I tend to yawn in her face and plop down for a nap.

Have I mentioned the carpets?? She put down that foul sticky tape to keep me from scratching but that wont stop me unless she wants to cover the whole floor. How's that for determined human female?

But life goes on. Play, Eat, Sleep. :)


4 DAYS!!!!

April 23rd 2013 9:18 am
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I should have known something was up. >:( I should have known with the arrival of the overly large red canvas box, something was up.


After the designated 9 hours of supposed work, she didnt come back. I complained loudly to the man unit, who did remember to feed us, and he said something about vacations. Uh, last time the woman went on a vacation, she spent the time with me.

But she wasnt home.

I spent the first night under the bed.

I spent the second night sleeping on my cat tree.

I spent the third night sleeping by the heater.

Now, I did hear her voice come out of the little talking device and even talked back. I could HEAR her, but I couldnt SEE her. D:

I looked and looked and looked and couldnt find her. The man cat was being mean and picking on me.

As soon as I heard her footsteps on the walk outside, I ran to the door and ambushed her. Teach her to take vacations. D:<

She showed me all the pictures of the large, potentially dangerous animals she saw, the mountians, and I snuggled on her face as she slept. Never again will I let this woman leave without a protest.


I feel awful!

March 24th 2013 1:23 pm
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Mum took me to the pokey doctor. D: And now Ive got the sniffles, the sneezing and the coughing. WHAT IS THIS GREEN STUFF COMING OUT OF MY NOSE?!

Overall I feel awful and will proceed to spend the rest of the day on top of my tree ignoring the world.

Now explain that to the Mister so hell leave me alone. D:


Brother Indeed.....

March 18th 2013 12:58 pm
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It took some getting used to but we have managed a truce. The tree, the food bowls, the squishy house is mine. I get to use the litter box first, I get the prime spot on the big bed, and I get to be played with first. He can sleep on the floor, and gets all the toys I didnt want. Fair right?

Mum had to talk to me about chasing him around the house. Apparently when he went to the doctor, she said he was diagnosed with Feline Asthma. So Im supposed to be gentle with him. But hey, the boy cant take a hint! I try batting at him with no claws, but that doesnt seem to slow him down either. I havent seen a cat that listened when told to slow down.



March 2nd 2013 11:23 pm
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I KNEW when she got the plastic box from hell out, it would spell certain doom. NOT ONLY did she leave for the vast majority of the day, THEY BROUGHT SOMETHING HOME.

Another one like me.

Bigger, smellier, and not me, I sent him messages though I dont think he speaks my language. He just kept rolling over and chirping at me. "NO FOOL! GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!"

And the human didnt get I was protecting her. She doesnt know what this guy is capable of!!

Now I get to be out in the main part of the house while the stinky smelly man is sleeping on MY BED. And playing with MY toys. D:<

Hopefully she sends him back.


Do you think the Humans will Learn?

February 6th 2013 9:49 pm
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So I drag my string to them. Mum is busy getting the bitter brown liquid and she completely ignores me. So I drag it closer. She STILL isnt paying attention to me. So I drop it on her foot with an adamant "HEEEEEEEY". SHE STILL IGNORES ME.

So it isnt my fault that I had to stretch and pull your jammie bottoms down, is it? You should have dangled the string to begin with.....


And Im back!!!!!!

February 5th 2013 3:56 pm
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Hello all my kitty friends! I am back after the move. Which was successful.

I was worried about the windows not having perches but not to worry no more! Mum made sure that I had ample acsess to all without the hinderance of those dangly white things. She placed my trees oh so cleverly and the tall man who brought me home the first time even made me a kitty jungle gym!!! Its a set of stepping stairs up into my squishy house where I can view the humans from high up above.

Im allowed into all the rooms and have all my toys out. :) Even though Furless Mum disappears for 8 hours a day, I still have someone to play with with.

Life is good, and I am content.



November 27th 2012 10:39 pm
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Mum keeps mentioning this move buissness. If I remeber the last time this thing went down, all of my stuff got put away, I had to ride in my plastic cage (I rebeled the entire time), and she brought me to this big house where Im not allowed on the counters and Im not allowed to scratch the furniture. I had to remark all my things and it was awful. Just awful. And windows!! Will there be windows for me to perch and watch the birds? Room to run? What if the new place resembles my plastic cage? O.O

I asked mum and she just said "Your so cute when you talk", petted me and walked off. *sigh*


The Things I am Thankful For....

November 20th 2012 9:46 pm
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Mum asked me what I am thankful for....

1: Fish Sundays. Its the only day of the week she doesnt have to open a new can and its when I get delicious pouchy fishy goodness.

2: My Da Bird and Cat Catcher: Fun fun fun fun fun

3: Toasty place to sleep: my chair, mummy's bed, the couch, mummy's face

4: The sand box. Its always clean on time, I appreciate it so much, I go after its been scooped to show my appreciation. Then I spend 5 minutes digging at the plastic because I can.

5: My treat ball: I only require that it has some other crunchy brown bits then whats left in my food bowl all day.

6: Mummy herself. Who plays fetch with me and sings with me. :3

7: Large Furless Male who brought me home. Without him, I wouldnt have any of this. Long gone are the days of rain and puddles.


Yes...A cat can drool

November 19th 2012 11:17 pm
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I love bath nights. And shower nights. The large furless litter mate plops on the bed and I instantly navigate to the nice toasty spot that is her face.

Today, I kneaded her face gently and managed to drool on her cheek. Im rather proud of that drool, if I do say so myself.

Now if only shed quit flashing that damn pink device shes on constantly. D:< I tried to eat it but hard plastic is not digestable.

And thats what she gets for putting those inferior plastic caps on my weapons of mass destruction. How am I supposed to rip up the carpets with these things on?!

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